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  1. You would be incorrect in this assumption. I suggest you read about soviet tank tactics. They would use frontal attacks but this would be a fixing force while other units flanked into or around defending units.
  2. Just as bad as the first one. Made by someone who does not understand the subject. If the enemy has the 2 forces you first encounter the second force should be attacking into your flank while the first force fixes you in place. Also whoever made them doesn't understand the use of hull down battle positions. In the 1st 2 actions both battle positions are on top of hills with the platoon fully exposed. This is not how you fight with a tank platoon. They should stop short and then move up until they are hull down. In the second action there is a much better position to the right of where your platoon stops which offers and excellent hull down position.
  3. OK for an example. First German mission:- Firstly the enemy tanks attack en masse from the front. They simply drive forward to their death. A better plan for the red tanks would be to have a smaller force act as a fixing force from the front, adopting hull down positions on the ridge. The rest of the tanks would be better to attack from the right flank up through the low ground in a flanking move able to get within close range of the enemy. Doing this would also allow them to be covered by the AT guns further back. Rule number 1 for an attacking force:- Flow like water!. Secondly the AT guns are place also in a frontal attack position and are exposed in front of a woodline. This is utter nonsense. If AT guns were there they would be in the woodline, camouflaged and the first thing you would know about them would be when they opened fire. The Russians were very good in the use of AT weapons and they were the most feared weapon by panzer crews (Read Tigers in the mud or any of the other accounts of tank warfare on the eastern front). Thirdly the AT guns are badly positioned. You do not want to engage tanks from the front. They would be better positioned in the woodlines on the flanks (camouflaged as previously noted). AT guns work best when you can engage the enemy from the sides where their armour is weaker. Fourthly, The AT guns in the town are badly positioned. They would be better placed in the back area of the town covering the roads so they can engage with keyhole shots as the tanks move forward. They would also be better used in combination with the above mentioned AT guns in a mutual cover layout. This means when the tanks move forward to engage one of the groups of guns they expose themselves to the other group. This is tactics 101 and the russians knew their craft. By 1943 they had been at war with the germans for 2 years.
  4. Fundamentally incorrect use of assets and tactics.
  5. So far so bad. They seem to have been made by someone who doesn't have a clue about tank warfare.
  6. If not I'm severely disappointed in this title
  7. Would anyone be willing to make Willi Maximowitz's Black 8 for the A3 and A5. I would do them myself but I have so much work on that I don't have time. Also I am so used to working in 3D Coat (3d Painting) that I can't handle the Photoshop method these days.
  8. Tax I feel for you. My solution was just to abandon the game. I occasionally come and check to see if anything has changed but it doesn't. I too want the option to configure the sim to suit the way I want to play, I could give a rats ass about multiplayer. I would only want to fly with my old Il2 buddies who I know wouldn't want to cheat if the options were there. As it is this game is so bad that I have simply advised anyone i know who might be thinking about buying it to not bother. The devs were so adamant that they were not going to make the same mistake as CLOD that they made a whole other bunch of poor decisions and screw ups. To the point that it is imho worse than clod. At least that had a non boring map, options and a mission editor of sorts. I really should have known with this developer. ROF although great has its own share of fatal flaws which they never seem to fix. The campaign in that title is still a beta and heavily bugged but they have never fixed it either.
  9. I wasn't advocating Auto engine management in Expert. I would like instead to tailor the difficulty to suit me. I really hope there isn't a plane on the map in expert mode. I want to be able to do "Real" navigation. I just want a map for reference. Like it is/was in ROF. Well frankly that isn't acceptable. BTW 3instein its me Dark From SB.
  10. I've tried FacetrackNOIR and can't really get on with it for flight sims. I absolutely love it in RFactor2, but maybe that is the way the game implements the effect. I tried buying TIR5 from the Natural-point in the US (where it was at the time $120) but they would not sell it to me in Aus. Instead they gave me their distributor here which is where they wanted around $500 for it. Still not as bad a mark up as Photoshop CS6 where i could buy it from the US for $600, when i went to Adobe.AU they wanted $1200 for the same digital product. Mikey420 there is Padlock in easy/Normal mode but not in expert mode. Having said that i couldn't get it to work in Normal mode in the campaign. I don't like all of the other "helpers" in Normal mode especially the Icons and auto-map update. IMHO the campaign needs a Medium or a custom difficulty mode. Having said that I hope it isn't done like ROF where custom mode gives you a 0x multiplier in campaign in custom mode. This always sucked to me as I was taking Medium difficulty and making it harder.
  11. Why should i learn to not use padlock?. Do real pilots have to use their hands to move their head to follow things. I may not be a pilot but when I am driving if I want to watch something it is instant and instinctive. I am not going to pay the near $500 they want in Aus for TIR and from my experience with similar things it is not as instinctive or natural as real life. I agree that it allows an unrealistic amount of motion (padlock that is) but i put that down to being able to reason where the plane is going based on the last observation.
  12. Well pardon the pun but that isn't going to fly with me. I want to play in expert mode but with some of the other settings on. Padlock, External view and Engine management mainly, well unless there is an option to go through the full training course that a bomber pilot would go through to learn the machinery properly. Not that i would really want to go through that when i want to fly for release after a days work. Thanks for the tip on the map in expert mode!. Now to work out how to stop my engines dying.
  13. Where are the difficulty settings in this game?. All I seem to have the option of is Easy and Expert, Neither of which suit me. There also seems to be something broken in "Expert" mode as I can't seem to be able to get a map up. This makes navigating to my target in the He-111 just about impossible. I guess I could live with the easy mode which at least has a map if i could find a way to turn off the icons and the auto-map update.
  14. Title says it all. When I go to campaign the only option in the one unlocked campaign is for russian airfields. I don't want to play as russian.
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