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  1. Hello , seems there is a problem with IL 2 planner scale on TAW see topics https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21919-il-2-mission-planner-online-flight-planning-tool-il2missionp/page-5?do=findComment&comment=567931 January 30 th
  2. i let you guess what can be to connect 20 -IRRE- players at the same time .... The team plays 80 % time as VVS , wanted to switch this time for LW . Think will be back to VVS next TAW .
  3. To LG kathon info : server 82/84 , just tried to connect , > banned for 15 min .
  4. Here is something else i observed during last campaign . 1 / some few ju 87 flying pairs or lonely ,maybe discouraged by slow speed but huge payload .. ( i m dreaming about flying +12 ju 87 dive bombing ) 2/ the fantastic amount of jabos 190 / 109 in my idea more than 60 % of the flights ( a single 190 = 1/2 pe 2 payload ..) 3/ i never see a hs 129 1+2 +3 / Hans-Ulrich Rudel, "Stukas pilot " doesn't describe HIS war with jabos only ... but full squadrons of ju 87 ground attack . ( i know we are in a game and not at real war , and looking for fun all together ) This to show a potential working axe for the next campaigns .
  5. Hi all . I read the forum daily , i played almost 200 hours this campaign as VVS Bomber . ( sorry for my bad English ) Concerning the famous 61 AAA , maybe the quantity of kills could be explained as follow . 1/ VVS was out numbered by LW mostly 2vs 1 to 3.5 vs 1 , that means more players and for sure more death for germans specially on week ends ... ( i do not complains ) 2/ the amount of beginners in the LW going straight to AAA with no experience and no team work , not "sharing AAA" ( team "1GAFL "played this campaign organized with bomber boxes x8 pe 2 minimum and fighters cover from the 1 st map to last one with major difficulties to connect ) 3/the organisation of LW going lonewolves ( only the 3 last maps seemed to be played as team in the LW ) PS : in the Kathon video , we see no problems concerning AAA . From VVS , the german AAA was also deadly ... This is only my point of view, no offence for players nor organizators , i will play as german for the next campaign .
  6. On behalf of –IRRE- team, I would like to congratulate all the people who worked hard to bring to the community this campaign. We had lots of fun, and we are longing for the next one. We are thinking about flying blue next time : let’s go for some carpet bombing !
  7. Hi again stick . nice to hear that from you . See you in the skies . Just for your information : red star means " I do not shot" and Black cross , means i shot them all !
  8. Privet . BUG report : When connecting server , map stuck 0101 to 0505 sqare , not possible to enlarge map enought to clic on an airfield to choose germans or russian side . Have a nice day
  9. I also really think that personal behaviours from players might be more respectfull to all of the real SIM players . (Parachutes killers , spawn campers , 2.8 tons bomber rush , etc etc . ) Just to let you know , yesterday 19 VVS vs 52 germans , this is not serious , and make the VVS players mooving on another server . Only 15 mins have been enought to ruine the game ( warehouses / HQ and all ground targets ) At the end , this server will look like WOL or any " arcade" server . WE would like to play simulation game,immersive, we want to be able to play as team . Trinkof , your proposals are very intresting . We support 72ag server , the people working on it to provide fun to the community .
  10. The fact is Camping over Airfield ...like you do everytime ruins game . ( you are not the only one huh..) Is that the way you win your games ? Think about the guys working hard for US to have fun, that's not respectfull acting like that . + insulting ppl on chat , beeing xenophibic do not have place on a game . Did you ever see me or one of mates camping over airfields for 45 mins ?
  11. Un gars des 1 st plus haut dans la discution m 'a dit de décoller d 'un autre airfield .....no comment ... Cependant , je plussoie .
  12. i suggest to increase the AAA to avoid campers like our well known friend Sturmovnick_PL ( is that the way he wins his games) to stay alone at 5 k above an airfield . Camping airfield ,shooting engines off planes + insulting+ xenophobia in chat ... this kinda behaviour we all like ! This kinda behaviour ruins the random expert server and also the work provided by people working for us to have fun .
  13. Hello and thank you for this kind initiative . Ju 52 seems very intersting to me . Merry Xmas to all of you.
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