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  1. Just adding this for something which I love - target shooting and specially target shooting with my Mauser K98 (DOU 45) 8mm.
  2. Thanks for the history and help. Its a shame thou would be a good skin if it was all correct. I was hoping if a side and top down drawing was done but I doubt it. Anyways thanks again.
  3. Afternoon all! Came across this photo. I probably couldn't find anymore of this but reaching out to who could make this skin. I don't have the 'skills' to make it. It looks like either Red 2 or Red 3.
  4. Hi all, Came across this interesting skin on the Aviattic model website. Its a Fokker D VII, it would be nice to have someone to make this skin. Just a request I guess. Regards
  5. Reaching out to the developers of Il2. I think the next campaign to be developed and release should be a Spanish Civil War. Never has it be done before, a vast library of aircraft and a war that should be told. Soviet vs fascist. Anyways just a thought I would like to raise to the developers. Please consider...
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