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  1. I see you're not a mechanical engineer... A bomber is not built to manage the same G-loads as a fighter. It's supposed to be as light as possible to accommodate a massive payload. The P-38 was a fighter. That means stringers and spars are packed tighter to cope with high G's. Very simple.
  2. Not here to bash...just curious.. Will we get the mustang, tempest and lightning along in the same patch with the schwalbe? I don´t run my own business and therefore I am no expert, but the state the online servers are at this moment I really think the american market needs to chime in and join the frey... So for me the only thing of importance is proper fighting aircraft for the allies and those would be p51, tempest and p-38 to be honest. Yes...I believe there is a bunch of potential customers in the US waiting for these birds specifically....along with myself (Euro), although I tend to fly all planes in game So slightly curious about the marketing strategy...is all. The previews of the new stuff is, as always stunning...thanks for the hard work!
  3. Maybe it´s been said already but it seems the landing gear lights dont go green.... /NIK
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