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  1. Where is Kessel? i did a night time high altitude bomber intercept over stalingrad...i was flying the 190A3. the only way to find the bombers was through their vapor trails. otherwise its impossible to find anything. add to that the crazy spaghetti vapor trails of the attacking and defending fighters and its nigh impossible to catch those pesky fuckers. often times i would chase a trail and there'd be nothign at the end of it. it was an exercise in futility.. but then i finally chased them to their field...and the search lights locked on to me and then the ack ack let loose all at once...it was like the cnn footage from the 1st invasion of baghdad. you get a proper surprise when a blinding search light locks on to u as u chase a bomber. had to nurse back a dying engine to the mission end point. I have yet to figure out how to fly the heavies. cant even keep the engine from exploding on an il2 let alone a multi engine heavy. Also might have to do with the fun i'm having on the fighters.
  2. you're missing out... in VR you're so there...that u dont think about pixels and resolution. but to each their own i guess
  3. the sight of 7 spitfires standing on their starboard wingtip revealing their beautiful underbellies in unison, while pulling away for you. I was not prepared for how beautiful that would look against the bright blue sky. It's like somehow you've been sucked into a giant coffee table book of ww2 aerial photos. And then the flickering dots of the distant enemy show up while you're still checking out the formation of 7 spits from behind. And you can see the AI of your spits trying to decide on a plan of action, as the formation begins getting jittery. And then you see the 4 fw190 dots peeling away from the bomber dots...and get bigger and bigger...and then when they ram into your formation...all hell breaks loose. So much drama. It's like having the sky box seats to an intercept mission.
  4. Do this... Choose quick mission.. Select the multiple red Vs blue circle on the quick missions map. Ur flight: 4xspitfires night fighter skin Buddy flight: 4xspitfires night fighter skin Make sure to add rear view mirror to ur spit. Enemy 1st flight: 4xfw190s... ace Enemy 2nd flight: 4xju88...ace Separation 10km Height: 6km Alignment: aside (this is important) Time of day : 12noon so the silliuettes really stand out against the bright blue sky. Leave the HUD labels off. Btw this is in VR so if youre not in vr you won't find this as compelling... When you press unpause to start the mission, you can't really see the enemy, because of the 10km separation, and since you are ahead of your pack you will see nothing but a big bright empty blue sky, but what really hits you in the feels is when during ur scan you crane your neck to your 4 or 5 clock position and you see 7 dark spits all turning together, in formation towards the still unseen enemy, and then you turn to follow them and youre still behind them as you observe them flying in formation towards 8 tiny dots now visible in the distance. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. After a few moments, you notice the 8 dots splitting into 2 groups of four, and one group getting bigger and bigger as it comes to meet your group of spits. And then eventually they turn into 4 fw190s that just fly head on into ur group of spits, tossing and turning and tumbling, breaking up from their neat formations and turning into a mess of contrail spaghetti. Forget the dogfight, go after the bombers and observe the furball unfold in your rear view mirror. It feels like youre in a movie. I was chopping onions inside my cockpit. The most beautiful part of this is the beginning where you see 7 spit sillouettes turning in formation towards the enemy. This has been one of the most memorable gaming moments I've ever had. If you have a vr headset you have to try it yourself. Cheers.
