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  1. Je n'oublie pas les derniers patch d'Il2 1946, qui sous la pression de la communauté rouge qui en avait marre de se faire "boom zoomés" par le Dora et les Fw qui étaient irrattrappables, avaient "coupé les jarrets" de ces derniers (rappelle toi du Dora qui ne volait pas plus de 500 km/h en vol horizontal même à pleine puissance avec le système d'augmentation et le A4 Ata à 80%, ne dépassant pas les 480 km/h). I do not forget the last patch of Il2 1946, which under the pressure of the red community which was tired of being "boom zoomed" by the Dora and the Fw which were irreversible, had "cut the hocks" of these last (remember the Dora which did not fly more than 500 km / h in horizontal flight even at full power with the augmentation system and the A4 Ata at 80%, not exceeding 480 km / h).
  2. C'est bien mon petit Faucon, t'es un bon gars et t'as pas perdu ton temps bien que tu ne sois pas concepteur du jeu et des modèles de vol historique. Je savais plus ou moins les fondamentaux que tu m'énonces, mais le contraste est grand entre ma pratique du premier opus Sturmovik (1946...) et ce dernier. Alors que je pratiquais à fond les DF même contre les avions russes, remportant souvent que perdant, ma frustration est légitime. Il est vrai qu'il faut évoluer, et je verrai en pratiquant avec un track ir (j'ai toujours mon vieux FFB2 dont le "collie hat" commence à fatiguer et moi aussi, je vieillis) et un écran plus grand avec une meilleure résolution. (j'ai un S24B350H de 2012). This is my little Falcon, you are a good guy and you have not wasted your time even though you are not the designer of the game and the historical flight models. I knew more or less the fundamentals that you tell me, but the contrast is great between my practice of the first opus Sturmovik (1946 ...) and the latter. While I practiced deep DF even against Russian planes, often winning that losing, my frustration is legitimate. It is true that we must evolve, and I will see by practicing with a track ir (I still have my old FFB2 whose "collie hat" is starting to tire and I, too, am aging) and a larger screen with better resolution. (I have a S24B350H from 2012).
  3. Good evening, After a few weeks of practicing the blue side simulator on BOS, playing for around 20 years at Il2 Sturmovik, i would like to give my "grain of salt" and bring my playing experience, which i admit, remains on the blue side. I confirm and i'm appalled at the way the designers brought their personal touches to the 109 and 190 flight models. In the dogfights, for the 109 especially the F2 / F4, the engine heats up quickly and is systematically damaged, forcing to return base or land anywhere. For the 109/190, the black veil is systematic during a tight turn, and it takes a few seconds to return to normal, automatically, the reds being found in our 6. The cloud ceiling is low, which is' nt practical for "boom and zoom", forcing us to fight within 2k, in a state of inferiority. Eg. the 190 D9 are caught up by red planes whatever they're, even in horizontal flight without loss of energy. And and in the event of a sharp crash, whether it be with the 109/190, even at high altitude, they cannot be recovered and the planes end up hitting the planet. The red planes turn without difficulties, are fast and don't have all these problems where less pronounced. I knew these same parameters in the old red patches that came during the progression of Il2 1946 on Hyperlobby. I find it regrettable that we come to this point, I who thought that this new simulator would stick to a better realism of flight models, but i'm not so surprised. I find the overvalued La5 FN, similarly, I find the same thing on BODENPLATT with the P.51 and P.38 and P.47 boosted whereas in 1946, we could dogfighter more easily with these planes. I'm amazed that other blue players haven't raised the same issues, which only involve me. I know what to expect from the designers, founders, members, whether it's contempt or sighs, but there it's .
  4. finally, someone constructive, who knows how to assert his point of view !
  5. Good evening, After flying so much on Il2 1946 on HL, i recently acquired the BOS suite. First, tks u to the whole team for this great work on the graphics and flight model, i look forward to "Battle of Normandy". On the other hand, by experience, i note that with the German aircraft models, at the first gust, either one is seriously injured and often killed. I've this impression which comes back to be at a disadvantage, even the addition of armorings in the options, does nothing, the plane is almost destroyed in flight at the first shoot and i am not talking about the impacts caused by the DCA. There's no alternative at this level and it is frustrating without looking like a moaner. Is this a deliberate bias for a game designed on the Allied side? Personally, it ruins the pleasure of playing. Tks
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