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  1. Thanks Vander for this great app. I just flew a mission at dusk to bomb a bridge and was suprised by many elements of the mission. Also, the battlefield seems well alive with lots of stuff happening but still runs very well on my dated system. Thanks again for this wonderful tool!!!
  2. I agree! I don’t understand the negativity surrounding the Rheinland map also. I think it’s perfectly fine. Just flew along the Dutch coast again. Trust me, it’s spot on. Holland flat as a dime. As it should be.
  3. The update looks great, as always. question: will we also be able to select “minimal haze” in overcast weather? I think overcast currently always has maximum haze.
  4. Yes. And if you’re on a tight budget after your new rig purchase, do as I do and buy a Oculus DK2 second hand for about 70-80 bucks and don’t look back. Btw: a used DK2 can be taken apart fully and easily so you can clean it thoroughly. One of my prerequisites on buying a second hand VR device 😅
  5. Bloody priceless clip. Thanks for the link. Listening to this clip I am absolutely convinced that the typical , perhaps exagerated British airmen “way of conversation” that we’ve come to experience in many movies/flightsims, is not at all far from the way it was back then. It even struck me as having a function as a way of holding on to each other in a otherwise horribly anxious situation. @Gambit: I do hope you’ll stick to this incredibly typical and much appreciated way of communcation, and I sense you will, without making it a charicature. Good luck!
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