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  1. I dont know what you would constitute as a technical issue, but if a 1500kg bomb has thesame or less effectiveness as a 50kg bomb. There is most definitely a technical issue
  2. What do you mean with this comment? Are you saying the current bombs are working as they should?
  3. I dont want to speak for other countries because I have not played them, but when it comes to bombing buildings and other structures found in objectives Why are the bigger bombs [edited] bad, like damn. Germany 250kg bombs and up are atrociously and disgustingly bad Yesterday I ran a 40 minute sortie, to bomb an enemy depot in finish virtual pilots server, I had a 1800kg bomb and 1000kg bomb. I was bombing the rear depot and the structures were closely packed. I dropped both bombs dead center with good spread on the depot. I fly back to base and land, and in the f
  4. Well, the last post I made, no one really seemed to like it But I hope you guys like this one.
  5. Gentlemen, As we all know, IL 2 stands as the token for one of the greatest WW2 Flight(now Tank) simulators out there. It is the hallmark of Realistic WW2 Air(and Ground) combat. With a great assortment of planes(and now Tanks), The game is truly a masterpiece of art. But as a moderately new player to the game(6 months and counting), I raise the question. All this Quality, But At what Cost? First off, it's important that I state that when I use the word "Quality", I'm referring to the time of content creation and the Attention to detail the developers give to each and e
  6. This is a common issues with a lot of devices that charge through your computer. Said devices use to much power than the USB connection can charge them with. A common solution to this is to buy a USB power adapter for your computer, they speed up the charging process. Im not sure if the USB is used just for charging, but if you go on amazon and look up USB 3.1 power adapter or USB 3.1 charger etc, I think you might find something that solves your problem. Or you can even just replace the entire cable and find a cable that charges faster... Be carefull
  7. You guys are right. Introducing this plane purely based as a means of "balancing" the game is a bad idea and I shouldn't have let my frustration get the best of me there. Now granted, I would like to see the plane in the game Nonetheless. I think it's a great plane, with a lot of potential and would be a lot of fun to fly.
  8. I am sick and tired of these damn Tempest, truly, I am. We can't touch them below 4km. They are faster and turn better. Apart from the standard BnZ, not much can be done against them. Thus, I think it's time the Devs brought in what was Our Lord and Savior Kurt Tank's greatest creation, Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you. The Ta 152 H-1 And for all of your wondering, It was produce and flown. Multiple times. In fact, here is an excerpt from the all trusty website known of Wikipedia. "As the direct
  9. Boyz, look, we all love this game, we love the company and we love the hard working employees at 1C studios, But look, I'm looking at these player numbers and I'm just curious, but how in the world does the company stay afloat. I've done the math and even with generous numbers, no way this game sells enough copies and DLC's to sustain itself. So help me out here, I'm just curious. How do they do it?
  10. Uhh, So I updated and I dont really see a difference in the spotting system.... I put all my settings to max. Help?....
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