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  1. That is interesting, i know the BI editor, i toy around with it in operation flashpoint, arma and arma2, so i know its easy to use and can do a lot of things.I never try the IL2 bos editor, what you say makes sense, if the editor is a big hurdle for people to make large missions, they probably wont make any.Its a sad thing, you kinda have a great game and sim with IL2 bos, but this editor thing works like a bottleneck that stops the community from taking the game to the "next level" like communities have done with BI editor or DCS editor.There is great sim but "only" average single player and limited multiplayer offering. There is so much more potential in this sim. EDIT: i copy this from my steam answer, but why is my text with blue background? Dont know how to remove it.
  2. Ok this kinda took off, i can not reply to everyone. I was not expecting so many posts, but to me it illustrates the problem coop has in this game, the fact that you have to meet up to play. When i or anyone else that is not in the forums often or does not have a lot of IL2 BOS friends, clicks on that multiplayer button, all they see is dogfight servers. No coop. And that is it, 8 out of 10 people do not want to meet up at a certain day and certain time just to play a game that is not "air quake", they just go play something else and are lost to the IL2 multiplayer at that moment at least for some time. As long as coop missions are not sufficiently large so they can run 24/7 on a server(with periodic restarts) and offer the same "pick up" style play dogfight servers offer, they will never be any popular, in order for something to be popular it needs to be available first and foremost, and coop is not at all available to the broad mass of players that look into the multiplayer. Why are dogfight servers filled? They are available, i do not need to meet up at certain conditions, i dont need 3rd party software, be it generators or voice coms, you need nothing but klick join. As long as coop can not offer the same, it will never take off in this game. You can not say coop is not popular in this game if is is almost never on offer, of course it is not popular when the system works like that. The therm PvE is just MMO speak, coop(erative) can be anything that has players on one side and AI on the other. The moment you have players on both sides it become PvP. If the mission is 30 minutes long or 5 hours(with randoms joining in and leaving) does not make a difference. A server should be able to run the mission 24/7(with periodic restarts) so people can join in at any time, take a plane and start to participate, solo or with friends. No matter if the mission just started or is almost finished. That is called availability. Everything else will never work out to be popular. If Frank host a mission monday at 5 o clock, what does that do to 99% of the players? Nothing! They never know about it in the first place.
  3. I created a similar thread on the steam forums. I just wanted to come here, i was not logged in here since late 2014, and ask why after all this time there is sill so little coop available? When i go into the cooperative server sections i see 3 servers(lol), 2 of them are empty and also locked, and the 3rd is just empty. When i join the one open empty server the mission does not start, i can not select a plane, only read the briefing. Dont get me wrong i like the game, i buy it in 2014 more or less right after it came out. I just think the game could be more healthy/have more people online with a more "casual"(not arcade!) coop experience available. Coop was big in IL2 sturmovik, coop IS big in DCS, there are many servers and even filled in the odd hours, i venture the guess it has more filled coop servers than pvp only servers. In IL2 BOS there is none of that and the game miss out quiet a big crowd that would play more online if it would have an alternative to the PVP servers, where you can just relax and fly with friends or solo and have simple good fun, now you only have the more or less "hardcore" PVP option where you have to be on your toes all the time watching for players all around you. That is exciting and fun once in a while but many, including me would like a more relaxed option alongside that. When i am fed up with PVP just hop on a coop server and fly stuka doing ground attack or whatever i feel like, without(!) the need to be competitive all the time. Does nobody of you play DCS once in a while? You know the great coop missions that have been created for it, you can do what you want, play fighter and/or do ground attack everythig is usefull, and when you damaged or need new ammo you can land, repair/rearm/refuel and go back up into the air, that got a seamless feeling to it, like "not" artificial, these are great fun missions. If this game could achive something similar i think the multiplayer would have more people online, they in turn may come into PVP more often too. In my view the single player in this game is not the greatest, sooner or later you will want to fly online, but as said the only option it a quiet stressfull PVP environment, i think that limits the amount of people that take the plunge and go into a multiplayer server. Is it true that the way the AI works in the game the servers can not handle many AI´s? When you spawn missions on demand, like 2-3 ground attack missions witch changing location on the map, few flights of fighters with 1 to 4 fighters each, the same with enemy ground attack planes. And when the players shot them down or killed the ground units, a new mission/AI gets spawned at a new location. With a system like that you should be able to make do with 50 to 100 AI at any give time, is this too much for a server to handle in this game?
