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  1. Fun but I could not hit a thing🤓 Mr. Magoo shooting
  2. Very good idea! Great work😲
  3. This is the mod installer needed (JSGME ) Here is a link that should help you. https://manualzilla.com/doc/6902982/jonesoft-generic-mod-enabler-v2.6-user-guide
  4. Fantastic as always! I am blown away by your weathering technique 😲
  5. SR603-FLOWBEE is the artists and the artist can paint what ever and how ever they choose along with any other skinner. AS WAS POINTED OUT, I SHOULD START WITH ( "IN MY OPINION" )It seems very ungracious(" RUDE ") to criticize the work someone has done gratis. To make something unique and interesting is most likely their goal , non-historical skins are all over the place and using them is a personal choice so why not allow some artistic freedom from the author.🤥 My thanks to all the artists on here but if I don't like the skin because they didn't make it the way I want I move on without bashi
  6. Always a favorite camo scheme😁
  7. This should be one of the first additions to the game😁
  8. Wacht am Rhein actually , this game has so much potential to be great. Some of the visuals are fantastic from missions and campaigns thus the great screen shots everyone posts . Loved tank sims from way back when Panzer Elite was the best we had.
  9. Thanks for the missionsTIGRE88 liking this snowy fun!
  10. The work on tail looks fantastic on this beauty! 👍
  11. Blade is right , I meant nothing of the sort merely thought of it this way, you are not a murderer by what you wear just what you are and what you do and an idealology that promotes such acts. I meant no offense to anyone, (THERION) if it sounded that way, I apologize for my wording.
  12. There is a choice of weather or not to use the mod for uniforms just as the swastika on the aircraft. I realize it can be a sensitive subject but no war crimes are being committed here and I don't believe anyone is glorifying nazis. We are merely playing a military sim for fun or at least that is my hope.
  13. The one thing that always comes to mind is the uniform kills no one...the men in them do.
  14. KEEP'um DIRTY🤪 Kidding, Thanks for the update! Downloading now.
  15. Another master piece! They (1C )should hire you!!!
  16. Glad it's working for you , there are a lot of very helpful folks on here Welcome aboard!
  17. You are correct sir! I disabled the mods and looked closer.
  18. Another work of art from SR603-Flowbee & Tomi_099 Thank you! Looks amazing!
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