  5. after loosing my engine to tail gunner fire several times... i've finally figured out a successful strategy to take out bombers. When you're merging head-on(most encounters are like that anyway), try to be higher and then dive onto the bomber formation in a diagonal slash... so from a bomber's perspective u'll be coming in 3 or 2 o clock high and then u will dive past the bomber picking up huge speed...if u missed no problem ( i dont even waste bullets on my first pass). In the dive u've built enough speed to turn around and do another pass but this time, from 8 to 7 o clock, low. If you have cannons u wont need to make a 2nd pass... the juicy view of the bomber's belly will fill up ur gun sight and u'll be much slower this time with a lot of time to line up a death blow, not to mention a great view of the destruction ure causing. I'm no expert, this is just what i've found works for me after getting black oil pooped onto my shiny canopy countless times. I love this game so much. its like being inside one of those classic ww2 aerial paintings. btw. whatever u do...never fly straight and level behind a bomber trying to line up a shot, u might get him he might get you, for sure him if there are more than 1 of him, its just who gets lucky first...if ure behind the bomber..always weave. like a snake. this is the beauty of this game...what i've figured out through trial and error...is actually how it was done in real life. says a lot about the quality of this here. edited: words
  6. Hi there, was gone for a long time, and back again becuz i heard VR is implemented now...and really well. I have a much faster connection at work compared to home, in addition to download limits... is it possible to download one giant file off of torrents or the web. and then I can take the file home and install il2bos on my gaming pc? kind regards
  7. Then their marketing should have said 'We are currently evaluating whether to add rift support' and NOT 'we are going to add rift support in december'
  8. gah...there goes the rift support. i guess i will consider my 94 bucks as a donation now. and not a purchase. While i purchased the sim becuz of the purported oculus support, and i certainly feel jilted. I guess changing plans are a part of life. sigh. didnt realize things like that happen. Reading through this thread feels like an us vs them debate, which is the absolute wrong way to deal with this issue. Its like the tungsten wire bulb manufacturers arguing with LED light manufacturers, or vacuum tube guys arguing with the transistor guys. Oculus rift and similar tech is the future and to remain relevant you have to embrace it, and any problems that arise, you have to deal with them, or you will become a niche's niche like the xplane guys. Microsoft is considered an evil company to deal with as well, but that doesnt stop big corporations and small indies to develop for them. They do it, not for the love of M$ but for the love of $'s. So painting FB as the big bad wolf, shouldnt take away from the fact that you need to future proof ur tech and hence ur business. oculus being owned by the big bad wolf like FB infact gives oculus an even higher probability of success. And the excuses seem hollow especially if hardcore sim guys like Eagle Dynamics are doing it with DCS. In DCS some planes have a pilot and some dont, both options work fine and do not detract from the experience of flight and being up in the sky among the clouds. I guess the IL2bos devs must be satisfied with the number of people who've already purchased this sim. and dont care for more sales. It would have been a lot harder initially to chose a more upgradeable architecture than build a dx9 specific engine, which the devs already have experience in, and that choice has forced them into a corner now that new tech is abandoning the older dx9. And now even if the devs really want to support rift, they;ll have to go back to the drawing board and start all over again from scratch, which such a small outfit probably cannot afford to do. A catch 22 situation with no light at the end of the tunnel. after all, its much harder to say Mea Culpa than to blame the big bad wolf.
  9. i wish pictures could convey the sense of being there that u get in dcs with dk2...it really is hard to describe. who would have thought that just looking down the side of your cockpit at the trees and houses passing by on the ground beneath, as you line up for final approach would be such a thrilling experience. One of my favorite activities in dcs is just landing different planes over and over again. Its such a trip. There is no guess work, you can 'feel' it in. you get the butt sense of ur drop rate, u can whip your head out the side of the cockpit to see past the nose of ur tail dragger as you taxi onto the tarmac. and you will really have to work your neck muscles as you panic and try to find the bogey that just disappeared behind your tail. It is heady stuff.
  10. i've sorta given up hope now with il2. Just purchased the dcs p51, dora, f86 and a10c modules. And boy are they fun in the dk2. Especially the f86vsMig15 duels. They have some issues with the damage model as well, but its just fun to endlessly chase the mig 15's tail. Landing the dora is also addictive fun, with the constant wrestling with torque at low revs and the sheer terror of having the tarmac disappear beneath your dash, as you flare up to attempt a 3pt. landing. I dont feel bad i gave il2 my money, they do deserve it for their hard work...just a wee bit mislead s'all. Since oculus dk1 support was already in, a year ago, and they were proactively discussing it, dont think dk2 support is a priority anymore. simming on monitors is about to be over imho.
  11. i really wonder whats the holdup if they've already demonstrated dk1 support in-engine
  12. i want to gesture to my multiplayer wingmen with my hands as they fly in formation right alongside my plane. or flip the bird or do a throat slitting sign to an enemy flying by. That would take things to a whole 'nother level. ofcourse in addition to flipping switches. As a matter of fact if hand gesture recognition is in...it could actually make joysticks and throttles obsolete...since you could just move ur hands to mimic grabbing the stick and yanking it.
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