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  1. First of all, thanks a lot for your replies! I used a Valve Index and have zero issues with airsickness or nausea. That is not the reason I want to sell my headset; I just can't justify to have a 1.100 USD headset (including controllers) which I only use for flying a few times a week… I have a GTX-1070ti which is the absolute minimum for the Index, so a GPU upgrade would be great, but this costs even more money. I don't know if a huge GPU upgrade (looking at you, RTX-3080!) would be a game-changer for my VR experience… As I bought the Index, I thought that I will play V
  2. Hey guys, I need your help and I hope this is the right place for asking these kind of questions. After thinking a lot about it, I want to sell my Valve Index and return back to my triple screen setup. I have a rig dedicated to Sim Racing; but flying old warbirds in IL2 has become my second hobby… As flying in VR is just great, with time it's been also a bit uncomfortable. I enjoy the crisp-clear resolution with my triple screen setup, but I have to work something out about view management. I never had to think about binding some „pilot view“ controls to my joystick,
  3. Dear IL-2 friends, first of all, thanks a lot! I have to apologize, my reply took longer than planned… First of all, I will not switch to Intel CPUs. I invested a bit more money in the past to go with the X470 platform, as I wanted my board to be more future-proof. I did not know that even the new 4000-series will be supported by my mainboard. In this case, I will wait and go for the 3000XT-series or the new 4000-series. I've got fpsVR and noticed hat my GPU operates at around 90-95 %, it seems that my CPU does not hold me back at the moment, with the curren
  4. Dear IL-2 friends, I am in the process of updating my rig. Currently, I am using a ASUS Hero VII WiFi with 16 GB DDR4-3200, AMD Ryzen 5 2600X and GTX-1070ti. As I am a proud Valve Index owner, I exclusively fly in VR and need the maximum performance. I was thinking to update to an used 1080ti (as the new 3080 series will be released soon) or an 2080ti (and don't hop on the 3080 train). But then I red that the CPU performance for IL-2 is much more important than the GPU performance. Can you confirm that? Would upgrading my rig to an Ryzen 7 3800X or an Ryzen
  5. First of all: Thank you all! I did some test flights with 50 % fuel and it is a day & night difference indeed! This plane is great and I am so happy that I am able to fly it now! I will also check out the sensitivity settings and do some adjustments, thanks for the advice! Best regards, Marcel
  6. Hello guys, thanks a lot! I used the default settings, 100 % fuel, indeed. Will try to use less when I do a flight session in the evening. I really love this plane - it is just beautiful. Would be great if I learn to fly it. I‘ll keep you updated! Best regards, Marcel
  7. Hi guys, I felt in love with IL-2 around four weeks ago, I think this is a great piece of software by all means! I just have big (like HUGE) problems flying the P-51. It is nearly impossible for me to do turns without stalling over one wing. I have absolutely no problems flying the Tempest, the Bf-109, the Fw-190, the P-38 - but the P-51 always kills me (the P-47 too, but not as much as the P-51). Do I something wrong? Obviously, I have to do something wrong! The funny thing is: I was able to fly a quick missions today and shot some Ju-52… the fl
  8. Does the new update requires new settings to archive optimal performance? I am using a slightly overclocked GTX-1070ti with the Valve Index and struggling to find the optimal settings… I am confused about the new AA options, if they are still needed if I use Super Sampling on SteamVR, etc.
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