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  1. @GrendelsDad Thanks for the suggestion. I tried enabling 2AA and now I'm able to run 2AA or 4AA in full resolution. I think the deal changer was full screen vs windowed full screen. Thanks again!
  2. Hi everybody, Thought I would share this info since I didn't expect it to happen like that. If it was already discussed, please feel free to disregard the topic. I had a chance to try 3x32" monitor setup with IL2 BOS. Each monitor had a native resolution at 3440x1440. I use GTX 1080. When I enabled the surround it got me to 10320x1440. During the game start everything look fine, well, very wide, but I was OK with it. After starting the offline flight I realized that the center of the picture (or a default view of you want) was too far to the right. It was in between monitor 2-3, where 2 is the center monitor and 3 is the right side one. Initially I used full screen, then I used windowed mode, didn't help. I did some experiments with changing the win_width and realized if I pull it down to 6880 the default view stays in the center. Any other larger horizontal setting pulls the center view to the right. Not that I can't live with 6880x1440, but I was really hoping to enjoy the 10320x1440 flying. Anyone has any suggestions and/or comments if 10320x1440 works properly or can be done?
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