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    What, if anything, is 'energy retention'?

    Fighters don't out-turn each other, they "out conserve energy" one another. That's right for a fighter pilot's mouth, and well said from what I can tell.
  2. Gambit21

    DD today?

    You're wrong. You now stand corrected. On behalf of the other forum members I would request that you keep your typing limited things that you actually have a grasp on..whatever those things are. Peace
  3. Oh man Duck... I forgot to update this thread...that was the exact same bonehead mistake that I made. For some reason I thought that I owned the U2 already. I'd been placing them in the editor, and in my mind I'd already purchased it along with BoP. Took me a few days...at least you got it a few hours.
  4. ...rearing it's head again after over a year of not seeing it. Can't seem to solve it this time...not even pasting the groups into a new mission will solve it. Deleted the mtreecach, ctreecache and msbin of course. I may ask one of you to try and open it. I don't want to post it publicly.
  5. Gambit21

    Night fighters over the Kuban

    Indeed. I'll be giving this a go as soon as I can carve out a minute of flying time.
  6. I have some German 52K's that are shelling the player airfield on their own with no added logic, no "force complete low" either. I like it. Was this always the case and I just never noticed? I've been in the habit of placing attack area MCU's from day one so if they always behaved this way I never tested this before now. I get that if I want to control where it's firing I need logic, but I'd always been under the impression that it would fire at all otherwise.
  7. Gambit21

    Night fighters over the Kuban

    I don't know...I hear many players say they like to taxi as well. Thus I mixed it up a bit in the A-20 campaign. I figure they can start on the runway all day long in the QMB if that's their thing. Really it would be easier on me if there was never any taxiing, because as you know it increases test time. Congrats on this campaign. Nice to see the library getting bigger. Cheers.
  8. Gambit21

    P-47 Missions

    You're asking this question in the Scripted Campaigns forum, so I assume that's what you're talking about when you say "missions" Working on it...will be a while.
  9. Gambit21

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    To me this illustrates the need to expand beyond the current plane set frankly rather than more 109 vs X, which entails a discount because we're getting yet another expansion utilizing the 109 as the primary Axis fighter..again. No thanks. The answer here IMHO (for more Eastern Front) is premium aircraft now and then + new 3rd party maps now and then, not complete modules. Your suggestion while not foolish, doesn't expand the player base one bit.
  10. Gambit21

    War Online:Pacific, new ww2 flight sim

    Go peddle this crap somewhere else.
  11. FWIW I’ve had no trouble activating complex triggers.
  12. Gambit21

    Voice acting in Scripted Campaigns

    Working on it. I have a little test/demo Jug mission that I might post later.
  13. Gambit21

    When the P51 will be available?

    That's going to be a fun plane too....good stuff coming.
  14. Gambit21

    When the P51 will be available?

    New MP Lobby - fingers crossed, won't be easy" I love that Jason and team have this set as a goal, even if it proves too much in the short term for 2019, it's enough for me to know (and we've known for a long time) that Jason gets it
  15. Gambit21

    DCS news

    In all my years of being an aircraft guy, that one somehow escaped my notice completely. Neat looking aircraft. MiG 15 is still my favorite though.
  16. I don't know who the rest of you "guys" is but I told him to just use a 7 min timer. The rest he's not going to understand unless you show him.
  17. Gambit21

    When the P51 will be available?

    You can avoid 262’s all day long. I found that to be the case flying them and against them in the old sim. Still loads of fun.
  18. This is not a difficult problem. Use a timer, or use enemy aircraft killed, or left to trigger your objective.
  19. No on entered will not work if they are already within the trigger area.
  20. Gambit21

    When the P51 will be available?

    Multiplayer isn't where you typically go for historical veracity anyway...so no worries.
  21. Gambit21

    When the P51 will be available?

    Unexpected, and great news. Can't wait to fly that 262.
  22. Gambit21

    When the P51 will be available?

    That's a lot of stuff.