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  1. I can no longer use my personal missions or even open them in the editor since the update ???? 😠
  2. Hi, I found this little error in the campaign journal. The date is there twice instead of the start time of the mission!
  3. I understand your point of view. But, for virtual squadrons it would be a wonderful online tool to unite their members around the idea of a permanent campaign. Because all would be involved in the journal of his squadron and participate in the creation of the memory of his clan okay! I know, it's a bit too idealized. But...
  4. Hi, First I would like to say, great job! Looks like you spent a lot of time creating this app! 😉 I would like to know how to share a cooperative campaign with the other participating pilots? The pilots should be able to complete the combat reports themselves and consult their log, that of the squadron and the strategic information as well as the pre-flight briefing. How can we do that?
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