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  1. Awesome improvements, really assists with bringing the battle field alive. Enjoyed seeing the aircraft in the footage as well, it's a great way for the unknowing to see this is also a huge part of the interactive entertainment. What will folks hunt for I wonder? There is plenty to choose from, that's for sure! Thank you
  2. Gee whizz, what's better off said is not said at all if that's the case, (if all ready invested in that particular product). Wonder if there is some kind of heads up for potential customers regarding this?. I'd imagine sales could be effected in some way, given red flags on certain words used. What a shame!
  3. What happens if someone is banned on Facebook and owns a Oculus headset, could they still use the product they purchased?
  4. Hi Sallee, sorry to hear about the slipped disc, wishing you a speedy recovery. About the failing to launch, did you verify the files in steam and clear your games cache folder within your documents directory? I really don't know what else to suggest? I'm not sure if your aware that the cache folder needs to be cleared after each update. Best Regards
  5. Yep, I needed to remember to clear, empty, or delete the cache folder after> all new updates, all is swell.
  6. Ill probably end up doing the same, regarding playing the campaign more than a few times. The graphics look great also from what Ive seen.
  7. Good to know. Be interesting to hear about the performance when you receive the reverb G2, being at a higher resolution and all. Thank you for the info, haven't had a chance to give the campaign a look yet, looking forward to it tho.
  8. I like how the Joystick wizard's basic setup is visually interactive/educational in the way that it shows the related aircraft control surfaces during the mapping process.
  9. The Sud-Est SE 100 was one I found hard to admire and this one below, not sure what make it is?
  10. I think so too, it's been quite some time now since I last used Ohm's Law, I liked Edison but Tesla was my favorite.
  11. Hard choice, with the fighters and if I could only pick one, the A6M5 Model 52.
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