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  1. The best way to voice your opinion on chutekilling is to create your own server, with your own developed maps and your own rules. If the community agrees, they'll play on it with you. Some of my most harrowing (and fun!) experiences on TAW is trying to high speed ditch a broken bird with no engine while being relentlessly attacked by multiple enemies (because it's safer than dangling in a chute). I do agree with your 0.1 lives for every CM idea, with one caveat of having total available lives at any given time capped to a maximum of 3.0. Good hunting gents!
  2. What would the poll be? Something like: If I created my own dedicated server, with my own missions, and made a rule about no chutekilling, would you play on it with me? YES NO MAYBE
  3. From the TAW Manual: You may also resupply friendly airfields by transport airplanes. Transport planes are: Ju 52/3m with cargo, also Pe-2, He-111, Ju-88 with 100% fuel and no bombs and rockets. Ju-52 with cargo resupply airfield by about 7%, others by about 4%. You must takeoff from an airfield damaged less than 40% and successfully land on an airfield damaged more than 0%. If you successful in transport then you get a Combat Mission. The friendly airfield will not be supplied by transport airplane in two cases: · This airfield was damage more than 85% in current mission · This airfield was captured by enemy in current mission Repaired airfield may be still closed for 1 or 2 missions. Airfield without supply can’t be repaired. Supply level of the airfield is available in the mission briefing. Couple questions on this mechanic: 1. Does the "Ju 52/3m with cargo" also require that it be flown with 100% fuel (the verbiage and comma usage implies it does not). 2. Are you allowed to carry gunner/ammo on the "Ju 52/3m with cargo" transport missions (verbiage implies only no bombs and rockets)? 3. Are you allowed to carry gunner(s)/ammo on "Pe-2, He-111, Ju-88" transport missions (verbiage implies only no bombs and rockets)? 4. After successfully taking off from "an airfield damaged less than 40% and successfully landing on an airfield damaged more than 0%", will there be any indication of a successful resupply in your flight log? OR will it just show: PLANE SPAWNED, TOOK OFF, LANDED, END. 5. When it says that a friendly airfield will not be supplied by transport if "This airfield was damage more than 85% in current mission" --- Does that mean if a field were 10% damaged at the start of the mission, and was attacked and damaged to 95% in the CURRENT running mission, on the next mission it would not count the resupply? 6. If the mission started with a field at 90% damaged (not damaged in current running mission), and resupplied by air transport in current mission, would the resupply count? 7. If the mission started with a field at 100% damaged (not damaged in current running mission), and resupplied by air transport in current mission, would the resupply count? Appreciate any clarity you can put on this---- I've ran several resupply runs that don't seem to have any impact at all and trying to understand what I'm doing incorrectly. Cheers and good hunting!
  4. Looking to potentially get going with IL2 again, but the launcher downloads are horrifically slow. I got about 30MB/sec for 3 seconds and now I'm scoring a solid 500kB/sec varying to 1MB/sec. Web distribution or not, I have 299mbps of my 300mbps available bandwidth not being utilized... any way to speed this up?
  5. Hey @FB_Vaal! First off, thanks for all the time and development on such a fantastic system! Is there place to change the settings on when a new tour starts? Right now it is auto creating a new tour at the beginning of each new month, even if we're not wanting it to (some of our campaigns are crossing the month threshold). Thanks!
  6. Yep if the hall effect moves you can recalibrate them with a utility (I have to do this after a full disassemble/reassemble for maintenance, greasing, etc. Thrust master support can provide you the utility; otherwise let me know and I'll post a copy.
  7. I must have copied the link incorrectly... try this one: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/user/149127-tyrant07/
  8. Hey Tzigy! Tried to send you a PM but couldn't due to your mailbox being full ... So posting here: Our squad mate was out traveling and out of pocket for the last few days... he just created the handle, link to his profile here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/user/149127-tyrant07 Thank you so much for your generosity--- he's been huge into DCS and has been wanting to get into a solid WWII sim. Salute!
  9. Yeah this is awesome! WOuld also like to ask for a squad member, BOS or BOM... He plays a lot of DCS and interested in the wwii action here.
  10. Thanks ---- disappointing but thank you for sharing the detail. I'd almost rather the coding/troubleshooting time be focused up front on the dserver efficiency improvements and plane viewing bubble distance before venturing into WWI, but that's my preference.
  11. Just ordered BBP and the two new collector aircraft. Will we be able to use our old RoF aircraft in Flying Circus or will we have to re-buy them again?
  12. We just closed the remaining two airfields so we should have #6 secured. Primus had some details on the trucks indicating that when all trucks are lost they can no longer spawn convoys to repair airfields.
  13. Well, Germans got all the trucks gents... but a limited number of aircraft to close the map.
  14. You're obviously not a statistics guy There's more to consider than just saying there's only 1 pilot difference over the 14 day average. While Disarray uses the word consistent, which may apply to the "flying window" of when he has availability to play... if that window is USA prime time, 9PM-2AM EDT window, it more often than not favors the Germans in regards to raw numbers. You can interpret from the chart below instead of just looking at the number average (which is only 1 pilot difference over the last 14 days), the Germans clearly have much higher peaks and sustained numbers over the Russians for longer periods of time. Hope this helps
  15. Thanks for the link! I would be interested if this number is still in effect or if it has changed since then.
  16. Don't forget what I mentioned above regarding bail out survivability in enemy territory. It is my understanding that the VVS have a much higher percentage of survival instead of getting captured (pilot loss) than the LW does. I believe this has a far larger impact than everyone realizes.
  17. Is the capture percentage rule still in effect? That also would also help to explain the attrition. At least in earlier TAWs I remember: If a German pilot was shot down over enemy lines he had a VERY slim chance of getting a successful bailout, with the high percentage of being captured (which counts as a pilot loss/death). If a Russian pilot was shot down over enemy lines he has a much higher percentage chance of not getting captured, thus the pilot survives. If you look at the aircraft loss on each side they are often *pretty close*; however, for the similar amount of aircraft lost, the Germans are more often captured after bailing out, resulting in the high pilot attrition numbers. Not complaining or saying it isn't accurate--- just how those numbers decide who wins the map more often than not. For the LW to win the attrition war, they need to make sure they chute down the Russian pilots and make sure those pilots don't survive--- far more than driving the ground war based off of the design of the current game mechanics.
  18. Oh no Risken--- no disrespect taken! Salute! I agree with you that the pilot matters most, but the aircraft for ground pounding in a close second. Unfortunately most of the LW team would never hop in an attacker or bomber, would NEVER attach a bomb to their precious 109, or ever risk getting killed attacking a ground target as they would lose their streak. If all the LW Hartmanns focused on escorting their attackers/bombers, dove in to distract and take out AAA at targets so their bombers could get through, the LW would be far more effective at actually winning a map.
  19. To be fair, I assume most people flying German (at least us), do more than just fly fighter sweeps and pick --- our team flies 109s with bombs, we fly 110s, we fly stukas, we fly bombers, all with the primary objective of moving the front line. If we all only flew at 6K and specifically picked our engagements, and never engaged enemy ground targets, I'm sure we'd have much higher streaks. Our objective is to win the map, not get our name in lights on the front page. If getting recognized on the front page is a by-product of moving the map, then so be it. Salute and good hunting.
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