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  1. Hello, friends! At the moment, ROFS132 do not work. They're flying off to their destination, but they're not killing her! There's no sign of an explosion on the ground Please check it out!
  2. Hi, guys! There is one problem: the P-38 carries almost 2 tons of bomb load and the PE2 only a ton. At the same time PE2 at the distant airfield and P-38 at the neighbor. Suggestion: either do not separate the bombers from the attack aircraft and fighters, let them all be together, or transfer to the distant airfield P-38. What is your opinion?
  3. Guys, gonna be able to turn off the siren on the airfields anytime soon?
  4. Why so? Why not a level playing field for both sides? Or us interestingly fly until goal 5 squares, knowing that blue fly 1?What did the Reds do?
  5. Now, on the map red fly to the target 5 squares, blue 1 square! Aerodromes set up AI? I thought people were setting up...
  6. The question concerning statistics on the site: more accurately shoots the one who has a number closer to 1 or 100? For example: the first player has an accuracy of "16" and the second player has an accuracy of "32" - who is closer to the sniper? Thank you! And the question is: We have a saying, that if a man does nothing, he is the one, who does not make mistakes. . Unfortunately, during the whole game, I had 2 timkillas. What is the system of punishment for tymkillas? For example, after the third one there will be a ban? For how long?
  7. Let me try to clarify my thoughts for the third time! Does the mission last for 5-6 hours always? No! When are they shorter than declared? When you manage to destroy more targets than the enemy and thus activate the inscription "front line shifts"! This is not because 5-6 hours have elapsed, but because you have destroyed a critical number of enemy targets. So, after this inscription appears, personally me and Mutzu have only 1 minute left to return home. Maybe you have more? I envy you!
  8. Thank you for your support, Mytzu! I always watch tl too, but I mean the situation, when you go for the last target, after destroying which, you will move the front line. It's a one-way ticket, you're guaranteed not to make it home with your reward!
  9. Please increase the time before rebooting the map after a warning. In a minute, you do not have time to return and, together with all the points you earned, you are captured. This is not fair, is it? And the tankers will be sad after three minutes. Is it possible to warn, for example, in 5 minutes, or at least 3 minutes?
  10. I am agree with Temury, it shouldn't be anything forever, it should all be over! Question: Will a full description of the changes be given? So, I'm falling down at work and don't know what's new? Unfortunately, I'm banned from my forum until December 14th and I can't bring these good news to the Russian community to bring more people to the game!
  11. I'm sorry, but these are all the emoticons I found to reflect my emotions from the news! Thank you so much!!! My ignorance of this news is due to the fact that I work 2-3 days in a row (48 -72 hours) and at the moment I am the third day at work. I will be able to take part in the game only tomorrow. Once again - thank you!
  12. Temuri, I am an atheist, but if I were a believer, I would thank God that he seems to be beginning to hear my prayers! I also hope (and this is one of the main disadvantages of the server) that we will live to the point where you take away this shameful, arcade new visibility!
  13. Sorry, I did not understand: outside the game you work as an accountant and you now have a quarterly report or do you have statistics on the site changes once a quarter?
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