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  1. Looking wonderful. Same goes with the communication and effort week to week. Thank you.
  2. Thank you very much for the updates, (developers and community members), excellent stuff! Very happy chappy here.
  3. May be a little off topic.. Something else to be excited about tho regarding this wonderful Sim, (besides the good news we read consistently about past and present), is...... Drum Roll! There's a Sale on at the moment, for those who may of missed it.. Link at the bottom of the image. Store Link: https://il2sturmovik.com/
  4. Beautiful work Tomi. Thought it was an artists print for a frame on the wall at first sight. It could be you know :) Beautiful work.
  5. How many people out there consider this as an option for a budget build? Is it worth the risk?? Really depends on what it is and for what purpose. Some examples may be spare parts or something like a bargain. These days with water cooling solutions for PC's, the risk of a secondhand bargain could end up in a nightmare for some. A good friend of mine has a water cooled 1080. He has had it for many years and just recently the AIO, (ALL In One), pump died. Is it worth hunting for another New AIO, or Heat sink and fan solution? Should it just be
  6. Yep, true, true. The screens I posted last were from Cyberpunk 2077.
  7. Screen Shots taken were using a 1660 Super and 3060 ti at full Bling settings for each GPU used. Graphics look pretty darn good. 3 ctd during game play on different days. I don't mind this title for an rpg, having fun playing it.
  8. A Pcie 4 compatible GPU is the ticket regarding an upgrade to best suit that build. Hand in glove.
  9. Yes this is very true. 32Mb on the L3 Cache is very nice as well. The 5800X your running is a really good choice. Understand what you mean re the ram, have found mistakes within the QVL's regarding the part numbers and number of modules that associate with the item sold. That's nothing to worry about, the timings and voltage of the ram modules frequency are more important to take note of. With newer hardware, BIOS updates are more essential for compatibility, mind, this does not suit all hardware either. There are people complaining about the X570 chip getting to hot on some of the X570
  10. If not needing as many cores and are aiming at good single core performance for the pri$e, a 3300X is great value. 3600 and 3600X are very good all rounders from what I've used to date. The newer 5600X looks like a nice sweet spot as well for a mid ranged build. One PC I'm using is an: ROG Strix X570-I with Patriot PVS416G440C9K ram, 3600X AMD CPU, Noctua cooler, 3060ti GPU, (mid range build), a gold rated 850 Seasonic PS. All works great! I tested a B450 system running an 1660 super, 3300X CPU, 3200 ram listed from the QVL , and that ran fine as well. Storage used are 4th and
  11. A happy new year to all. All the best for 2021.
  12. Thank you, Beautiful update. Wishing all a happy and safe New Year in 2021.
  13. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, may all have a happy & healthy day. Kindest Regards.
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