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  1. 22GCT_RedBaron

    Pe-2 Angle of Dive?

    +1. I love this posts. This and others should be collected in a special section of the forum, to avoid that in the future may be lost in the maze of the web. You do not agree too?
  2. 22GCT_RedBaron

    Valutazione operativa MC 202

  3. 22GCT_RedBaron

    BOS Windows 7 Theme Pack

    +1 Thanks!! Fabio
  4. 22GCT_RedBaron

    German turn and slip indicator

    Hi Senilix! You are welcome! Fabio
  5. 22GCT_RedBaron

    German Fighters and Bomb Fusing panel...

    Hi all! Also take a look at this post. Fabio
  6. 22GCT_RedBaron

    German turn and slip indicator

    Hi all! And thank you all! But mainly SYN_Requiem, because it is able to solve the mystery in the most logical way: trying and trying. Unfortunately for me now was not possible to try the sim because right now, summer, schools are closed and my thugs 4 and 7 years old do not allow me to be at peace in front of the PC. Well, this is what I wrote SYN_Requiem, that I will never cease to give thanks for the willingness: " Hi Fabio, I only had a few minutes so you should probably double check these if you can. I've attached screenshots of turn rates of ~ 15 and 3 degrees per second and what it looks like on the turn indicator. The instrument only reacts to rate of turn, if you roll 90 degrees but avoid turning there is little movement, at least in my very brief look at it tonight. Cheers, Luke" MISTERY SOLVED!! :lol: :biggrin: :dance: :yahoo: BEERS FOR ALL!! :drinks: Cheers Fabio
  7. 22GCT_RedBaron

    SP Night missions

    Thanks to everyone, but unfortunately I'm not able to use the editor. I was hoping to find some complete mission like this, for example: - Very simple navigation task - to fly at night Heinkel 90 km from Ventsy to Karpovka. By No601_Swallow. Post 103. SP_heinkel_nav_practice_storm.zip Fabio
  8. 22GCT_RedBaron

    SP Night missions

    Hi all, where can I get single player night missions with radio navigation using beacon? Thanks in advance. Cheers Fabio
  9. 22GCT_RedBaron

    Show us your cockpit!

    Hi all, this is my location. Fabio
  10. 22GCT_RedBaron

    Congratulations to Requiem

    Fantastic!! Congratulations Requiem. Cheers Fabio
  11. 22GCT_RedBaron


    ...sante parole! Fabio
  12. 22GCT_RedBaron