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  1. Incredible work you guys have done. Thank you so much and keep it up !
  2. The prop damage on that picture is very light and still acceptable. You can also see they worked on it, usually you try to reshape the metal bits with a steel shaft like a screwdriver, and then maybe grind it gently. Spray causes can be bad habits from the pilot, or rough weather, or spray deflector not correctly angle...or all 3.. Spray is hell on props. Little drops of water hitting the blade at very high speed create damage that really takes a toll after a while. I'll get picture of ours, some are pretty nasty and we'll have to retired some props/blades early
  3. I have a MS FFB2 too For at least 15 years Been thinking about getting a spare too, just in case. Best thing microsoft ever did. I don't think I could quite enjoy IL2 without the force feedback..
  4. Wow :) I was happy when the team chose the Kuban theater .. Always was my favorite... and now... wow... the map is amazing !!!! Amazing work guys. Thank you:) Wish I had more time to just fly around I foresee countless happy hours
  5. Sorry to be that guy, but why is the amount of work necessary for the implementation of seaplanes of such little importance? I'd rather have no seaplanes than badly implemented ones. I'd much rather have more land based planes than butchered seaplanes. And unless 1C puts considerable time and money into it, seaplanes will be butchered ! So what's the point? Gameplay? Come on ...this aint world of warship or whatever...
  6. +1 Can't see the ratio "required work/ people flying floats" being worthwhile for the game/devs, sadly.
  7. The other day I was taking off in a Bf 110 ... as I was climbing a 109 dove on me and started shooting me down... and then 2 other 109 came and tried to get their piece of the action... despite telling them to stop shooting many times, all 3 kept shooting at me for a good 45 sec till I went down in flames... Yes, accidents do happen, but very often it's also sheer stupidity, and it gets old very, very fast... so don't be surprised if people are not always very patient...
  8. I used to think team balance was a huge deal. I really did. Then I started flying blue...and discovered the german team is usually far less efficient than the red team. We all know the cause... Fighters wandering around at 7k boom and zooming once in a while,trying to shoot stuff down, including their own. Not covering objectives, not covering bombers. At the end of the day we can't ignore the fact that the LW team gets rekt even when numbers are in its favor... My advise is, don't waste your energy worrying about it like I did, fly what you want and enjoy what you can...
  9. WOW ! You guys are the best !! Thanks for the amazing work !!!
  10. My pilot getting killed (mostly on first shot from my6s ) is my number 1 cause of death when flying the FW. Not sure it means something but it is very noticeable.
  11. Actually, the flight model would change significantly from the original Ju52. If it was to be done accurately of course. Not saying it's a bad idea, it just would not be a quick and easy transition.
  12. The FW went from being "limited" to being one of the best fighters in the game. The hand brake is off! Cheer on ! No more speed loss whenever you look at the stick !! Hardest part will be to find one available on WOL !
  13. There is a pretty nice indicator, as mentioned by another poster. I actually quite like giving it a quick look to check on them. Immersion and all
  14. I didn't fly a real mig 3 ever, but I haven't seen anything unrealistic ingame so far. Oh, maybe I should state, for the record, I'm not God, If I say something seems right it doesn't mean it is. I'm back after a few month on the FW 190, so I didn't follow the whole thing . I was flying the Mig exclusively before. The Mig3 seems fine. I flew with it yesterday on WOL, and I just launched a standard QMB with max wind / turbulences to be sure and landed on both runways available with a take off since I started from runway. Not 100% crosswind but one off the landing has the wind coming from your 7 o'clock. I managed to yolo both landing, even being drunk ^^ I made a track if you want, although it's not flight school material 100% mixture and standard trim. The plane just needs to be kept in check the whole time. Rudder+brake. Make sure you touchdown as slow as possible. Again, nothing unrealistic. Taildragger can be very, very tricky, always be on your A game when you fly one ! Cheers
  15. Is that supposed to be an argument of some kind ?
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