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  1. Another fantastic mission from the Mastermind! Lookin' very much forward to the next one, enjoy your weekend and well flown, gents. That looks pretty cool, Riksen.
  2. Tip, looks like you forgot to squeeze in Tomcat for the A20.
  3. Had a blast too, especially flying the po-2 for the first time together with Flashy as wingman. One thing i would like to suggest is, we need a tad bit more time for future recon missions. Because as far as i know, no one made it back in time, with me actually being very close missing like a minute or two. As soon as you get damaged, you go from slow to hyperslow in the po-2! And your suggestion sounds very good too, Tip. Thanks for the tremendous fun, cya next friday and enjoy your weekend, gentlemen!
  4. I'd like a Po-2 for the first mission too, sir.
  5. Amazing, can't wait for the update!
  6. As always, another great mission and nice flying, gents! Can't wait for the next one, enjoy your weekend!
  7. So glad FNBF is back, had a blast! As always great flying and enjoy your weekend, gentlemen.
  8. Tip, if needed, I'll gladly switch sides to help balance things out.
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