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  1. Bestmann

    Can't Login To Game

    @OrLok: Thx for your advice. It works fine.
  2. Bestmann

    Can't Login To Game

    I use JSGME.exe for all my MODs. They are all deactivated in that program. Still no joy with the login.
  3. Bestmann

    Can't Login To Game

    I also cannot start the game with mods turned on. First I did the 3.006 update and started the game with mods turned off. It just ran fine. Then I made the mistake to turn on MODS in the game settings and tried to restart the game. Now the login doesn't work anymore. Spinning circle forever as described above. Any idea? Is it possible to turn off MODS in some kind of .cfg file without starting the game itself?
  4. Bestmann

    Skin 4k Bf 109 G-14

    Awesome skin 👍
  5. Hi Cathaoir, thanks for your advice. I'll give it a try as I indeed have several mods enabled.
  6. Hi, I just purchased BoBP and updated to 3.003. The new Spit IX works fine in quick missions with all options and skins. But if I choose the Bf 109 G-14 all I get in the options menu is only one standard skin. I was able to fly it once but if I try to change options like additional guns the game freezes in the missions menu. Any idea what to do?
  7. Thanks for 3.001. It is awesome👍!
  8. Bestmann

    Buy Battle of Kuban Today! P-39 Video Inside

    Awesome! 3.001 is close. Can‘t wait to fly the Me 109 G-6. 😀👍🏻
  9. Bestmann

    Bf 109 E - retractable tail gear?

    Thanks a lot!
  10. Bestmann

    Bf 109 E - retractable tail gear?

    That's interesting. I probably should check some of the original manuals to find out more about it.
  11. Recently I read a German book about the Bf 109 stating that some of the earlier types, including the E-model, had retractable tail gears. I can't remember having ever seen that on a picture or in other documents. Any idea?
  12. Bestmann

    Ju-52 skins

    Beautiful skin!
  13. Bestmann

    Weird thing with the Ju-52

    Thanks for your answers. I will give it another try.
  14. Bestmann

    Weird thing with the Ju-52

    I love to fly the JU 52 but so far this 'linked stabilizer flaps' thing doesn't work for me. I followed the description in the specs menu. I assigned the stabilizer to an axis on my Saitek X52 but it just moves in one direction. Is there a working profile / key setting for the Saitek X52? By the way, as the Junkers takes off an lands on incredibly low speeds compared to all other planes I can't see the pracitcal use of the flaps at all (at least in the sim). Any idea?
  15. Bestmann

    Ju-88 ETA, release date

    Meanwhile let's get some practice by flying the CloD A1 model. It's a lovely bird!