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  1. 1 hour ago, baco30il2 said:

    "...10. 4K quality external texturing added for MC.202 fighter..."


    I found  out that some Mc202 skins are changed in worse.

    For example the camouflage of the "Reiner" now seems painted by a kid with a brush .... not even close to the original.

    Before this update it was same as the original.


    Is it possible to revert/download the previous skins?




    Mc-202 1HomeWeb.jpg

    IL2 202new.jpg

    Every plane skin on the hangar seems kind of washed out and have sort of a “brand new” look to them. But in game they look great, check it out for yourself. And please, don’t trash on the developers’s work like that, they work hard to bring us the best WW2 sim in the market with very few resources, and being rude like that won’t help. If you think something can be improved or should be given a second look at, private message one of the devs, so they can tell you if they can fix the problem.

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  2. Great job you guys! Sadly I won’t be able to play for the next 4 days. Can someone answer me two things?

    1 - Are we now able to have a Spitfire IX modification that allows us to have the 303. MG’s on the wings just like the Spit XIV? 
    2 - Can we use the new tactical codes on all of the P-51 skins or just the Default and British ones?

    Thank you for the amazing work you put in to the sim devs, it is really a dream come true. 😁

  3. 3 hours ago, Raptorattacker said:

    I get the definite impression I'm being reprimanded you see (unless it's a translation thing?).

    No I’m not mad at you or anything, maybe I just expressed myself bad. Lol I just asked you if you were too busy to do my skin or something, because I know you don’t make a living out of skins and stuff, I just don’t know how to not sound unfriendly in English yet hahahaha, I’m not reprimanding you or anything, I’m a fan of your work. Anyway, thank you for your awesome work, your skins are the best! 

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  4. On 4/7/2021 at 4:10 PM, Raptorattacker said:

    Here, try this. Flowbee's good and he also does a good line in 'dirty planes' which is pretty much what you'd get off me!


    What I meant to say with “Deskau’s plane” is exactly that version, with the JG53 Identification Band on the tail and no ID numbers below the elevator. And since you have already done this plane without those characteristics, it would be much less of a problem to do it, since you wouldn’t have to start from zero, just adding the JG53 Band (no need for that yellow line after the Band) and remove the numbers bellow the compensator, simple as that. 😁 (with swastika), so basically I want a custom skin. You know that skin for the K4 in DCS that looks exactly like it? I wan’t it to be exactly like that! Do you want me to ask Flowbee instead? 



  5. Hey raptor, do you still take skin requests? I would like to ask you to do this version of Martin Deskau’s plane for the Kurfurst. I will be very grateful if you make this. (If you do make this just use the regular camo pattern for the wings, I don’t think they used this pattern for camouflage)


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  6. 56 minutes ago, ICDP said:


    I haven't changed it in any way, has it always looked like that?

    Nope, it hasn’t. It looked more like a matte gray than this metal kind of material. I don’t know how I feel about it but it sure doesn’t look bad or unrealistic. Hop on a private match and see it for yourself. I bet you’ll notice the difference compared to some videos there are on YouTube and the other P-51 skins available in game.

  7. Hey @ICDP, happy Easter! So... I know you were responsible for the creation of the P51 Moonbeam Mcswine skin available in game. I noticed there’s something off about it in the last month. It seems to be a little bit shinier than usual, I think it may be a bug in the alpha channel or something  like that. Got curious and thought to ask you if you know anything about it. If you hop on to a private match and fly it you’ll probably notice it as well. Anyway, here is my screenshot and as you can tell, Moonbeam Mcswine looks shiny af.


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  8. On 1/29/2021 at 11:29 AM, Jason_Williams said:


    The codes work with the bump texture. The engine was never designed to support this, but the team, namely Sergey, Mike and Daniel found a way. This is something that has to be designed to be included from the start as it affects all the models etc. Any next-gen product we make, will have this in the design from the start so it would be even more flexible than what we've come up with.


    It won't be ready for a while as we need to modify all planes and tanks to work with them, so please be patient. Maybe not until the end of the year. This was just a tease since we are pleased with the outcome. And once again, this solution was an offshoot due to working on tanks. :biggrin:




    No same clouds. We already have quite nice clouds. Just depends on the mission settings usually.



    So, i have only one question: will this feature work with all the paint schemes that you guys give us in game or will it only be available for the default paint schemes? (Hence the default skin mustang  you guys are showcasing this feature on these images). Anyway, I’m REALLY looking forward to this. You guys are the best Devs to ever exist.

