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  1. Updates related to this project appear to be weekly to date. Looking good!
  2. How did I miss this? 😍 Thank you Spit40 Link: https://authentikit.org/
  3. 2.7 looks great! Really like the War Bird prop animations, new cloud environments and lighting, Just purchased the Channel Map. I'm surprised re the performance concidering how lovely the environment appears ? Truely wonderful work from ED.
  4. Awesome sauce, WoW! What a surprise update! 😍 New virtual toys 🎁 to enjoy too. There are so many features to truely admire within the IL-2 Breat Battles Series, (improves consistantly all the time). Thanks a bunch to our contributing community members, and all the developers of this wonderful sim. Han, your the man!
  5. DD Looking good as all ways. The DVD really looks impressive, WoW, as do the maps, models and posters of the Spit's. Thank you Jason and Team A++, you are all awesome!
  6. Happy 48th Birthday Jason, (for the 6th of April). Answer: MicroProse: F-19 Stealth Fighter Atari ST
  7. Hi Flowbee, Love your work/tallent. Thank you for sharing, very much appreciated. Lucky to have you here as a community member.
  8. Happy days, The Great Battles Series is living up to it's title, (it's the best by far imo). Pilot combat with other player roles and visa versa is really good value. It's a pleasure to see how the sim has grown over the years. Great work as always, thank you Team > Wonderful, you all truly are awesome!
  9. This is fantastic work, really enjoyed the veiwing. Love the early cartoon idea/Cup Head. Highly recommended, thanks for sharing.
  10. Hi Flowbee, Thank you for sharing your tallent, it's appreciated greatly. Really like your style, it's fantastic.
  11. Another great suprise, really like the DVD visuals. Appears 3D much more realistic. Much appreciated, thank you for all the continued hard work.
  12. Looking wonderful. Same goes with the communication and effort week to week. Thank you.
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