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  1. Not sure, but "another" sim had great troubles with Deferred shading combined with MSAA antialiasing causing performance issues
  2. Normally for take off, You set the propeller to manual mode, and set the "clock" gauge to 12:00 or 12:30. Once airborne You set them back to auto. For landing You revert to manual and 12:00 / 12:30. Note that the FW-190 had a so called "Kommando Gerät", and the Bf-109 a similar but slightly different unit. That's why You don't find a mixture or propeller lever in these aircraft. The pilot only has to think about the throttle setting during flight. Propeller RPM is set as a function of throttle lever position, but for take off and landing You want to set the propeller
  3. Yeah the picture is that of a P1. Searching further seems to confirm that the H6 which used the Jumo 211 engines didn´t have these clocks and probably also not had the auto/man option. So the IL-2 BOX HE-111 seems correct as they are.
  4. As far as I know, the H6 used the same engine as the early Bf-109, so I guess they where operated equally. Though the props where constant speed, there must have been a manual override too, thats why the Clocks are present also on the real H6. As such the IL-2 BOX simulation isn´t wrong, but it lacks the Clocks and the manual prop pitch mode.
  5. Ok... I have found som documents, and indeed the propellers are of the constantspeed type. They are electrically controlled, and just like on the Bf-109 and FW-190 there should be those "clock" gauges indicating the actual pitch. The clocks can be seen just ahead of the red knobed levers on the left side here: https://www.airliners.net/photo/Germany-Air-Force/Heinkel-He-111P-1/1337759?qsp=eJwljUEKwjAQRe/y13URhC6yUxHc6cILhGRoi9UJk4EaSu/uNO4e78P7KyJ/lL76rJngUShIHNEhBwnvAr/iRXVhSca4XQ/OuX0dWfkSlAaWCt93KCx6NkQye4qRslLC398lkewTldjSg105A5JHYxx782kqeQ6tQRqmGd
  6. In IL-2 BOX the HE-111 H6 has constant speed propellers. But as far as I know the real HE-111 H6 had variable pitch propellers with indication of propeller pitch on "Clocks" indicating the propeller pitch like we see on the FW-190. In various books and on Wikipedia (not the best source - I know), the HE-111 is described to have variable pitch propellers and NOT constant speed propellers. Considering this, I think that IL-2 CLOD Blitz got it more correct, since this is how it works there: The propeller levers has 3 positions - "Feather - Neutral - Full f
  7. While the AI is the same, the diference occurs due to different waypoint setup. In QMB all aircraft, even if they are attack or bomber aircraft, behaves as if they are fighters, because their waypoint priority is set to low. This means that attack aircraft and bombers will start to circle once You get near them, cause the priority to reach their next waypoint is low. In the mision builder You can set waypoint priority to medium or high for attack and bomber aircraft. That means that they will keep flying straight towards the next waypoint.
  8. In some countries there is a ban on displaying the Swastika. I think Russia is one of them. In my eyes it´s time to lift this ban, first and foremost since it´s now almost 75 years since Nazi Germany was defeated, and secondly because those who wants to use for political reasons will do so nonetheless. It has become part of a history we should not forget. When looking on the pseudo swastica on the FW-190 everybody knows what's the meaning of it is. But offcourse - as long as there are victim's who has bad feelings for it, we should all respect that
  9. Note that AI might be different in QMB than in correct setup single missions or campaigns. This is especially true for how AI bombers and ground attack aircraft behaves. It probably comes down to the way waypoints are setup for these flights, where waypoint priority is set to low instead of medium or high. It will make bombers and ground attack aircraft act as if they got fighter pilot brains. Properly setup missions makes a big difference.
  10. Ju-88 crews adopted a shallower dive in order to preserve the airframe. Normal dive angle i the Ju-88 became around 60°. I still wonder if all those "automatic" actions in the second illustration was something that happened on the real Ju-88. In IL-2 Sturmivok BOXX I don´t see those items being executed with Lctr+D and Bomb release button. Here is a good description of the procedure: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4298&p=43438&viewfull=1#post43438
  11. I have found this. Not sure if all the mentioned items are opretaed automatic in IL-2 Sturmovik BOXX :
  12. Flying the Dolphin with two wingmounted Lewis guns, I see that the ammo-counters on the HUD does not update. They do run out of ammo though, so it´s only the indicated values.
  13. Thx Jason for the heads up. This developement team keeps amazing me - steady working, steady delivering solid content and superb support.
  14. In my custom mission I have tried with various AI skill level and waypoint priority, but the AI Me-262 is still doing a lousy job attacking. In 5 tries I have only seen it shoot once, but without hitting. Otherwise it just set's up an attack but simply buzz past the bomber without shooting
  15. Do You mean the priority setting ? Problem is not that they don´t attack, they just don´t shoot.
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