  9. On 8/7/2020 at 11:39 AM, Han said:


    Full news - here is a full text and visual materials

    I’m looking forward to seeing some of the German planes in the next dev blog. Can’t wait for the Me-410 and the Fw190A6. One thing I’m curious about those planes is the gunsights. For an example, the BF109G6 in the IL-2 great battles series has the Revi 3D gunsight. Will the BON BF109G6/Late version have the Revi 16B gunsight like the Bf109G14? Is that also the case with the Fw-190A6?

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  10. On 4/7/2019 at 4:48 PM, spudkopf said:

    UPDATE 18:25 AU time 08/04/2019 - Don't quite know what's going on with some of the uploads, seems to be some kind of cashing issue that prevents me re-uploading the failed uploads, even when trashed it treating the new upload the same as it is replacing, the fact that it uploads in seconds is a dead giveaway.


    So like with the 05 skin for the Fw190D9, I have had to resort to substituting zipped versions of the affected files instead. As such bf109k4_skin_01 and bf109k4_skin_08 should now be good to go, but let do me know if there are any problems.


    By the way has anybody else had familiar kind of problem with Mediafire?




    Was meant to be doing other things, but did these instead.


    Pictured below is my previously released Default 4K K4 skin (K4 skin, that always makes me giggle), I have re-linked it in the following links for use as the game default, naturally the file will need to be renamed to "bf109k4.dds" in order for it to replace the existing default in the planes directory.


      Hide contents


    Default (replaced on 10/04/19, please contact me if there are further downloading issues, now does not require renaming)

    bf109k4_skin_01 (replaced on 10/04/19, please contact me if there are further downloading issues)







    bf109k4_skin_08 (replaced on 10/04/19, please contact me if there are further downloading issues) (link to zipped file)




    After yesterdays shenanigans, can the usual suspects let me know if their are any download issues.



    Oh and remember to enable MODs in the Game - Setup!!




    As always enjoy.


    Spudkof, do you take skin requests? If so, can you edit the “Deskau” official skin and add a JG53 identification band on it? I would be really grateful. (With Historically accurate Haken)

  11. 55 minutes ago, 352nd_Siqhter said:

    @Callsign_NEW I wasn't sure if you wanted just the invasion stripes gone, but not the ID stripes, so I made two versions. The first has no invasion stripes, but I've kept the ID stripes, the second has no stripes whatsoever. Both have only the nose art on the left side.




    DOWNLOAD - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1foqptxk0frigk6/AAAmA8aYsCESV7LVDV65RSrVa?dl=0

    Thank you soooo much dude, really cool. 

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  12. On 2/19/2020 at 5:48 PM, 352nd_Siqhter said:



    Thanks Bo! I never really noticed the insignia size difference. Also I appreciate the photo, I've got to figure out a way to make those lines fancier looking.

    I was thinking of the remote possibility of you doing the “Dallas Doll” skin but without the invasion stripes and erased plane name on the right side (leaving the “Dallas Doll” only on the left side). I would really appreciate it. You can ignore the last part if it’s too much trouble. 

  13. I’ve noticed something a little odd in the P-51D “Glamorous Glen” official skin while seeing some IL-2 videos. The Gun Weathering effects aren’t present in this specific skin for some reason. That oil (could be gunpowder, not sure) stain that is supposed to be both in the lower and upper portions of the wing are present on every other official skin for this aircraft except for this one, that has them only in the upper part, as shown in the images below. Is it supposed to be like that? Is it because of the invasion stripes? Hope someone who knows the reason behind this answers this8E0F16A6-8EE4-497E-B867-63B9CE5EDF1E.jpeg.19ac47fd454bbccedecde54cc118799f.jpeg8A1B50D6-95C8-441E-8292-68A9CD90A0C0.jpeg.9d17e7e8f825396023d8080b851106b7.jpeg

  14. While flying i noticed something a little odd. You all might know that the MK-108 (German 30mm cannon) has a fire rate of 650 rounds per minute, while the MG-151/20 (German 20mm cannon) has a fire rate of almost 750 rounds per minute.

    I was flying my Bf-109K4 equipped with the MG-151/20 other day and noticed that, while shooting, the 20mm cannon sounds a lot slower firing than the 30mm cannon. Is it supposed to be like that? Am I the only who has noticed that? Is it a bug? Let’s discuss this. 

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