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  1. Thanks, updated! Thank you for the training, I flew these to get back into it a few months ago after 5 years off Added Sturmvogel ME 262 campaign by @saldy I think this is the first Me 262 campaign for IL-2 👍
  2. I wouldn't read too much into it, your campaigns are some of the best (I'm currently flying over the Rzhev Salient). Alot of us just very short of time, unfortunately for myself I can only fly 2 missions per week at the moment. Sometimes I wish I was still unemployed so I could do some flights, except when it's pay day 😅
  3. Awesome, I can keep your great 4k mods then and VR will blow me away!
  4. That is fine, but it needs to be an approach that's equal across hardware, not based on number of pixels. Otherwise it's locking people into the previous generation of hardware and not allowing the game engine into the future of 4k screens, high resolution VR, retina displays etc. It's upsetting when I read on reddit that people advise not to buy the HP Reverb VR headset because the resolution is "too high for spotting", or to get a 1080p 40 inch TV to play on instead of a widescreen monitor because the monitor is too detailed for spotting. For spotting to be realistic/hard work is great - as long as it doesn't get worse when hardware gets better. It should be the opposite in fact, the detail of a small object should get clearer as resolution goes up the same way eyesight improves when putting your glasses on. It can be the same physical size, but should be more pixels. A level playing field, with the objects appearing the same percentage of the screen for all screens.
  5. Keep getting disconnected today also WOL server seems to have the worst ping out of all the servers now. Something happened to the bandwidth? Other servers seem fine
  6. Silly question maybe, but does VR use the same cockpit textures? Or it has separate textures for VR? Never tried VR yet but looking to move to eventually
  7. The answer is to make contact size a percentage of the vertical resolution, not the same pixel size for everyone. E.g. if a given far away contact is 2x2 pixels for someone on 800x600 resolution, then it should be 4x4 pixels for someone on 1600x1200 resolution. Making the contact the same percentage of the total monitor space is the only way to ensure upgraded hardware maintains the same spotting as older hardware. If they are the same physical size for everyone then people could stop turning their resolutions down. It has to be vertical resolution used to determine the percentage only. Cannot use total pixels because some people have triple screen setups, ultra-wide monitors, or VR with wide FOV. Otherwise you'll end up with the same problem of ultra-wide players having to cut resolution to square size to maintain contact pixels for spotting 🤪 Vertical resolution is the best way to compare object size across monitors.
  8. Didn't the devs previously say that the game doesn't render planes as single pixel dots (ie IL-2 1946 method) and that increasing resolution won't make it harder to spot? Some people say that reducing resolution improves spotting by making contacts bigger, then I see others discounting it saying it doesn't work like that.. As an extreme example - if you were on HD resolution and the furthest distance contact was 4 pixels, then you switched to 4k res then the furthest distance contact should be double the pixels but the same size on the monitor? Or does it stay as 4 pixels i.e smaller on the monitor? I see people saying both are true, but nothing really confirms it.
  9. In Il-2 BoX there's quite alot of "parked planes" and kills of planes on the ground. Especially in career mode and airfield attacks. The game counts these as actual plane kills. I'm curious how this was treated in the war for each side, did an ace rack up kills when strafing or bombing parked planes? Or were they counted as ground targets only?
  10. The problem with alternative visibility is the specks get smaller as you get closer and larger if you are further away. Also specks get smaller when you zoom in. If the minimum size is a larger speck it should at least stay that size as minimum not shrink when it gets closer. Regular spotting is preferred because it looks better, but for gameplay it makes alot of missed fun as it's extremely hard to see anyone even fairly close to you.
  11. No hurry, but damn sorry to hear about your GPU that's bad luck
  12. Turn on the "TrueView" option in the profile. Alot of people leave it off though, because it has an issue where it seems to move your head position. If you have a HOTAS button to re-center trackir and use it alot, then Trueview works well I think since re-centering prevents any issue. I'm using Trueview now.
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