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  1. Jizzo

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    2x 190 A8 for Swear and myself, please.
  2. Jizzo

    Developer Diary 198 - Discussion

  3. Jizzo

    Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A8 Modification

    Sorry Alex, i actually didn't know about the side-armour glass (Scheuklappen) you where referring to, till today. Would be neat to get those as a mod though, if it'd make sense timeframe wise, before they where officially dropped!
  4. Jizzo

    Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A8 Modification

    I believe it's quite accurately implemented with the Sturmjäger mod, already. It does add additional side-armour plates and glasses, i guess you just overlooked it, amigo. After selecting the Sturmjäger mod, you can clearly see the downgraded visibility on the sides, due to the added armoured glass.
  5. Jizzo

    Tactical Air War

    @StG2_Raven, in case you didn't know yet. You can manually change the time for the 24h disconnect,in the settings of the Fritzbox, so it doesn't bother you during primetime, anymore.
  6. Jizzo

    Fw190 A8

    A8 will be the worst dogfighter from the BoBP Axis-Pistonaircraft. Bomber-killer is where the A8 really shines, especially with the improved pilot-protection and the 2x Mk-108. So does the F8 for Ground-attack. Fighter all the way!
  7. Confirmed, after latest update, the Mode-Switch isn't working anymore.
  8. Jizzo

    Bf 109 display oil temperature

    As Yogi tried to explain already, you are wrong. Mode 1: Button out / Water outlet - Top indicator Mode 2: Button in / Oil inlet - Bottom indicator There is definately no multi-temperature indication at Mode 1, sorry. Currently there is no way to activate Mode 2. In the future we might get the option for pressing the button manually, or that it switches modes automatically every 10-15 sec, like it currently does for the fuel-indication on many other aircraft. Not having the option as it is now, has no ill-effect at all on anything related to fighting-performance in the 109. Because no matter how aggressive you fly, even in prolonged slow turn-fights, you simply can't kill your engine from overheating the oil, as it always has sufficient cooling capacities and is automatic anyway. Just turn the technochat off and enjoy flying the 109, or every other aircraft with a beautifully immersive clear screen. Cheers
  9. Jizzo

    Bf 109 display oil temperature

    That's exactly how it works.
  10. Jizzo

    Bf 109 display oil temperature

    Let's hope he will not bail out and take another 2 year break right away... Knowing the oil temp, on an aircraft where you have no direct control over it, pretty much doesn't matter anyway, right!? 😄
  11. Jizzo

    Tactical Air War

    Riksen had the highest streak, not the highest kill count and he was shot down more than once, hence the 12 lost aircraft i'd assume. Don't get me wrong here man, Riksen is a damn good pilot, no one can argue about that, nor will i! It just sounded a bit overkill, and i was only refering to piloting skills in a 109 vs 109 duel, not refering to the flying a 109 to its strength and all that ladida boombiddy byebye... Which really isn't that hard anyways, right!? PS: If Riksen would fly to his full potential and not care about the streak stuff too much, i believe he would easily make 1st place and contribute much more to each campaign, but that is just my thought, no offense intended. Cheers
  12. Jizzo

    Tactical Air War

    That's a pretty bold statement, there are so many Pilots who leave Riksen in the dust, at a 1vs1 109 fight.