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  1. Jolly good show, you've cracked the code
  2. DD 227 is looking gorgeous, thank you Team Awesome
  3. I think this is a great suggestion. In a subtle way, it indicates more about what's available within the product.
  4. Wow! Looking beautiful KpgQuop,
  5. I haven't actually seen: "The Cold Blue" yet, nor heard anything re the original Memphis Belle movie being restored in 4k. Would be good to see more original footage saved and enhanced to 4k for sure.
  6. It's nice to see the progress continuing, looking fantastic, thank you all. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: In the future, is there any chance the community can have access to the *.psd's for the plane interiors like we already have for the plane exteriors please ? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. From a certain point of view, that seems more realistic really. Don't mean to be rude or anything.
  8. Thanks for the info DetCord. Steel Armor, that one missed the radar.Will purchase, looks great, thanks again.
  9. That alone is a great option re a future purchase right there. A purchasable map/campaign for E.G. The "Battle of Kursk" in the summer of 43. I'd buy a Yakovlev Yak-9 as a collectors plane as well. Re Tank crew: "The Battle of Kursk" ... May not hit the tree birds with the one stone, but it would bring another plane, ( one I sure wish to add to the collection) and provide another battle field for existing assets.
  10. Re: Training only.. A little off topic I know, but... Heard of: Titanim? Link below. Link: http://titanim.net/www/index.php/page Above link: Not available currently to home users for entertainment purposes. BTW: I really have know idea how accurate software like this actually is.. Must save a fortune in ammo, etc, etc..?? As far as I know, Titanim also uses the Outerra Engine. Outerra is available to the home user. Link: http://www.outerra.com/ Link: http://www.outerra.com/demo.html Re: Hell Get Loose, can't comment on this one yet, tend to shy away from kickstarters more so these days, once bitten, twice shy. Exception would be engine based only, as good communities granted the freedom of mods can make it more worth everyone's while.
  11. Great suggestion ^^ B-17's, (if achievable to date)?, and or X1 new birds for each side, new map/mini campaign to suit, further polishing where possible as a smaller purchasable ad on to an existing theater, (where the current purchased assets can be used historically as well)?. Seems to make sense when assets are already available via a near/or completed theater. Good way of fishing for further interest, re: Map, sortie, or someones favorite plane as a whole but smaller package..
  12. I'd love to see the "White Whale" some day too. Until then, honestly, anything WW2 with propellers is the least I could ever wish for regarding flight to date. Happy about the Tanks, broadens the interest and variety within the IL-2 Great Battles series. People have different views about what is needed currently as well, and that's okay. Like discovering a good coffee ata cafe, good chance customers will come back for more, when that fix calls. In the mean time, I'm quite content being patient and I like a good coffee .
  13. The good news just a keeps on a coming! 4k external textures look great, thank you Martin. Thank you very much team/teams.
  14. With the stand in not being historical and all, I've honestly had a change of heart and think it would be best left "Blank" . "Blank", for me anyway, seems more neutral.... and I couldn't see it upsetting the part of the community where it does matter as well.
  15. Have been watching Outerra for a quite some time now, and it's looking grand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV9eAN7RVOU
  16. https://www.amd.com/en/products/frontier Ohh the power... .. . bill.
  17. It's, agree or not agree to use the product > generally. With some games: I think the psychology used to manipulate targeting dopamine is not a good call. People aren't lab rats.
  18. Ahahahaha, couldn't help it, 😂 I found this, it's a Mod for rFactor 2: http://www.aussielegends.xfactorracing.com/index.php When I was younger, I drove cars like these :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=135&v=X4P0HNHIwro
  19. Great footage, thanks for sharing and all the hard work.
  20. I think I would still go and see it tho ^^, thanks HerrMurf. I watched this today, interesting.
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