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  1. Video from the 2nd Stuka raid from yesterday evening ☝️
  2. Hello Pilots! An editing based on footages from yesterday evening mission on Battle of Britain '41 campaign hosted by Italian Wings. This campaign is such a blast, everybody in -IRRE- is so excited to be a part of it (and we love Stukas 😇). Hope you enjoy the video, I challenged myself to edit it and upload it in less than 24 hours !
  3. What is your TAW username? I'm just assuming since I can't find your TAW profile on the website to verify... But here is a possible explanation : If it's the second time, you can't have 2 lives... Once you fall at 1 live, you can't have more than 1 live again for this map. So if you already received a 24h penalty on map 6, every time you die on map 6 you receive again the 24h penalty.
  4. By the time you took to make your 4 screenshots and post them on forum, you could just simply check the server manual, look in the "airfield" section and have your answer. That was my point. And I answered quite politely, no need to be rude. I don't see any relation between my answer and the "shoot parachute" thing? (which is, by the way, something I never did )
  5. Since you posted this 6 hours ago I assume that TAW map was almost the same as it is now. So the reason is simple : Skvorin is not on frontline. This means that it "can't" be attacked. You can actually destroy buildings on it, but any ground destruction on this airfield is not counted in your statistics (and will not influence in any way the campaign). Frontline airfields are marked with an "Attack" message on the in-game map, it's useless to bomb other airfields since it will not have any effect (except if you're lucky enough to bomb planes taking off 🤣)
  6. RIP and salute o7 Condolences to his family and friends
  7. The answer is in the changelogs of the server : Long story short : you die too much. (or captured)
  8. Completely wrong, you're not winning 1 min by belly landing like this, you win easily 3 min. We are not talking about an emergency belly landing at low speed where you struggle to keep your plane in the air, we are talking here about a belly landing at 350 km/h, you didn't need at all to decrease speed or something, and you had your aircraft back right after it. You multiply 3 min by 3 sorties, you basically gain 9 min on a 2 hour long mission (7.5% of total mission time) You multiply 3 min by 5 sorties, you gain 15 min (12.5% of total mission time). And 15 min on some map con
  9. On Steam yes BOS is mandatory (and BOM/BOK/BOBp are considered as DLCs) Without Steam, you can launch for example BOK as a standalone
  10. We know, but there are rules (well, to be more precise, there are some laws in some countries against swastikas, and this forum can't make an exception) You can post some, but under a spoiler, like 1Sascha did in his post
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