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  1. Here my game settings. One thing I noticed is that my CPU is overheating. Maybe this is causing my fps drops...
  2. I'm having a constant problem that is completely ruining my gaming experience... Regardless of the game mode I'm playing (SP or MP) and the map, the game's fps suddenly drops to around 20-30 fps. I've done everything: I reinstalled the game, Steam, changed the graphics configures in game and in the game folder, changed to my SSD, I even formatted my computer, but not resolvable... another problem I noticed is that at certain times the game is slow, as if the fps had dropped, but all the counters are showing 60fps My configurations: GTX 1060 3GB 16GB DDR3
  3. I will be extremely happy with the P38! 😁 thanks ^^
  4. We spent almost 1 hour and 24 minutes flying without interruption until the server closed. We had entered the enemy territory, released the paratroopers and returned without problems, but with less than 5 minutes to land in Enschede, the server closes. We should have received at least 1 CB, but when I looked, it was marked as if it had ejected and I lost 60 points...
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