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  1. As far as i can tell, there is just the red-indicator that pops up and down, on the very backside of the left center-wing part. So you can make sure your flaps are fully retracted.
  2. Don't you worry about a thing there, Stick. You are now, just officially a participant of the Spitfire clipped-stabilizer trials, that's all!
  3. I think you shouldn't be disappointed at all, they did such an fantastic job on the tempest with everything and it's a real beauty to fly.
  4. No offense, but as it is your favourite aircraft, i would expect you to know that rockets never made it out of the evaluation phase on the tempest. I pretty much know nothing of the aircraft, but even i know about the rocket useage state. And for the last couple of days, folks asked the same thing over and over again about the Tempest here.
  5. As long as you don't back up any of your "intense FM feels" with a fact or actual test, like other folks already did here. I think pretty much no one even cares about the funky stuff you pull out of your nose, nor the insults toward the testers. I just hope you will not start telling us, how you feel about the "Banana FM" next.
  6. Can't get that picture out of my head. You, in the A 20. Overtaking Luke Skywalker's X-Wing in the "Death Star Trench-Run", blowing the damn thing up with just some well placed 50 cal hits, going... #I Can Feel The FM!
  7. The lucky unicorn should better tell you, to maybe try flying the "G6" not being high as hell and having your hands in a stick... #SayNoToDrugs!
  8. STB = Standby = If someone doesn't make it, the slot is yours.
  9. Yak 1-B for Doughboy and myself please, sir. That's gonna be a cool IL-2 takeoff, for sure!
  10. Are you replacing the replacements ?
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