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  1. M4A2 6th South African Armoured Division, 11th South African Armoured Brigade, 1st. Pretoria Regiment. A Squadron The South African 6th Armoured Division was the first armoured division in the South African Army and was formed during World War II. Established in 1943, it was based on a nucleus of men from the former South African 1st Infantry Division who had returned to South Africa after the Second Battle of El Alamein. The division was initially transferred to Egypt for training, after which it served in Italy during 1944 and 1945. Download Here
  2. So here to reviving a old thread but I noticed that this HTML calculator and TurtleCalc from ROF give 2 different answer. Have a look here at this image https://prnt.sc/uoiapf both inputs are the same. heading is 111^ and wind is coming from 241^ but both give different answers?
  3. I just hope that there will be versions of these vehicles like a repair truck and a refuel/rearm truck that can be used with Tank Crew, Where the player can drive up to Tanks and get points for helping in repairing or for refueling and rearming them.
  4. Thanks man, I always wanted to build my own button board and I didn't know what to start with. Thanks for the info.
  5. Do you use a Raspberry Pie or Arduino or how do you get it to interface with the computer?
  6. I might have fixed it, The server has too internal ips. One for a closed network and one for the internet. I have forced it to use the other ip and i have connected now. YAY!
  7. I can confirm, I have changed to mission since the first post. Is there no log I can check on the client side that I can check on to why I just keeps going to the menu?
  8. The server has all ports open, I could try change the port from 28000 but to what?
  9. The server is open and it is called "The Flying Rooster" i will quickly load a stock mission and see if that makes a difference.
  10. It varies what is does now, I click join and then it freezes, doesnt say Downloading Mission and then it take take me back to the menu. Other times it says downloading missing then loads and then puts me back into the menu. The server also doesnt change, it doesnt say anything about me connecting or anything. I also cant see my servers ping in the server list.
  11. The server doesnt show anything about connecting so I believe it could be in the client side log?
  12. So I have disabled mods and now the server shows up but I cannot connect to it, it is says failed to connect to server. Is there any log I can check?
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