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  1. Great job Hanu. Thank you for sharing these beautiful skins with us. And by the way, I had the same feelings about the Velikie Luki summer map.
  2. What am I looking forward to the most? On the civilian DC 3 skins, of course. There are so many birds of paradise of this legendary plane.
  3. Velikiye Luki summer - beautiful ! So many charming details and this impressive atmosphere. I wish the Rheinland map could one day be brought to this standard.
  4. I bought TOBRUK to honor TF's work. Even if I'm not satisfied with the result, I don't regret it. But the module has too many shortcomings: crashes, unstable periphery HW recognition, mediocre FM and DM, poor map and at best average graphics. I personally find comparing you to DCS as presumptuous. To make it clear, I'm only a part-time DCS player and, like the majority of simers, exclusively SP. You boast about the MP capabilities of CoD. What does that really mean? Do you want build your business model on a small minority (MP) on an already limited niche market of simulation enthusiasts (SP + MP together)? I wonder if such a model can make money to keep investing. DCS has doubled their then already sizeable customer base in the past three years. They are now announcing massive investments in WW II simulation and in a multi-threading graphic engine. DCS has, in particular, served SP customers well and that is now paying off. For your reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhpwuAGqstc
  5. Exactly the same malfunction occurs for me. I tried all your suggestions to no avail: - Steam overlay is turned off. - Other 3rd party programs disabled in the back ground. - Re-installed (3 times) with turn off anti-virus. - Have latest Windows update and .NET Framework - Deleted cache in 1C SoftClub directory - Did verify game install in Steam. My installation works without any problems for the simulations IL-2 Great Battles and DCS. You seem to have a serious problem here. Please fix it.
  6. Beautiful scenery, well-balanced level of difficulty but still a lot of action and be prepared for some surprises. This campaign is a lot of fun. Thank you Juri.
  7. I just downloaded "Kerch-Eltigen". I love your campaigns and the G6 is one of my favorites. Great anticipation. Thank you very much, Juri.
  8. Sorry if I repeat myself but I love this G6 skin pack. In particular the I/JG27 "white 8" is a beauty. Unfortunately, the group badge on the left side of the plane (seen in tflight direction) is mirrored. The lion should always look to the left.
  9. It's pre-ordered. I'm really looking forward to it.
  10. Why do all the A8s, K4s, Spitfires, P-47s etc. look so much nicer in BoBP? Did they not stand always outdoors? You make your name honor Bremspropeller. Please do not consider it an insult. It is just a observation. Otherwise, I always have a lot of respect for your expert contributions.
  11. Yes, I think so too. But what is more surprising to me are the holes in the wing and the generally bad state in which the D9s are represented in BoBP.. That these holes, actually maintenance openings, were there, is undisputed. But can anyone provide literature or documents that show that these holes in the D9 were open? I doubt that very much. The wing of the D9 is identical to that of the A8 and there the holes were always closed. It is also illogical that this opening served to prevent moisture entering in the D9, as some people claim. And if that had been the case, why were they open in the D9 and why not in the A8. In rain, and in central Europe this happens regularly, gallons of water would have penetrated through these holes in the wing/fuselage. I do not want to exclude, that single D9s did look pretty run down back then. But it is a pity when the majority of D9s are displayed like junk heaps in BoBP. Why are K4, A8 und 262s looking normal? I think each maintenance chief would have been ashamed to send a plane in such conditions into a mission. Furthermore, the D9s came fresh out of the factories during that period of time. In their short operating period, the D9s had simply no time to look so weathered and miserable. By the way, ICDP has shown some understanding for this opinion and has created a D9 template with the holes closed. Here the link: https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/E959cNXF9M
  12. The FW190 enthusiast community within BoX users is large. I guess larger than that of Bf109 fans. This is supported by the poll results "Are you a 190 guy or 109?" or e.g. the fierce discussions about the windshield bar at the launch of the BoX Focke Wulf. The fact that little attention has been paid to FW SP-content is of course one reason, but not the most important.
  13. Beautiful skins of the G6 and well-fitting in the upcoming BoN scenario. Thank you for the great work and for sharing them with us.
  14. This malfunction has been around for some time and I didn't consider it significant at first. When it occurred again and again, I sent a small error report to the development team. In my case, the error occurred for the following units: III./JG54 - 31.12.1944 - Furstenau II./JG26 - 02.01.1945 - Klausheide II./JG27 - 19.11.1944 - Hopsten II./SG4 - data no longer available
  15. Thank you very much for your beautiful White 16 JG26, @E69_julian57!
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