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  1. Hello, friends! At the moment, ROFS132 do not work. They're flying off to their destination, but they're not killing her! There's no sign of an explosion on the ground Please check it out!
  2. Hi, guys! There is one problem: the P-38 carries almost 2 tons of bomb load and the PE2 only a ton. At the same time PE2 at the distant airfield and P-38 at the neighbor. Suggestion: either do not separate the bombers from the attack aircraft and fighters, let them all be together, or transfer to the distant airfield P-38. What is your opinion?
  3. Guys, gonna be able to turn off the siren on the airfields anytime soon?
  4. Why so? Why not a level playing field for both sides? Or us interestingly fly until goal 5 squares, knowing that blue fly 1?What did the Reds do?
  5. Now, on the map red fly to the target 5 squares, blue 1 square! Aerodromes set up AI? I thought people were setting up...
  6. The question concerning statistics on the site: more accurately shoots the one who has a number closer to 1 or 100? For example: the first player has an accuracy of "16" and the second player has an accuracy of "32" - who is closer to the sniper? Thank you! And the question is: We have a saying, that if a man does nothing, he is the one, who does not make mistakes. . Unfortunately, during the whole game, I had 2 timkillas. What is the system of punishment for tymkillas? For example, after the third one there will be a ban? For how long?
  7. Let me try to clarify my thoughts for the third time! Does the mission last for 5-6 hours always? No! When are they shorter than declared? When you manage to destroy more targets than the enemy and thus activate the inscription "front line shifts"! This is not because 5-6 hours have elapsed, but because you have destroyed a critical number of enemy targets. So, after this inscription appears, personally me and Mutzu have only 1 minute left to return home. Maybe you have more? I envy you!
  8. Thank you for your support, Mytzu! I always watch tl too, but I mean the situation, when you go for the last target, after destroying which, you will move the front line. It's a one-way ticket, you're guaranteed not to make it home with your reward!
  9. Please increase the time before rebooting the map after a warning. In a minute, you do not have time to return and, together with all the points you earned, you are captured. This is not fair, is it? And the tankers will be sad after three minutes. Is it possible to warn, for example, in 5 minutes, or at least 3 minutes?
  10. I am agree with Temury, it shouldn't be anything forever, it should all be over! Question: Will a full description of the changes be given? So, I'm falling down at work and don't know what's new? Unfortunately, I'm banned from my forum until December 14th and I can't bring these good news to the Russian community to bring more people to the game!
  11. I'm sorry, but these are all the emoticons I found to reflect my emotions from the news! Thank you so much!!! My ignorance of this news is due to the fact that I work 2-3 days in a row (48 -72 hours) and at the moment I am the third day at work. I will be able to take part in the game only tomorrow. Once again - thank you!
  12. Temuri, I am an atheist, but if I were a believer, I would thank God that he seems to be beginning to hear my prayers! I also hope (and this is one of the main disadvantages of the server) that we will live to the point where you take away this shameful, arcade new visibility!
  13. Sorry, I did not understand: outside the game you work as an accountant and you now have a quarterly report or do you have statistics on the site changes once a quarter?
  14. Thank you very much! And when "Summary previous tour" changes?
  15. Yeah, and I just walked by and didn't initiate discussion about this ugly problem! It's a pity not only bombers and attackers, but also masochists, who have play on tanks on your server! Today I was looking at one tank with, like, 30 to 40 kilometers before destroying it! He was shining like an anti-aircraft projector, thinking he couldn't be seen near the trees! But the main thing is that you like this visibility! This is never the end of the game! ---------------- Temuri, did you know that the German Navy crossed over to the Soviet side and raised the naval pennants and drew red stars on the nose of warships? But we do not believe them and continue to destroy them! Also, can you correct the inscription "task failed" when the task is completed? And also, can you add information on the site about the time before the end of the mission (or do I not understand where to look?).
  16. Friends, let me thank you for your willingness to dialogue and improve your product! So: Wonderful! That would be great! If the players were surprised and couldn't understand why, then there wasn't enough information about the rules of the game, was there? In general, which players will gather on the server depends only on the owners of the server. What product will you offer - such players will gather.) Of course, I exaggerated when I offered to turn on the GPS and third-person views, but believe me, if you did, you would have a full house every night and there would still be a line! ) Most people will always want what's easier... You see, each of us wants something, each of us has an opinion... But there are textbooks from those years, that do not describe "how we want", but how it really happened! Let me quote excerpts from the book IVBIA-45 (Instruction for Air Fighting of Fighter Aviation) of 1945. A man who has seen with his own eyes in the sky, what we see only in the virtuality on the monitor screen, writes: 24 The enemy should be searched far away, in the depths of space, looking into it, straining his eyesight. 27 Basic methods of detecting the enemy : --Visual observation - The aircraft is detected as a point at a distance of 3000-5000 m, and a group of bombers up to 7000 m 43 The aircraft are distinguished and their type is determined by their appearance. It can be produced from a range of 1000-2000 m to the general range, group and individual characteristics. 