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  1. Fire and smoke, holey smoke, and for the aircraft later on , didn't expect that.. . Commando, oh yes, will be good for the Tanks, looking forward to that. Everything is looking really, really good Thank you
  2. Beautiful planes, thank you team for everything your doing, very much appreciated. The pilot in the Fokker, (last screenshot), appears to be giving you a thumbs up too
  3. Awesome update, thank you team, all looks fantastic
  4. These are all great, especially because the partners gave it a go, (well deserving of a bunch of flowers, chocolate, or something to say: Thank you for taking an interest in my hobby). Could be Interesting if say a,> visa-versa of hobbies was captured as a follow up Hard choice so far, but I liked anamoth89's to date, the facial expressions of this couple where both entertaining S!
  5. WOW! All looks fantastic. Thank you
  6. I liked the different camera views, illustration, description and the repetition, (can assist with the learning I think). Great video, thanks for sharing.
  7. Yes, this would be great also, as well as a growing community/interest. There has been countless surprises along this journey, best wishes for the future, it's truly wonderful to see how far this project has come already.
  8. And or.... future Bomber ... , cough.... (prey, wish, dream, B-17)... crew maybe ???? ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Wow! Fantastic news all round, thank you very much for everything your doing.
  10. Makes practical sense, given the time to enjoy all the good things in life. Good luck with this, would be good to see it happen in other areas as well. You could start a new thread called "CTW", Community Team Work thread or something maybe?
  11. All welcome improvements, thank you for the continued hard work and consistency that makes this sim as wonderful as it is.
  12. Thank you team, looking forward to this as well.
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