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  1. They're not grouped into a thread, you have to find each one individually.
  2. I just checked the link and it doesn't help me at all sorry - my previous response said I was looking for a Russian speaking volunteer to add them. Even on the English forum I had to read through the posts to find out the planes included, the number of missions and other metadata. Also to test the campaigns to make sure they're still working, and filter out any that had been abandoned. I just had a look with google translate and found alot of the campaigns listed there are just duplicates, and for the others it doesn't translate very well. If a Russian speaker can edit a copy of the sheet I'll add to the list what they send me.
  3. Just to clarify - the P-47D-28 pilots don't have G-suits even after Sep 1944? Or they have G-suits at all times? Or it's just missing detail from the log?
  4. Yeah for the majority in VR checking 6 is a "REAL" checking of 6 you have to turn around fully. The scripted method to add 45 degrees head turn is clunky, and doesn't work for everyone so you can assume that alot in VR are just using 1:1 or mirrors in the plane. Trackir technically you could make the curve closer to 1:1 but if your head turns past the screen you can't see it anymore that's the problem and the main reason it's not 1:1. Side effect is it's a slight cheat in situational awareness. I think VR makes up for this though with a better feeling of where you are in space, vertical manoeuvrers I felt like I could tell where I would be and the other plane would be even if I lost sight. Touch typing I'd guess those in VR are in teamspeak and not using the chat. For my joystick I have a shift button so all my HOTAS commands have secondary functions I don't need to use the keyboard except to chat. Yes it does interfere with coffee etc, which is one of my problems with it since I'm always short of time usually only fly meal times. Trying to find a way around that getting up early morning etc lol. If money is an issue, I'd wait for next generation next year or year after since it will be more worth the cost and last longer - currently there are improvements every single year even on graphics cards still Seriously there is no $ lost to buy a headset if you decide you don't like it, I sold mine second hand for the same price I paid new. I'd say buy it and try it, if you buy new it's a waiting period to arrive anyway. Upgrading your PC for it is another matter, I was lucky because I had already built a fast PC during lockdown
  5. That IS one thing VR is great at, the head tracking. Not just looking around but the full 6DOF ties in well with the 3D vision. TrackIR and head trackers also have an issue when you look backwards your left/right movement is still like facing forward - so check 6 and slide left but it looks like it slides right. Theres a trackir TrueView option but its a bit bugged. VR being 1:1 movement checking 6 is a bit physically harder (actually alot harder) but there's some tricks to it to add rotation if you can't physically get your body back there due to age/restrictions/chair etc. I never knew IL-2 worked on Linux, that's really cool to see.
  6. If you haven't seen it yet, check out @spudkopf historically corrected skin packs. They are 4k and cover all the official skins not just the default.
  7. Correction - the first "you've seen" who say he dislike it. I could post pages of responses and messages from Reddit and here that also didn't like it for many reasons, but I'm sure you can take my word for it. Also in the end dislike is probably the wrong word, I'd rather say "currently I prefer flatscreen" because there are definitely things I like about VR. It all comes down to preference/choice. Unfortunately the massive praising of VR being so universally awesome is what overhyped it in the first place for me and caused the let down when I had the real thing. VR IS good in several ways, but it was hyped up so much that I expected it to be life changing and amazing.. instead it was just slightly better at some things + slightly worse at other things. The HP Reverb G2 improves many of the areas I had issue with, I WILL give VR another test towards Christmas. The difference is this time I go into it with better expectations and open eyes instead of expecting it to be universally better in every way. The G2 removes the problems the index had (screen door, poor blacks, light bleed, poor resolution, sweet spot) so I'm looking forward to giving it a go. Having said that I'll still fly DCS flat screen for my flight manuals and tutorials on the second screen etc. IL-2 having easier flight procedures makes it more suitable for VR (and it performs alot better than DCS). Now RTX 3080 is out that can improve some of the quality settings too.
  8. Some might be used to "the other sim" where even the training missions break after a patch
  9. Thanks for the update! I think the new zip is missing the skins, I still have them in my install folders because of the old version but others who download from the front page now will probably be missing the skins
  10. I did have similar situation once with FW-190 at a low angle. When I watched the track on F6 bomb view instead of skipping, the bomb went underground tunnelling for a few hundred metres and disappeared. Some kind of bug.
  11. Also note that it's the same for the trim, Pe-2 has electric trim so make sure you bind those switches as well since the normal trim axis won't work. As far as I know it's only the Hs129 and Pe-2 using those trim switches
  12. I'm writing something similar to that, it was for documenting my own learning but as it's developing it looks like it will be useful to share once it's finished. It will have the airplane operating instructions but also some comments/comparisons if there are similar planes. Eg the Pe-2 states the difference between the 3 models. Here's an example of the Pe-2 section I'm almost finished https://www.dropbox.com/s/z0ll9m7no0qoz9r/Operating Handbook extract - Pe-2.pdf?dl=0 I've done most of the British and Russian planes but still need armament and weapon usage for some. USA and German are just getting started. It's a slow process but probably be finished by Christmas.
  13. Looks great! Looking forward to trying it 😃
  14. Some of the tech specs have been updated in-game, but not in the online guide/manual of plane specs. For example the Spitfire Mk IX has automatic mixture in the game, but on the specs page it says to set mixture to 100% for auto mixture and manual leaning mixture below 100%. Also some newer planes are missing like the Yak 9, Yak 9T, P-47-D22. Is it possible to get this page updated @Han?
  15. Awesome, thanks for confirming @Oliver88 and @ZachariasX I wonder if any of the other Bodenplatte aircraft have out of date specs on Han's specs page. Another point to note for the OP is that you need to hit the "Boost" keybind in order to reach maximum boost on the Mk Vb (turning off the MP governor), whereas the Mk IX has full boost available on the throttle all the time. Would be interested to hear opinions on the significance of "Engine is equipped with the automatic governor of the manifold pressure that works when the throttle is set to 1/3 position or above"? I thought most WW2 planes simulated in IL-2 BoX have some sort of manifold pressure management system (except specific cases like the P40), but it's only mentioned on the Spitfire for some reason. Any why would we be concerned about having no governor below 1/3 throttle if you're not going to blow your engine while diving in that throttle range anyway?
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