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  1. My promotion came around the end of July. But that depends on your successful missions, your AA and AG kills and, of course, on the death of all senior officers in front of you. Good luck!
  2. I had the same problem with a standard Fw 190 FB Kuban campaign (got always only the early morning flight). That went on and on until I was promoted to unit commander. Then you can choose the missions you want to fly and the composition of the formation yourself. This anomaly looks like a mistake to me. The Kuban career mode has many such shortcomings. It is in a very bad shape and in my opinion urgently needs a revision. Under "Developer Assistance / Complaints" you’ll find several threads describing shortcomings such as slow cruise speed and foolish behavior of own AI, gang attacks on player (all enemy AI follow player to home base and fight over a murderous flak, with most of them dying), every mission is swarmed with enemy fighters etc.
  3. I can only agree with all the mentioned shortcomings in the FB career mode. It is a pity that the heart of the simulation has such weaknesses. Like many others here, I will stick to Patrick's PWCG. This 3rd party mod is great fun.
  4. Now it works fine. Thank you for your prompt correction and all the effort you have invested. This is one of the campaigns I enjoyed the most. Excellent work. Eres un artista pero de los buenos.
  5. Unfortunately, the last mission is totally messed up. At point 5 Kuzmichi dozens of Ju-88 appear. They begin to circle uncontrolled and collide with each other. After some time, the command comes to return back to home base. After landing, the mission is considered as not accomplished. Such a pity this campaign has otherwise been so much fun.
  6. I just returned from my first mission and immediately made a tour of the airbase. Very well animated, wonderful atmosphere. It has been an immersive experience so far. Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful campaign with us.
  7. Why the Yel 8 such an ordinary aircraft? Well, it stands for hundreds of similar machines with which young men fought for their land - on both sides. It pays tribute to these pilots who never made it to the leaderboards but still did their duty. Very well researched and implemented in this skin. Many thanks also to @Pierre64
  8. I flew a fighter bomber missions with a cold start. AI wingman start the turbines correctly and begin taxing. On the way they make brusque maneuvers. Arrived at the runway, they fail to start and crash.
  9. The beauty of this skin is something hidden. First of all, there is this uncommon camouflage for this theater. And then the somewhat faded colors caused by the sand and the hard deployment of the A/C in the Tunisian desert. Very well modeled. Fits perfectly to the Stalingrad autumn map. Only talented skinners succeed so well.
  10. … and again a magnificent skin, congratulations. It's becoming my favorite mount. With all this rush I forgot to stick to the forum rules, sorry,
  11. Yel 8+I (WNr. 5408) belonged to the 9th JG26 and was painted in RML 74/75/76 standard scheme. It had yellow ruder and engine panel. In Aug. 21 1942 Uffz. Karl Borner had to make an emergency landing after an engine malfunction in Morseele. Here are more pictures of 9th JG26 machines from the same period.
  12. Rap, Sir you are not only a great artist but you seem to be also a good person. The A3 is not in a hurry. And yes you can feel needed because actually you are.
  13. Desert areas create the most beautiful scenarios. I love this atmosphere and I would buy a desert add-on on the spot. Beautifully made video. Congratulations.
  14. I flew fighter bomber missions. No need to taxing since I started from the runway. I don't have much free time in the comming days butI shall try a mission where I have to taxi.
  15. I flew three missions. And everything works as it should be. It is a great pleasure to work with PWCG. It's a magnificent tool. Thank you for sharing it with us.
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