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  1. Thanks for the comments! I surely will be getting it then. Reading more I see it will be coming to steam as well around the summer so I may wait for that or purchase before since im sure you can use the key to activate anyway.
  2. Im looking for a WW2 flight sim game that is as realistic/historic as it can be. I have been playing this other "WW2 Arcade-Sim" hybrid type game for a while now (Wont mention the name since I dont know if it's against the rules and I don't want to advertise it either) and I am completely done with it now after it not being historically accurate as advertised and the "Russian bias" it has making Cold War propeller planes fighting WW2 Germans for example. Anyway, would this be a game I should buy if I am looking for a WW2 sim that depicts each aircraft like how it was in real life? I have watched a bit of gameplay and I like what I see. Just wanted to hear some opinions before making a final decision. (Really leaning to buying it after looking through the sites about page and the video I watched)
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