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  1. -IRRE-Centx

    What version is the most active?

    On Steam yes BOS is mandatory (and BOM/BOK/BOBp are considered as DLCs) Without Steam, you can launch for example BOK as a standalone
  2. We know, but there are rules (well, to be more precise, there are some laws in some countries against swastikas, and this forum can't make an exception) You can post some, but under a spoiler, like 1Sascha did in his post
  3. -IRRE-Centx

    Ground Attacker Handbook

    Impressive work
  4. -IRRE-Centx

    Tactical Air War

    Guys post this in the bug reports section... TAW admins can't do anything about this, only il-2 Devs can fix it, but if you post here they will never see it :/
  5. -IRRE-Centx

    The reason why AP is so powerfull on the game.

    In real life, where a pilot would instantly jump after few hits to save his life, yes. In a video game, against a player or (even worse) an IA who doesn't care about his life, you need more ammo because you need to completely DESTROY your opponent. Always the same, some things can't be simulated like the panic of a young pilot who takes 20mm shot in the wing and jump instantly because he thinks his plane is out. Should the dev make planes more fragile to "compensate" this? No.
  6. -IRRE-Centx

    Tactical Air War

    New secret German technology, the stealth bomber (on a serious note: no idea, sorry xD)
  7. -IRRE-Centx

    Tactical Air War

    Convoys are on the roads (sometimes few meters away from the road, but not far) So you don't need to scan the entire area, just the roads
  8. -IRRE-Centx

    Tactical Air War

    Welcome back then :p If you have already done some missions, the registration is not a problem anymore then. So the most probable reason seeing the time you posted your message : server was full (happens a lot during EU evening) and therefore even if it's written "82/84" players on the server list for example, there are 20 players trying to take those 2 free spots... which means that 18 of them will not enter :p The only solution : patience 😄
  9. -IRRE-Centx

    Tactical Air War

    This. I can't understand why some people are thinking that lonely bombers are always kamikaze (maybe it's just an English problem for some posts, I don't know)... Yes personally sometimes I did a few kamikaze runs, when it was really really needed (protecting a depot attacked by a tank column for example), but I also did a lot of lonely bombing runs and I have a survival rate at more than 90% on those "proper" runs (the only times I was shot down were by a lucky large caliber AA shot at more than 4-5k distance, can't do anything against that when it's not your lucky day...)
  10. -IRRE-Centx

    Tactical Air War

    Anything specific to VVS to balance the Ju52s would be nice I would love the "partisan" idea for Po-2s with disarmed bombs 😃 And I like the "spy/saboteur" idea too
  11. -IRRE-Centx

    Tactical Air War

    You're 50% cool. Real cool guys don't have to look to know their job is done.
  12. -IRRE-Centx

    Tactical Air War

    Just my 2 cents here as a Ju-88 / Pe-2 enthousiast (or A-20 too) : if you're not used to do it, you can farm combat missions by level bombing defensive positions from medium altitude. If you come at 350-400 km/h at 2-3k altitude, drop bombs and immediately do a 180° turn (don't stay in the bombing view to watch your bombs exploding, cool guys don't look at explosions), you will never get shot by the AA. And if you dive fast after your bomb run to gain maximum speed and get out of the danger area, you will almost never meet an enemy fighter, since you are out of the area before the enemy get the message signaling that it was under attack. By doing this, you can be effective with your bomber AND conservative, and you'll never need transport missions. Average time of mission (from take off to land) : 20-30min depending on map configuration. I did this a lot on maps #3 and #4, I never lost my bomber, neither by AA or fighter. Only one fighter tried to shoot me down once, but since I dived at 550-600 km/h into friendly territory after dropping my bomb, he didn't follow me far and I went back to base safely.
  13. -IRRE-Centx

    Tactical Air War

    Nice quick solutions for Ju52s, I'm curious to see how it will work!
  14. -IRRE-Centx

    Tactical Air War

    We had a lot of "late evening" missions during the current campaign, especially on maps #2 and #3 I remember one especially on Winter Moscow map when the night felt completely after 1 hour of mission, it was fun attacking tank columns with just the light of the moon 😃 (I'm grounded for now because I'm on holidays and I don't have access to my Sim computer, so I can't confirm if it's still the case on Kuban map)
  15. -IRRE-Centx

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    Voted for after 3.008, because we can't deny it's an improvement compared to old DM with glass wings. However as almost everybody I find that AP ammunitions are fine, but canon shells (all calibers, Germans and VVS) seem a bit weak. Especially while hitting ailerons/rudder with large calibers. It souldn't induce a complete wing snap as before of course, but ailerons are a fragile part of a wing and they seem to resist more than I would expect when hitted by large caliber shell. In my opinion, wing and tail structure should resist few hits, but not ailerons/rudder. But overall, yes that's better.