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  1. I agree that there isn't anything ungentlemanly about it, it's just that it results in unfulfilling duels. If I was fighting against a guy who shot at every single initial head on, I just wouldn't want to duel him anymore. I get it, air combat isn't supposed to be fair, but having certain rules in place makes it a little more "fair". For me, 1v1s are about practicing or developing your skills, there are just some things that you or your opponent can do that aren't conducive to that end. For example, if you have a plane that is a far better climber, and you start out at a relativel
  2. I'm curious to see what the community has to say about 1v1 duels. I'm talking about mutually agreed upon duels, especially in servers like Berloga/Combat Box Training For me personally, these are the duel rules I go by: Spawn at same time (obviously) No shooting at the first headon Fly neutral - fight begins upon each plane crossing the 3/9 line (No lead turning before the merge)
  3. To be more precise, release them when the buzzing stops. It'll start as your cue to get ready.
  4. Thanks. I installed SRS for CBox, but it seems the messages there are unrelated to server messages. When the server called something out in text, the SRS never reported on it
  5. I've gotten comfortable with flying without technochat, however this also means that I miss messages such as "Enemy Aircraft Spotted at 1020" I remember seeing a video of someone playing a long time ago where there was an AI voice that read out these callouts. Does anyone know how to do so? Additionally - I hear that disabling the HUD improves FPS. Does this work when the entire hud is disabled, or gradually? I still would like things such as chat to be open if possible.
  6. There is a native VR for everything, and then there is a game specific. Check that both are 100, otherwise, I'm pretty sure they are multiplied together and you get 150
  7. How do you turn off reprojection with the Index? Is it beneficial to run it in 144hz mode with it off, or 90/80hz with it on? I'm on a 1080ti but will be upgrading to a 3080 as soon as I can get my hands on it.
  8. Anyone notice how when you snap back, look around and then snap forward, your view will be off center when you started. Whenever I use the snap view, I have to snap back, and then press the recenter VR view button.
  9. For the SS, it runs as a multiplier. You probably have 120 set for both the headset and the game. Both are settings found in steamvr.
  10. @JG51_Baplan Another thing that tooks hours for me to discover. For me it is impossible for my "keybaord" to show up in devices at all unless I select this feature. I have to launch the program with emulation on, and then turn it off when it is running. Major headache, but what can you do?
  11. I just got a Valve Index yesterday, and this is my first foray into VR. Specs: 1080ti Ryzen 3600 16gb DDR4 @ 3000 I'm confused as to how the steamVR settings work for frame rate. Should I set it to 144, 90 or somewhere in between? What should my in game settings look like? I have enabled the FPS overlay, however I get two numbers, one on top of the other. One is constantly changing, and the one underneath it is fixed. Example: 78/105 Furthermore, for some reason some times my FPS seems to be half of the HMD's frame rate. If
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