47 The pilot shall keep in mind that he will be observing the 100 m course: --The details of the lantern, the tail cracks, the pilot's head, the antenna; --At a distance of 200 m, rudders, ailerons, masts, flashlight and fuselage pairing; --At a distance of 500 m, colored spots, large parts of the plane (stabilizer, wings, fuselage) are visible separately. --At a distance of 1000 m the plane is presented in the form of a distinct silhouette. Friends, where are we about 10-20-30-40 kilometers of the delirium we were given in the new patch? Therefore, we are not for making visibility better or worse, we are for making visibility as it was, is and will be in reality, not in the hot fantasies of the developers of our favorite game! We have a popular saying: "The tablecloth is the road!" Tell me, are there simple rules on ToW? And on DED Expert? Are such servers simple for players? On ToW, it's a nightmare for "average" players who didn't understand "why this happened?". But when they are launched, it's hard to get there - it's a turn to login, and even registration, and even one game life per session! And what, the players ran away? No! What you did before, allowed you to take their niche, as they are after the completion of a very long time gone! You should have given more advertising in the community, including ours, Russian (as I do now)))) ) and wait for the arcade players to drop out and the flight simulator players to come! That's great, thank you! Let there be fewer anti-aircraft guns, but they will become average! Or so: let the anti-aircraft guns become the middle level, but they will become smaller! ))) As for negative reviews, it's impossible to be good for everyone, the main thing is which players you want to be good for! I wish I hadn't seen a million kilometers of fat flies! Bullshit! Let you take the loaded IL (340 km h) and I will take Messer or Foka (600 +++++++).How much money are you ready to bet that you can escape from me, after I notice you? My friend, the fact that you can "run away" only says that the fighter is lazy to catch up with you! )
  17. Greetings, friends! Sorry about my English - I am writing through a translator. Now about the sad one. It's a pity that the server of our Finnish friends lost some complexity and became quite primitive. Previously, when the front base weakened to a certain percentage, the attack of its base on the enemy was launched. Previously, the destruction of the depot led to the impossibility of reviving anti-aircraft weapons, now there is no such thing as there is no revival. In the past, the destruction of the bridge led to logistics disruption, but now there is no such thing. In the past, rear depots were huge factory areas that needed to be destroyed for a long time and interestingly, now they are compact buildings with houses that are destroyed by VY23 (!). Previously there was a Logic game, one was tied to another, the destruction of one led to consequences for the other! Now, this is not the case... Do you know what the stupidest target on the map is? Bridges! It takes a long time to fly to it and is destroyed very easily. They stand without cover, children's AAA in half a kilometer does not count! What are they for? And just to fill the map... What difference does it make to destroy what? Nothing! Just do it and don't think about it! Geronimooooo!! Earlier, if I started to storm the base alone, I was ready for 3-5 deaths from anti-aircraft guns, now, personally, I do not pay attention to them, but I admire this beautiful and funny in sense wall of fire and listen to a pleasant hearing sockets on the fuselage of my ila! The same applies to the attack of sea convoys - it's primitive! Look at the newsreel, look what the anti-aircraft defense against attacking planes was like! And now about the very sad! Visibility! New! New visibility, this is the murder of the GamePlay for bombers and storm troopers! Fighters like to see a small plane (yes, in those days the planes were small, about 10- 15 meters of wingspan) at a distance of 20-30-40 and more (!) kilometers, as if it were the A 380? Okay! If there are pilots here who like arcade games - good! It's a pity that here instead of in WoP or WarThander where they belong, but what if the owners of the server like them? But, what does it have to do with the attackers and bombers? We don't need to be seen! Going over the tops of the trees, wearing camouflage, thinking about the route before going on a mission, now loses all sense! Yesterday, on the advice of my friends, I climbed 4000 on Yak 1 and my friends went 2-3 squares above the forest, on ILs, in camouflage, at the lowest possible altitude and I realized that there is no Simulator anymore, there is ARKADA! If you follow the same path, enter GPS as on WoL, so that pilots do not burden their brains, that it would be even easier for them, enter visibility from a third party (however, it is to the developers! But I think if they've introduced that kind of visibility, we'll be waiting for "transparent cabins" and a third-person game to be good for everyone to lure players from other, primitive games!). Come up with the "Kill all opponents" button! You'll ask why we fly with you (yes, I'm not the only one with that opinion in the Russian community, and I think in the com. community too)? Because: "Knights of the Air" began to put a map Bodenplatte with the appropriate playmate, and many of us are not interested in flying for the German or British side, we want to fly on the technique on which our grandfathers broke the invaded us by the European Union 1.0. Coconat? Perhaps the best in terms of intelligence and realism to date server, but empty for our time zone, prime time there from 21 hours local time, when we have 23, and given the size of Russia - 2 - 3 - hours of the night for many pilots ... In general, filled servers are very few, which is why it is a shame for the game that we know not the first year as a place where experienced and thinking pilots flew and where the holders offer a fascinating gameplay and not a stupid conveyor to destroy everything around! We say, "criticizing- offering". We suggest: 1. To return the complexity of anti-aircraft guns to the medium level everywhere, while possibly reducing its number, leaving the airfield cover at maximum! 2. Bridges should be significantly strengthened by anti-aircraft cover, until it is just an easy (and therefore not an interesting target) and primitive! 3. Return at least some logic of the game, so that the destruction of one thing, would lead to problems for something else, as before. 4. The main thing is to return the previous visibility! This will bring the game back from ARKADA to AVIASIMULATOR again! I'm sorry if I was too harsh! With respect!
  18. Hello, brothers virtual pilots! I was pleased to learn that Coconut the server alive! Unfortunately, "thinking" servers close to real life, almost left in our game. Previously, there were, as well, Finnish Virtual pilots, but now they have been influenced by fans of gaming primitivism, aka war thunder and gave up.I hope they add realism and raise their bar again! But, back to the Coconut server. I have question-where can be read pressing on today rules of the server? And, as in practice-more flying red or blue players, or when as? Thanks! )
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