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  1. Typo in improvements list. There should be "mixture" instead of a "throttle". So, exactly.
  2. Thanks for attention. The D-28 fuel gauge has no errors. First, you look from top to down at the instrument. And the instrument is not flat, the arrow is at some distance from the scale. Therefore, when in fact the arrow is opposite the division, it seems to you that it did not reach it. And secondly, 1 gallon is about 3.8 liters. But there really is some inaccuracy in the D-22 fuel gauge, we will correct it. Thanks!
  3. "Soundtrack" to a fictional "plane crash" movie.
  4. Two more sources: -Report (P-38J, 1944) -From book "Americas hundred thousand":
  5. @KW_1979 Ok. I am not going to agree or deny now that control should be "easier". I need to collect all the materials again and think about this problem. Perhaps during work on the future P-51. I think at least the efficiency of the trims should be tweaked. Perhaps this problem too. But I cannot promise that something will be changed, I will repeat - it will be necessary to evaluate all the data again. Perhaps several problems were mixed in this topic - an increase in stick force, a loss of control due to the M number, as well as differences in aircraft with and without a "bobweight".
  6. Sorry, but you are wrong. First, there is no "magic mach number" ingame, after that airpalne become "unrecoverable". And at M = 0.75, effects of compressibility begin to be noticeable, and with an increase in M they intensify. But this does not mean that after 0.75 the plane cannot be recover from dive, because this is limit and what the manual says. Further. I checked right now. I tried to recover from steep dive (dive angles 50 ... 80) at mach numbers 0.8, 0.82, 0.84 (altitudes and indicated speeds, respectively ([m] / [kph]) - 3600 / 780, 5900 / 690, 5700 / 715). Fuel - 50%, trim
  7. I accept the argument that the gear door locks should have been fixed in the regiments. At D-15, I think this really should not have been, I will correct it.
  8. Firstly, when you diving at high speed, you should not forget about the effect of compressibility. In this case, it is not speed that matters, but the Mach number. On the left side of cockpit there is a plackard with a speed limit depending on the height. You say that the 485 mph plane is poorly controlled. So, but above 5000 feet it is forbidden speed. One of the effects of compressibility is a drop of aerodynamic control surfaces efficiency. That is why they write that it is useless to use a trimmer - with a large M number, the elevator or aileron itself loses effectiveness. Further. Suppo
  9. Thank you, friends! To see that people like the result of our work is very great!
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