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  1. I think the new AI are an improvement but I think the head-on accuracy has been improved a bit too much: Now it’s absolute suicide to go against the AI from head on. Seems you have to start some way out though since at shorter ranges they may just weave by at the merge. I usually set up a QM from max range 10 Km @ 1000 m alt and even if I start firing from >1Km the AI will bore right in and start firing at ca 0.7 Km and score decisive hits at ca 0.5 Km. At best it’s a draw with both going down but more often than not the AI comes out as the winner.
  2. Was busy doing some IRL flying this weekend (Discus b glider where the controls really stiffen up already at 200 Km/h IAS ) so only got the chance to test the 262 after the fix now and things have really improved since you can now do accelerated stalls at much higher IAS than before the fix. However, as far as I can tell while you now have elevator authority to stall at higher IAS, the slats still stay in right up to departure which seems strange. Have not yet tested enough to determine if this is purely a visual thing but if you compare with the in-game Me-109 slat kinematics these seem to match the angle of attack better since they pop out as expected also at higher IAS if you pull enough g's. Given the high aerodynamic forces involved in the leading edge suction that pulls out the slats (ballpark an order of magnitude greater than the mass forces), I have a hard time seeing mass forces having any major impact on the kinematics, especially seeing those will act more or less perpendicular to the slat rails at higher aoa. That being said, I'd like to join the chorus of users thanking IAmNotARobot for the fix and taking the time to interact with the forum community. The Me262 is great and a pleasure to fly and the tuning activities on the Me262 and the other planes in the sim are greatly appreciated!
  3. Good points and I think most of us flying in the sim understand that what we do in here is not the same as IRL. I don’t overly enjoy 5g IRL but doing it here is easy. Sure, in the sim you can yank the stick to your hearts content and it’s also surprisingly easy to shoot at high g-loads with accuracy which I seriously doubt would be the case IRL. However, all the points you make above are just as valid for all the other planes in the sim as well so I see no reason why the Me262 should be given special treatment in this department. So to make the Me262’s handling model consistent with the other planes, it should be possible to do accelerated stalls in the Schwalbe as well IMHO.
  4. Yep, I love it too! It's amazing the stuff we get to play with. However, that being said, I do hope they will look the high speed control over. IIRC then someone mentioned that the Dora had similar issues when it was released and that that was then fixed in a later update.
  5. Nope, sticks (elevators) are not geared so that the airframe can't be overstressed at high speeds: Elevators are usually geared to allow the pilot to be able to control the plane at low speeds, e.g. for landing configuration with flaps deployed at a max forward c.g. location. This gives you a certain design size and up deflection angle of the elevator needed. You can however to your hearts content pull the maximum on your stick up to the so-called max manouvering speed because the plane will stall before anything bad happens. However, when your speed goes above that you have to limit how much you pull or you will exceed the design limits. Using the attached figure the max manouvering speed for the P-51 is around 270 mph. But the same figure also shows that the static design limit, usually 1.5 times the max allowed limit, in this case 12g, can be reached at about 320 mph and above. There are second order things we could discuss like buffeting limits etc but in principle you can pull the wings of a plane and structural failures did happen in some cases, especially the Spitfire had incidents of this kind. Just ask VO101Kurfurst: He is an expert in documenting Spitfire weak points and can probably provide ample examples of Spitfires shedding wings. Returning to the Me262: I'm going to be careful to say that I don't say the FM is wrong but I will maintain that it should from a theoretical perspective given what we know about the flettner tab powered elevator on the Schawalbe be perfectly possible to pull the stick at higher speeds (barring compressibility effects) so that the slats come out and you get an accelerated stall. I have not seen the developers claiming that what we have now is the final product so I'm hoping to see this addressed but at the same time I'm going to start looking into it myself to see if there is any info around on this. TBH, AFAIK you are an experienced IRL pilot Zacharias so I'm surprised you don't seem to be more cautious about pulling hard on a direct control stick and trust the designers to limit the gearing. As an engineer I would find it very difficult to design a gearing that marries low speed control while not allowing overstressing above max manouvering speeds by a determined pilot.
  6. Well currently I have been using the adjustable tailplane as an "exploit" to bypass the limited elevator authority. Works quite well actually!
  7. I think at least a part of it is the stick force modeling: Try flying at low speed and pull back fully on your "virtual" stick and do the same at high speed: Go to external views and you can see that the angle the elevator moves is less at high than at low speed so the there is definitely a force based limitation there.
  8. Really fun taking the Schwalbe through it's paces and an amazing feat by the developers! Even managed a compressor stall flameout pulling to high aoa going over the top. A nice touch that but very embarrasing seeing the Spitfire I was trying to bag was not sporting enough to allow me to relight. That being said I'm also a bit surprised by the low elevator authority a high speeds in the current FM: The 262 has geared flettner tabs augmenting elevator authority so it should even be possible to get them overbalanced if you are not careful. I'm going to take my crew chief by the ear and tell him to fix it. Should be enough with a few mm adjustment on the bellcrank to make the tab move a tad more and then I can bag that Tommy next time round......
  9. Adding more Spitfire options would only make this great sim even better: I hope to see a +25 lbs option for the Mk9 and the Mk14 as a collector's plane. I'm sure most would buy it. I for one find the Mk14's long nose encasing the Griffon and the 5 bladed prop extremely attractive and the thing just reeks of power and potency.....
  10. Post 1: It's really informative to hear the opinion of someone who is so into Il-2 (like the rest of us!) compare the sim to the IRL experience. My chief takeaway from this is that it adds to the evidence of my long held belief that more wobbly is not more accurate and that as long as you have a decent flow of air over the tail you should be able to have sufficient directional control while taxiing. In addition to your testimony I think we have ample video evidence for the more of the type "on rails" like FM. A good example is the cockpit view from this Yak which looks to be rock solid without a trace of wobbliness. Anyway, I join the long line of envious simmers and congratulations Zacharias and thanks for sharing the experience! Post 2: +1: Many of us have the same opinion and I think and the trim tab analogy is dead on. Post 3: WTF! Why are my posts being auto-merged! I'm posting on two different subjects!!!
  11. Yes, thanks for all the tips and tricks to get the best performance/experience mix @Geronimo553. I'm still on the settings you posted in an earlier thread which boosted my frame rates around 50% with no really discernable impact on graphics quality and I will definitely tune some more based on this additional info later on when I get the time. It's great to get these kind of tips on what the different parameters do and how to combine them!
  12. Wassup? Is that a turbine I hear spooling up behind the screen? 😜
  13. Thanks for the info. Did wonders for my frame rate! 😀
  14. Maybe Monday! Right now I'm nursing a good Tempranillo and tomorrow I'm gonna go flying!
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