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  1. Dive brakes and trimmers on the right side of elevator linked by hydraulic line, an there is no valves in this hydraulic line. And electrical part of dive system - electromagnet and spring in the trimmer control - "blocked" with the bomb drop system, and can be turned off only with it. Do you have any document, mentioned that dive system is can be turned off some kind?
  2. You can not turn off dive system at Ju-87. Control key (LCtrl+D by default) used at Ju-88 and Pe-2. And contact altimeter is not connected with dive system, it is used only for sound warning.
  3. In game you can dive either with and without dive brakes. If you dive without dive brakes, you can engage dive system by press LCtrl+D (same key for recover).
  4. Yes. Trimmer set to "nose heavy". Or retract air brakes (at Ju-87). And... ...trimmer set back to default position, so airplane become "tail heavy" and it is help to recover from dive.
  5. Just release air brakes. And trim aircraft before dive.
  6. In manual mode water radiators can be fully opened or fully closed only.
  7. Thank you! Very interesting and useful.
  8. Please make new topic for "moon conspiracy" and other space things. It is interesting, but offtopic here.
  9. The first flight into space was the first orbital flight. Therefore, Gagarin was both the first man in space and the first in orbit. Flight of A. Shepard (second flight into space) was suborbital.
  10. Yes. In case of P-51 - 100% of fuel - wing tanks and fuselage tank are full. ~68% of fuel - fuselage tank is empty, wing tanks are full.
  11. When you fly below 3000 ft at combat or WEP mode, check throttle lever position and MAP. If you move throttle past take-off stop position, MAP more that 52 inch (or 64 at WEP mode). About critical altitude. From P-47D-28 model specification: Critical altitude is 24500 ft. Ingame - 23000 ft, 5% error. Not best result, but acceptable.
  12. It is good reference. Data from this report correlate well with data from "model specification" at 64 inch MAP (+-10 mph). Also it is corellate well with ingame P-47 at 52 inch MAP (ingame top speed 407 mph at 29500 feet and 410 from report). Probably. Ingame top speed is 700 kph TAS (485 IAS) at 7000m.
  13. In various tests from various references, the weight of the aircraft was mainly about 13,000 pounds. For example, from different references (from wwiiaircraftperformance): NACA stability and control tests of P-47D-30 - gross weight 12810 ... 11870 pounds, P-47D-10 43-75035 - 13244 pounds, P-47D 42-26167 - 13230 pounds, Comparison of P-47D-30, P-47M and P-47N Performance - 12731 pounds.
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