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  1. Well this viewing angle should be comparable. In my opinion, the cab frame of the FW is too big.
  2. Two years ago during the long discussion about the front bar, enough photos of original FW were shown in this forum. The defenders reacted the same way at that time: "not the same view angle". After the evidence was so overwhelming, the framing was finally corrected but unfortunately only half-heartedly and badly. If you have the chance to try the other combat simulator e.g. at a friend or so, please do it, you'll see.
  3. I'm sorry to say so but the cabin struts of all Fw 190 types are miserably modeled in BoX. Cockpit photos of original restored FW show a completely different picture. Other combat simulator companies have done a much better job. Compare yourself.
  4. That's a gorgeous idea. Community groups as La Fundación and skinners like Julian enrich this sim immensely. I'm really looking forward to this campaign. Thanks for your great initiative. Esto es una idea espléndida. Grupos como La Fundación y skinners como Julian enriquecen inmensamente este sim. Tengo muchas ganas de poder comenzar esta campaña. Muchas gracias por vuestra gran iniciativa.
  5. In fact the logical sequel of BoBP should be Italy. The invasion of mainland Europe via its soft underbelly. A sideshow? Not at all. The theatre served as a big training camp for many of the aerial weapons and techniques that were later needed for “Overlord” and the conquest of Germany. Some of this techniques are commonplace even today. and do not forget: Red Tails (US movie 2012 with Cuba Gooding Jr.) first P-40 and then P-51 Malta Story (1953 with Alec Guinness) based on the legendary reco pilot Adrian Warburton Catch-22 (US movie 1970 with Mike Nichols) B-25
  6. Let’s skip PTO and go directly to Malta (end phase), "Husky" invasion of Sicily, “Baytown” 8th Army’s move across the Strait of Messina and “Avalanche” US 5th Army’s landing in Salerno. Airplane set is mainly there. Develop torpedo and smart bomb technology and we have a very interesting scenario with innovative elements and all types of mission you can think of. The very important nations of our community are represented here: Americans, Brits, Ausis, Kiwis, French, Poles, Italians and Jerries. Imagine the charming coastal landscapes, the picturesque fishing villages and the turquoise-blue Mediterranean Sea. Just beautiful!
  7. Brief description: In BoBP carrer mode fighter bombers indestructible. Detailed description, conditions: Fighter bombers e.g.P-47 are often but not always indestructible on their return flight to the base or in their landing approach. You can fire (and hit) all your 20 and 30mm ammo at the target without effect. The number of hits or the size of gun caliber do not matter. Damage decals are not displayed. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): none Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): IL- Software V 4.001b i7 7700k @ 4.8GHz / 32GB Corsair LPX @ 3200 MHz / MSI Z270 Gaming Pro / Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 / Display: ASUS VG278HE 144 Hz / Samsung SSD 850 Pro 512 GB / WD Red HDD 2.0 TB / Peripherals: HOTAS VKB Gunfighter joystick + Warthog throttle / MFG Pedals / Saitec throttle Quadrant / TrackIr5 OS: Windows 10 64bit
  8. It was great fun. Exellent made film.
  9. Wonderful to see again beautiful A5 skins. The A5 was somewhat neglected regarding Western Front units. There are still few A5 / A6 skins from JG2, JG26 and JG300 for the period early 1943 to summer 1944. Although we have the airplanes unfortunately we don’t have many of the right skins for the very interesting Rhubarb and Circus operations that we could now simulate with the superb BoB map. @Flowbee_603The lc version looks great on my system. The washed-out colors also fit much better with the battered condition of the aircraft. Very well done!
  10. Great idea with the tutorial videos. BTW my sincere appreciation for your great work on the whole PWCG project. Thank you very much.
  11. Thank you Dallas for notifying them of the error. @RedKestrel: Start with Restarter works for me.
  12. FAILED TO UPDATE. Since yesterday evening the simulation doesn't start. Obviously many have the same problem. Has anyone sent a ticket to technical support so that they know about the error?
  13. Indeed we have very talented Skinners in our BoX community. A fabulous group of artist. Thanks to you all.
  14. After "Convert Missions to binary in Folder", the campaign also works for version 3.201c. Many thanks for your efforts to bring this campaign back up to date.. For me, it is still one of the best scripted campaigns for BoX.
  15. That these maintenance openings were there, is undisputed. Could you show any literature or documents proving that these holes were open on the D9? I doubt that very much. The wing of the D9 is identical to that of the A8 and there the holes were always closed. It is also illogical that this opening served to prevent moisture entering in the D9 and why not in the A8. In rain, and in NL and northern Germany this happens regularly, gallons of water would have penetrated through these holes in the wing/fuselage. I do not want to exclude, that single D9s did look pretty run down back then. But it is a pity when the majority of D9s are displayed like scrap heaps in BoX. Why are K4, A8 und 262s looking normal? I think each maintenance chief would have been ashamed to send a plane in such conditions into a mission. Furthermore, the D9s came fresh out of the factories during that period of time. They did not have time to look so weathered and miserable.
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