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  1. Might be one of the biggest update ever ! You guys are keeping it real ! Awesome !
  2. What did I just read ? πŸ˜‚ I'm so glad we usually all argue as a community about DM/FM and not about the stuff OP talks about πŸ˜‚ What's next, aim assist and RPG skills ? πŸ˜‚ Il2 GB is great the way it is thank you very much OP for your suggestions πŸ˜…
  3. The way some a/c break might have to do with how wing loss is triggered rather than weapons. I shot a small (really) burst of 50cal to a Ju52 and it "violently" broke in half, it was like the wings were jettisoned rater than the spars being damaged. It was obviously too strong of an effect and looked scripted. They're working on DM so.. wait and see.
  4. Turban

    Spit Flaps

    Last night we had the issue demonstrated also with the P47 ... The allied pilot himself was shocked at what he could do... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ basically looked like a RC model doing stationary flight with the plane hanging by the prop... low speed, high AOA, tight turns, etc... crazy stuff... I think this need to be addressed as other things... something's wrong with these planes drag/lift ratio....
  5. To be honest I'm not sure I was suffering from it in 2015 ? The track I have is pretty spectacular, with the AAA shooting at an aircraft that is not present, and "appears" after a while. It doesn't exist on the track but the AAA sees it. And that's at 2000 meters.... weirdly it "appeared" once its gunner started firing... Like the cloak in Crysis.... lol
  6. I'm well aware you can shoot down a P51 quickly or do a PK. The problem is the number of occurrences where the damage is very minimal with zero consequences. P51 staying active in fights despite being hit numerous times, because they can, is not uncommon and pretty much anyone who has experience ingame and isn't disingenuous will admit it.
  7. I have had the bug in a pretty visble way so made a track but didn't know there was a multiplayer.log ? I kept playing after the occurrence.. not sure if that's "bad" I'll need to find the dev's post..
  8. Another occurence tonight...... Fun times... I think it speaks for itself... And I think it could have kept fighting, if the GROUND hadn't been there ... https://combatbox.net/fr/sortie/log/343447/?tour=17 That P51 was able to maneuver pretty agressively till the very end, against several enemies !! .. it's just insane. The absolute beating it can take... I mean point blank salvos of explosive 20mms, and still it's the GROUND that has to finish the job...
  9. That'd would feel like hollidays
  10. Yes DM is under review which is great. I would agree that the P 38 breaks in half too easily. Elevator breaks and bomms part ways. It's an exception though, most other allied planes will sometimes take fire from several enemies , even AAA and...keep fighting. lol. A single smoking P51 dogfighting 3 germans over german AAA as if nothing's wrong is an all too common thing these days. So fingers crossed we get a better DM all around
  11. Gunner dying on first shot is one thing... but allies plane are extremely resilient and so are their pilots. Look at big numbers and you'll see. Most people agree on that I had a look at your sorties and it's far, very far from being as bad as you make it sound like. I'm not even going to talk about the P51 and it's energy... You often see 2/3 germans having to team up for 1 P51... and you'll see p51 smoking , hurt... and still flying like nothing's wrong... I've seen some of your sorties, where you get hit, keep doing ground attack and die only after several minutes and after being hit by several different enemies.... I look at numbers and hours worth of sorties and that tells a pretty clear story...
  12. It's much worst on the german side, FW at least. All my death are on the first second, but pilot's death, if not first second is pilot knocked unconscious till it crashes... It's all visible in pilot's sorties. And bear in mind it's 12.7 mm against explosive 20/30 mm. It's really obvious when looking at stats that something is systematically off.
  13. @OP would you be kind enought to point me towards the guntest mission ? I can't find it... I'd like to play with the 50 cals too, and on pilot protection... It's fishy all around and do deserve some attention as it's pretty game breaking after a while...
  14. I agree 100%. It's predictable to the point where the best thing to do is bail out as soon as you have someone behind you... I fly the FW , which supposedly had great pilot protection yet die instantly even from far away. It'd be great if the devs could investigate...
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