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  1. 6x magnification would fit perfectly to the modeled German binoculars.
  2. Developers, please! Would it be possible to change the first names of the AI pilots for careers to those common for the WW2 era? That would be great. German first names like Julian, Sven or Lukas are unrelastic or at least very strange for the mid 40's.
  3. + 1 !!! The portraits really look weird & ugly.
  4. +1 Lot's of great skins to be found in the forums!
  5. I have no idea why the Luftwaffe never really used such a simple yet useful device. But I remember having seen some pictures of 109 pilots with makeshift mirrors attached to the canopy frame of their Messerschmitts. It was likely during the Battle of Britain.
  6. @OrLok: Thx for your advice. It works fine.
  7. I use JSGME.exe for all my MODs. They are all deactivated in that program. Still no joy with the login.
  8. I also cannot start the game with mods turned on. First I did the 3.006 update and started the game with mods turned off. It just ran fine. Then I made the mistake to turn on MODS in the game settings and tried to restart the game. Now the login doesn't work anymore. Spinning circle forever as described above. Any idea? Is it possible to turn off MODS in some kind of .cfg file without starting the game itself?
  9. Hi Cathaoir, thanks for your advice. I'll give it a try as I indeed have several mods enabled.
  10. Hi, I just purchased BoBP and updated to 3.003. The new Spit IX works fine in quick missions with all options and skins. But if I choose the Bf 109 G-14 all I get in the options menu is only one standard skin. I was able to fly it once but if I try to change options like additional guns the game freezes in the missions menu. Any idea what to do?
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