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  1. I feel like AI's callouts leave a lot to be desired, and I hope they'll work on that. ''Eagle, fighter spotted, 3 o'clock engage, out'' - Whose 3 o'lock? ''Eagle 6, engaging fighter, range 1 km, out'' - 1 km from where and which direction? ''Engaging fighter, to the south, range 2km'' - Again, your south? My south? South of area of operation? I think there's also a call out where they just simply say the enemy is really close, and follow it up with wind direction and speed, instead of more info regarding the enemy. It kinda bugs me reading that. It would be very helpful to see something like; '' Eagle, fighter spotted, 3km west of Stalingrad, high(altitude)''
  2. Finally have some free time to try out the career mode! A quick question for you guys, do you guys try to stay in formation as a wingman? my 1st 109 mission was to attack a transport column passing a bridge with a flight of 5(I'm #5). The objective area was heavily covered by AA, and my entire flight seemed to enjoy going redneck mode, flying low and slow over the targets. I've restarted that mission a few times and there was just no way I won't get killed by AA. Eventually, I figured that the best approach to that was to break formation, use the flight as a AA bait, and perform rapid one pass attack while they were getting focused by the AA. It worked well, but I find that it defeats the purpose of flying in career mode. Am I missing something here?
  3. Quick question; Are we still on track for full release of BOK this year? Haven't been catching up news much.
  4. I have been waiting for this for so long! Now, I totally trust than the devs are making the sim fairly, unlike other games with bias bull crap.
  5. Surface, by that you mean control surface(plane rudder), right? Thank you! I didn't know that forward stick help turning sharply. But that still doesn't explain why full right rudder would help turning significantly, when there's hardly any airflow over the rudder while stationed.
  6. My apologies! I'm actually trying to turn a sharp right using right brake only while stationed, I guess the torque effect is too strong to do so. But how does rudder help If It's not connected to the tail wheel, and there's barely any airflow? Unless I'm using the airflow created by my own prop wash?
  7. After flying for so many hours, I just noticed that I actually need to use both right brake and right rudder in order to make a right turn(wheel lock released), unlike in DCS, where braking is all it takes. I thought the tail wheel has no input from the pedals? Am I mistaken something?
  8. Quick question: Does landing with airdrop supply instead of crates consider as supplying an airfield too? As well as dropping supply instead of landing it? Cause I'm kinda into supply drop stuff.
  9. To OP, Perhaps I'm not really answering your question directly, but I'm doing the exactly same thing as you in my country. Although, my students are adults who's getting ready to join the airlines. I'd highly recommend you not to use IL2 1946 or any other combat flight sims. These sims are really good for what they offer. But when it comes down to a thorough education in aviation and aerodynamics as well as scenario variety and setting, then I'd say go for FSX instead. I wanted to say P3D(Prepar3D- 'Upgraded version of FSX') but since you're limited by budget and ain't aiming for super fancy graphic(which can be altered with mods), FSX would be your best bet. The game was like $5 on steam sale, and there're plenty of cheap code you can get online. I can already teach a lot of good stuff with nothing but the default C172 alone, let alone some mentioned good add-ons like A2A C172. If you get the famous Active Sky add-on(realistic weather&wind modelling,not like 100% realistic, but probably as realistic as you can get in sims) and setup your flight in some interesting real life places with real-time weather, I assure you no one would want to miss your lecture! I remember setting up a flight while having a strong typhoon in the local, my cessna could literally hover in the sky! lol (Also, some add-ons ain't cheap, but most if not all can be 'ARGH-ed' , If you desperately wanted it but low on budget, not that I'd advice you doing so)
  10. Sorry, I hate to be that guy, but what's so special about the scripted campaign? I spent $10 for it and I'm quite disappointed. Like the only difference between scripted campaign and user made missions is that you get the description screen with some fancy screenshot before entering to combat, that's it. Agreed, the atmospheric is way better than the original campaign, but that is not it right? Please tell me I'm missing something....
  11. Seems like Christmas comes early this year! Count me in please!
  12. I accidently discovered that it's due to the calibration in pointracker setting. The instructions initially said that 'At start, move your head up as if pitching up', I skipped this one step, continued and fixed it. But thanks for the help tho! Anyway, do you have any recommendation for the Accela filter setting? I normally don't touch those stuff that I don't know when It's running properly.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsEfUBqWfwc (Above video should easily explain my problem, please note I was only moving my head left to right.) I just updated from 2.2 to 2.3, and whenever I turn my head from left to right(Yaw), there's a certain point where my X(lean L&R) and Z(zoom) would start moving as well. This sort of happened in 2.2, but simply adding dead zone solved the issue completely. I did that in 2.3 too, however It won't work due to the how huge the X&Z movement is. It basically reached the peak of my setting. Everything else is just fine as long as I don't use X&Z. Thus, I have a feeling that It might have to do with the new 'camera offset' setting under in the option tab. Cause my PS3 Eye's mounted on my speakers(Left side) next to the monitor. I have no idea how those offset numbers work, but I tried playing around a little with no luck. I'm out of idea, any help?
  14. I often mislook these two, most of the time I have to get real close before I have enough confidence to fire. Well.. it's easier to differentiate them via screenshot like that than during combat(actually I might as well print it out lol).
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