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  1. Dear friends! it's time to launch a new map! enough tests! You have the best server, this is a real duel (war)! We are all waiting with great anticipation! I thank you many times! You Need to receive donations from the card, since paypal is not available in Russia! (I'm sorry) 😐
  2. Congratulations to the allies on their victory! we are looking forward to the next map! Let's support the project and throw donates at the creators! i cannot select the country Russia in the credit card details for Donat transfer😨
  3. today, a new update helped! thank you to the creators!
  4. 1. Radeon Pro 570X 4G 2. 26.20.13001.53002. 3. да у меня так 4. с настройками MSAA и FXAA разобрались - квадраты пропали, а на земле мерцают черные полосы и графика очень заметно тормозит 5. _ 6. _ графика замедляется очень заметно
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