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  1. So, i have only one question: will this feature work with all the paint schemes that you guys give us in game or will it only be available for the default paint schemes? (Hence the default skin mustang you guys are showcasing this feature on these images). Anyway, I’m REALLY looking forward to this. You guys are the best Devs to ever exist.
  2. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the German planes in the next dev blog. Can’t wait for the Me-410 and the Fw190A6. One thing I’m curious about those planes is the gunsights. For an example, the BF109G6 in the IL-2 great battles series has the Revi 3D gunsight. Will the BON BF109G6/Late version have the Revi 16B gunsight like the Bf109G14? Is that also the case with the Fw-190A6?
  3. Spudkof, do you take skin requests? If so, can you edit the “Deskau” official skin and add a JG53 identification band on it? I would be really grateful. (With Historically accurate Haken)
  4. Thank you soooo much dude, really cool.
  5. I was thinking of the remote possibility of you doing the “Dallas Doll” skin but without the invasion stripes and erased plane name on the right side (leaving the “Dallas Doll” only on the left side). I would really appreciate it. You can ignore the last part if it’s too much trouble. Cheers.
  6. I’ve noticed something a little odd in the P-51D “Glamorous Glen” official skin while seeing some IL-2 videos. The Gun Weathering effects aren’t present in this specific skin for some reason. That oil (could be gunpowder, not sure) stain that is supposed to be both in the lower and upper portions of the wing are present on every other official skin for this aircraft except for this one, that has them only in the upper part, as shown in the images below. Is it supposed to be like that? Is it because of the invasion stripes? Hope someone who knows the reason behind this answers this
  7. While flying i noticed something a little odd. You all might know that the MK-108 (German 30mm cannon) has a fire rate of 650 rounds per minute, while the MG-151/20 (German 20mm cannon) has a fire rate of almost 750 rounds per minute. I was flying my Bf-109K4 equipped with the MG-151/20 other day and noticed that, while shooting, the 20mm cannon sounds a lot slower firing than the 30mm cannon. Is it supposed to be like that? Am I the only who has noticed that? Is it a bug? Let’s discuss this.
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