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  1. Crmp's White 16 would be a nice addition to the D9 collection. Great idea!
  2. Brief description: In BoBP carrer you can’t proceed further than 31.12.44 with the unit III JG54 Detailed description, conditions: The career with the unit III JG54 (FW190 D9) runs normally until you reach 12.31.44 Sunday. When you arrive to this date the error message "Proceed next day failed" appears. The taps in career control panel look like this: Pilot - OK Unit HQ - OK Planing Room - No mission available Headquater - Gray screen, no map World News – OK Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Error Message Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific sw): IL-2 Sofware: V 4.006e, newest nVIDIA driver 446.14 i7 7700k @ 4.8GHz / 32GB Corsair LPX @ 3200 MHz / MSI Z270 Gaming Pro / Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 / Display: ASUS VG278HE 144 Hz / Samsung SSD 850 Pro 512 GB / WD Red HDD 2.0 TB / Peripherals: HOTAS VKB Gunfighter joystick + Warthog throttle / MFG Pedals / Saitec throttle Quadrant / TrackIr5 OS: Windows 10 64bit
  3. The superior effectiveness of the MG151/20 based on the combination of the weapon itself and its ammunition M-Geschoss (92g) and MX-Geschoss (105g). The former ammunition was introduced in the first months of 1941. These German mine projectiles were deadly against the usual design of WW II aircraft and their armor at that time. Unfortunately there was nothing comparable on the Allied side during World War II. I would advise you to consult the corresponding specialist literature (e.g. Flying Guns World War II, A.G. Williams and Dr. E. Gustin) instead of spreading any anectodes that lack any scientific basis.
  4. I especially love the Swiss one. Thank you Tom for sharing these beauties with us.
  5. I have exactly the same opinion on this topic and do it like you.
  6. I just finished reading Vol 4 that covers the period from Stalingrad to Kuban. It’s a must read for IL-2 BoX simers who want to learn more about the aerial clashes between Russian and German aviators. Tactical situation, locations, time and the units involved as well as their successes and losses have been investigated masterfully. Christer's thorough research shines through in this book. The author brings alive those that took part, taking viewpoints from involved pilots, their commanders and contemporary witnesses. It brings the reader so close to the action that you could almost share firsthand the excitement and fear of the pilots. Maps and photographs are excellent as are the included aircraft color profiles. I'm really looking forward to Vol 5.
  7. Now, we have a whole D9 squadron. Beautifully done. Thank you very much, Dog1.
  8. You may be right if you use many 4K skins in the same mission. The link in M4T is now OK. It is nice to meet compatriots in this small flight simulation world. Thank you for all of your beautiful skins. Grazie e continuate così !
  9. @dog1 That's such a pity. I really like the 4K Brown 4 and 7 JG26. More of these would be great. By the way, the download link in M4T for FW190 D9 Black 10 III JG54 Germany leads to a Fw190D9 of Stab JG2. Maybe that can be corrected.
  10. Type of improvement: Gameplay, Integration of RRR for SP Description: Enrichment of QMB and Career Mode by integrating RRR into these modules. RRR may be possible in some air bases, not all. Benefits: - Development effort wouldn't be in vain, if this existing excellent feature was used in simulation - Refueling on return flight after missions where less fuel and higher weapon load was necessary (e.g. where aircraft agility was important)- Indirect target approaches with stopovers- Multi-sortie missions - Intercept missions of multiple waves of planes- Round flights (navigation training)- More fun and higher immersive feeling
  11. So little imagination? - Dangerous missions where higher aircraft agility e.g. with less fuel and more weapons is necesary - indirect target approaches with stopovers - multi-sortie missions - round flights (navigation training) - or just for fun and the immersive feeling
  12. I have asked myself this question several times. Why does the development team invest all this work with RRR and why don't they build it right away into the career mode or the QMB? For example in larger air bases.
  13. I'm sorry, but mission 5 "Clownshow" can't be accomplished. Or it's me that can't do it. I can make as many slow or fast flybys as I want, the Spad always crashes. Is there a trick?
  14. @Gambit21 This A-20 campaign is a masterpiece. Very immersive, indeed. Even I as mainly a virtual fighter pilot had a lot of fun flying bombers. Thank you.
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