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  1. I can almost see her eyes rolling...lol.
  2. Ive never heard my plane getting hit, not once in the whole time ive owned BOS, not once.
  3. BOS, COD and ROF never saw anything dodgy at all, ever...in IL2 maybe sometimes we saw somthing iffy but not 100 certain, in IL2 VEF sometimes but not often it was 100% cheating, again it was always one of a couple of sqds.
  4. very impresive video, felt i was watching real footage in some parts. Some real audio of bomber pilots would of completed the feeling.
  5. When ever DCS44 arrives i think it will be special, i dont think its going to do what BOS or CLOD does, its going to be its own sim. Ground pounding in that P47 is going to be a blast!(if i can get it in the air, that is)
  6. That must be what "Joy" looks like.
  7. Played for about 30mins on the EU server, bit chopy at the start but in the air it was pretty smooth and didnt see any lag, good fun, if a bit easy vs the poor Laggs. Good first test for me.
  8. LOL no...still here, just waiting, playing a bit each week, enjoying the progress but waiting for MP and QMB. Hows you?
  9. Yep, im still going to hold off for the next version, maybe 2 versions, i love the idea and cant wait to hear what people think of this version but i still dont think its ready for main stream online flight sims(for single play and other things im sure it will rock)
  10. Now that would be just weirdest thing ever! lol
  11. I shall pass on your kind messages to Tree today. I will tell him to pop on here to tell you how right he was...again...and again...then no doubt tell me again for the 50th time.
  12. Tree is around, annoying myself and others on TS on a daily basis.
  13. Merry Xmas everyone and a Happy New Year!
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