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  1. If you are talking about the fact that Multiplayer is just a big furball over two runways right next to each other then I imagine that later on Multiplayer servers will be able to have bigger mission areas with actual objectives, similar to ROF.
  2. I'm pretty new to the genre, less than a year in. The tactics, difficulty and the feeling of almost flying some awesome planes keep me coming back, each kill is very satisfying unlike other games revolved around shooting people. That said the tactics part can also make it a really frustrating genre as I get spanked pretty hard in multiplayer still. Also the variety. Each era and each plane is an entirely different beast despite the similar concepts and tactics throughout.
  3. Yeah but things like stats, promotions and deaths (if this has those) will always be for the Pilot. Also sorry I misread this part "You'll be free to pick any plane, any airfield and any mission that is available at that moment. And this unique experience of yours will build your personal campaign." as meaning it would be like ROF where you picked a plane and an airfield and that set the campaign up. Although it still sounds similar in theory, just on a much bigger scale. It sounds like you'll get to jump around between squadrons and aircraft doing what they each did during a particular part of the battle rather than just choosing one. Also I meant to put this in suggestions, not sure how that happened.
  4. It sounds like the campaign is going to be similar to ROF's so I thought it would be fun to have an option to choose to be a gunner instead of the pilot. Of course this can be done with autopilot and switching seats but it would be cool to have it officially.
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