  4. today i got so pissed with my performance on low settings, i opened support ticket and asked for graphic settings or refund basically. cant run the ugliest looking thing properly while i am well above min specs, there must be so much crap turned on it bogs down the whole thing. lets see what they write back.
  5. i am sorry you are right, i keep mixing this up. its a 6950 with 6970 BIOS running on 6970 specs. nut sure why i keep calling it 6990.
  6. the sun filter is the toned glass that you can raise or lower in front of the revi to make the "crosshair" show with strong background light, like the sun... . is basically sunglasses for the revi. it does work in balanced but its not working in low, for me at least. that why i ask here.
  7. i wonder why they have the point scoring system even displayed in multiplayer? like, hey you made XX points but you know what, they wont count. if they would just activate the multiplayer point scoring all the rant and hate would go away, in an instant, just like that. i guess common sense isnt all that common anymore
  8. what is up with that, on balanced it did work, on low it does not? i fly into the sun with filter up, and crosshair is not visible is this a bug on my end or also the same way for others?
  9. HD 6990 card, runs bad Brief description: HD 6990 card, game run bad since G2 patch Detailed description, conditions: HD 6990 card, game run bad since G2 patch Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): none Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): DxDiag in spoiler
  10. i have a HD 6970 OC to 6990 specs, with 6990 bios, so basically it is a 6990. the game runs bad with it. in single player with few planes i can run balanced, but its no use it will have big drops with much happening and to much tearing for multiplayer, cant spot stuff. i lowered to the "lowest" setting now, i can hardly read cockpit dials, ground looks like crap but its kinda fluid with tearing, and i can even run 2xAA so i can actually see other planes with no icons. there is some setting turned on that kills it for me, ROF i can play fine, i have tweaked graphic settings, BOS runs like crap where are graphic setting please? this is no consol! give same options as in ROF and all will be fine! the system created to keep people from turning stuff off to gain an advantage(as if that would be possible), puts me at a disadvantage cause i cant play the game fluidly while i am well above min specs
  11. guys you are a funny lot, you act like i want to take away your little baby jesus, no worry you can keep him, i basically said only, looks shopped "TO ME", i never ruled out that the picture may be 100% legit and no, other, different photos do not legitimize a shopped photo, not sure what you where thinking there. also if its in a book 40 years old....what does this say? nothing! books as newspapers are full with manipulated images throughout history. anyways, you guys like to believe so badly that you start mocking me or referring to me personally in a 3rd person type in a mocking way. also you make up reasons to reassure yourself how legit that picture is, not sure if you doubt it more than i do. whatever, i am not attacking your baby jesus anymore, leave me in peace, have fun with the pic, i am out of this thread.
  12. sure all possible, but question is what is likely? its more likely that it is shopped then not, changing photographs is a long tradition since we have photos, exactly to produce iconic images you would not be able to photograph likely. its also possible that the UFO´s on ufo images are real, however the photo that is supposed to show them is likely not. the orig number on image may well be original, its showed the bombs thats it, and just cause its around a long time, we shopped pictures pre 1900´s, so i doubt its longer around then us manipulating pictures. people are easy fooled... in case someone is interested, photo shopping in USSR; http://englishrussia.com/2012/09/06/photo-manipulations-in-the-ussr/
  13. just looks shoped to me, either blurry plane was added or clear cut bombs where added(probably plane). they dont fit on same image.
  14. sorry to hear you got the same problem, but at least i am happy to know it not exactly my sticks fault. i think the implementation of stabilizer is at fault, technicaly it works and does what it should, but the FFB doesnt get shifted the same way like on a plane with trim, it does shift a bit but it is still not centered. i am still not sure if i just hunt after something that is supposed to be or if that is the FM or a bug. at least its not my stick, glad bout that.
  15. finished :D to my surprise its realy firm, it feels like it could hold forever. logitech outdone themself with that, big company save every dime, put bad poti and stuff, but in stick they put enough to make extension out of the box? that is funny :D anyways, i see how it goes, as said feel firm, and i dont have strong FFB so that should work out.
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