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  1. Mmm - let me be the meat grinder - I sacrifice myself for that duty !
  2. It´s very fun to fly and it is very accurate when bombing artillery positions. The slow speed makes it easy to drop 4 bombs in a row on the 4 artillery positions in QMB - just come in below treetop level and drop a bomb once each artillery position disappear below the nose. Being able to add a radio in the mod selection, I hope this means that we might get the feature we had in ROF to open a map and call in artillery to hit various positions. I would also like to see the bombsight simulated.
  3. Take it easy guys - this is one of the few development teams that takes their customers really serious and try to deliver solid content. But even they aren´t superheroes and once in a while introduces some bugs. The main thing is that they are quick to fix showstoppers.
  4. The P-47 is best at high altitudes. In a dogfight... -Don´t try to climb when in pursuit or defending, the P-47 does not climb very well. -Don´t go into a turn fight, the P-47 does not turn well and looses airspeed quite fast when doing so. -Don´t rely on the P-47 toughness, a lucky shot from Your opponent can kill You. +Keep Your altitude above Your opponent if possible +Use group tactics - don´t be a lone wolf. +Use speed advantage +Don´t go lead or pure pursuite in an attempt to catch up with Your opponent, use lag pursuit and only go pure or lead for the shot. +Know when it´s better to retreat or extend - being low and slow will kill You, especially in an aircraft like the P-47. You might shoot at Your opponent from a longer distance than normmaly, due to the high ammount of ammo and the spread of the 8 x .5. a well aimed, or lucky shot might cripple Your opponent enough to help gaining on him.
  5. No flightsim will ever become totally polished - but I don´t know any other sim as stable, good looking, well performing and complete as the Il-2 BOX series. 5 Years develeopment from the first IL-2 BOS and until now might sound as a long time. But at every point of time, expect at the point where we had unlocks, this series has been superiour to other competitors. IL-2 BOS, BOM, BOK has each been complete on their own, but with new features and enhancements ported over to the former titles. Generally the developers here are constantly delivering what they have promised and on top of that also constantly optimised the entire game. Graphics has been improved and at the same time performance ahs become better and smoother - at least on my rig. Another competitor releases one early acces module after the other without finsishing them, and the core/base flightsim doesn´t get optimised, rather the performance egts worse after each update. Personally I´m really happy with my purcases of IL-2BC, FC and TC and still needs to feel cheated be the devs.
  6. It shouldn´t as long as MAP is within limits. When using the Turbo, the air let into the engine will become hotter and thus decrease power compared to not using Turbo at the same amount of MAP. It can be used to control carburator air temp and prevent carb icing. I guess You use throttle until it isn´t sufficient to get the MAP You require, then from there, use the Turbo. FinnJ
  7. In Camel vs Fokker DR.1 and vice versa Quick missions I always see the AI go into a fight. But with Pfalz DIIIa against AI Camels, the Camels seem to just continue away from the fight. For me it seems that if the opsoing fighters aren´t aof the same "fight" type (Energy vs Turn), then they will evade combat.
  8. Just to update... Spitfire MkI & II, P-51D Mustang and P-40 Warhawk has been ported to P3D V4 now, the P-40 even with rain effect (which will be added to the others too. I don´t think the Stratocruiser will come anytime soon, but the Constellation is available. And NO... there is nothing else to do in these FSX/P3D warbirds than flying around and use them as high performance GA aircraft. Now we better move back to Il-2 BOX.........
  9. It was really great (I have moved to P3D V4 and uninstalled FSX). Not sure if they will port it to P3D V4, but hope so.
  10. I feel some of these discussions are rather academic. How accurate are the data that You compare against ? I´m sure in real life You could take 4 Camels (or any other aircraft) from the assembly line and find that they all differ from the data. One might be faster, the other slower. Any part of an aircraft is affected by varying quality and tolerances that will fect the final performance. One engine might developer 135 Hp, while another from the same batch only developes 128 Hp. You might experience a "monday" model, where the quality is bad in all regards. On top of this, in daily operation, maintanance, oil and fuel quality comes into play also. and to top it off, the pilots ability to get the most out of it. Yesterday I could down both AI Fokker DR.1's, Pfalz rather easy with the Camel, but shifting side, flying a Fokker Dr.1 against Camels and I could still get on their tail. The one and only complaint I have is the missing precession from the rotary engine.
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