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  1. The amount of effort you guys put into arguing over this stuff is incredible.
  2. Well when you make a claim that shooting a chute to win is worse than doing it to be a dick, I have a mirror to show you. Because Alt+F4ing after you get into a bad situation is the same exact thing. The only difference is that you're peacing out just so the other guy doesn't get the kill. As you said, grow up.
  3. It's right up there with Alt+F4ing your way out of a bad situation.
  4. Watching your tune change is like watching a cousin finally hit the age where he starts to just get it. Kudos dude.
  5. Everyone knows chute shooting is soooo two tours ago. This is where its at now: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/188796588
  6. Etherlight hit the nail on the head. Practice makes perfect. Berloga is the most efficient way to get your backside handed to you on a semi consistent basis and learn how to get out of those "oh crap" situations. On a more technical level for dealing with bandits close in on your six, there's a general rule of thumb I use: 180, tight, wide, tight. Assuming this fight started at level flight, generally you and your attacker will be traveling in some direction while the fight unfolds. This is the engagement's forward velocity vector. Generally you guys would be rolling around that vector. 180: basic guns defense. Roll your wings 180 degrees from his wings and pill under his nose. As soon as he rolls to follow, roll back 180(ish) and repeat until you are "out of phase" with your attacker. Out of phase meaning you guys are on opposite sides of the forward velocity vector. The it's time to pull him... Tight: reduce throttle, idle if you need too. Deploy flaps only if absolutely necessary to either stay in the air or slow down faster. Then it's time to get... Wide: once you pull him hopefully you're still out of phase with him you want to minimize forward-aft displacement and maximize lateral (Side to side along the forward velocity vector) displacement. This should bring the fight neutral with both people flight parallel (ish). From here you can either disengage or nut up and bring him in... Tight: again by anticipating his turns and rolls to position yourself for a snap shot or to saddle him up. Careful though, the roles have been reversed and he may not give up that easy... On mobile so this was a bit of a word vomit but I hope I got the idea across. Read this then watch the videos linked and it should click... I hope.
  7. Mother of God. Never, will anyone, ever be satisfied. Now we're nitpicking about which side of an average the devs have extrapolated from. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.
  8. A line has to be drawn somewhere. Jason has been preaching from the mountain tops that his major bottleneck is manpower. More manpower is more money. You want more in depth stuff? Open up that wallet and buy yourself an La-5FN.
  9. Lol A Dev takes time out of his day to explain the reasoning behind the numbers, which makes sense, and the response is "yeah that's nice, but..." These forum FM 'experten' need to grab their 109s, rocket to 8.5k, and get the fork over themselves. Either that or take their superior knowledge and, idk, develop their own game?
  10. I don't think Riksen turns enough in his 109 to comment on it's prowess as a turn and burner.
  11. Wasn't just us. The guys that run this server are far more persistent with plucking those pesky parachuters out of the sky. We were just a bit more vocal about it. But it's a win condition. Don't hate the player hate the game.
  12. My God people if you have that much of a problem with some out of time period mods just don't check the damn box. Wasting time arguing about unsubstantiated rumors about what mods might be added on release or after is obnoxious. Almost as obnoxious as having a personality defining position on the argument. More is better, IMO, and ultimately it's up to the mission makers to keep the historicity in check.
  13. Here we go again. Buy up stock in Orville Redenbacher now because it's about to pop off.
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