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  1. Thanks for that DDS Only one we are missing now is the G6 late. I just checked the specs and it's exactly the same as the G6 cockpit photo, except we need to add a 4th engine mode for it: MW-50 | 10 minutes | 2800rpm | 1.7ata Any chance someone with the right tool could add that line for the G6 late?
  2. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/12826-game-updates/?do=findComment&comment=1019581 In update 4.502, item 34 "The mixture control of al aircraft with M-105 PF engine became standard (similar to Yak-7/9)". This fixed the mixture difference between old BoS models and newer models, but was only done for the fighters (Yaks and LaGG-3). However the M-105RA and M-105RF engines in the Pe-2 still have the same problem of great variance between mixture control of BoS/BoM models. BoS Pe-2 s87 still has the problem of old mixture control (smoke/power drops off at 95%)
  3. JG4_Deciman has made a tool to upgrade the missions for the new Moscow Map, might make it quicker/easier:
  4. Hi @Oyster_KAI Congrats on your great work being recognised and integrated into the game. Have they implemented just the WW2 cockpits? Or also this FC mod? Just wondering if we still should have the WW1 FC mod installed now? Thanks!
  5. Wonder if there's any seaplanes 😁
  6. Thanks I've been subscribed to watch those campaigns progress. Currently the Ju52 campaign is broken, and Kuban Wall is not complete yet (and the 2 existing missions are in redevelopment). Looks like a cool project I hope he gets time to continue it. Once they are fully complete I'll add them too
  7. They're not grouped into a thread, you have to find each one individually.
  8. I just checked the link and it doesn't help me at all sorry - my previous response said I was looking for a Russian speaking volunteer to add them. Even on the English forum I had to read through the posts to find out the planes included, the number of missions and other metadata. Also to test the campaigns to make sure they're still working, and filter out any that had been abandoned. I just had a look with google translate and found alot of the campaigns listed there are just duplicates, and for the others it doesn't translate very well. If a Russian speaker can edit
  9. Just to clarify - the P-47D-28 pilots don't have G-suits even after Sep 1944? Or they have G-suits at all times? Or it's just missing detail from the log?
  10. Yeah for the majority in VR checking 6 is a "REAL" checking of 6 you have to turn around fully. The scripted method to add 45 degrees head turn is clunky, and doesn't work for everyone so you can assume that alot in VR are just using 1:1 or mirrors in the plane. Trackir technically you could make the curve closer to 1:1 but if your head turns past the screen you can't see it anymore that's the problem and the main reason it's not 1:1. Side effect is it's a slight cheat in situational awareness. I think VR makes up for this though with a better feeling of where you are in space, ver
  11. That IS one thing VR is great at, the head tracking. Not just looking around but the full 6DOF ties in well with the 3D vision. TrackIR and head trackers also have an issue when you look backwards your left/right movement is still like facing forward - so check 6 and slide left but it looks like it slides right. Theres a trackir TrueView option but its a bit bugged. VR being 1:1 movement checking 6 is a bit physically harder (actually alot harder) but there's some tricks to it to add rotation if you can't physically get your body back there due to age/restrictions/chair etc.
  12. If you haven't seen it yet, check out @spudkopf historically corrected skin packs. They are 4k and cover all the official skins not just the default.
  13. Correction - the first "you've seen" who say he dislike it. I could post pages of responses and messages from Reddit and here that also didn't like it for many reasons, but I'm sure you can take my word for it. Also in the end dislike is probably the wrong word, I'd rather say "currently I prefer flatscreen" because there are definitely things I like about VR. It all comes down to preference/choice. Unfortunately the massive praising of VR being so universally awesome is what overhyped it in the first place for me and caused the let down when I had the real thing. VR IS good i
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