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  1. You can be in the defensive and still marshal resources and launch an attack. It’s not all about the Navies. From a real estate standpoint, Japan had been and still was on the defensive. You’re confused about the difference between a battle and and the overal situation.
  2. I read your post 4 times and I still have no idea what you're trying to say.
  3. They were defensive, the end. The size of the battle does not change this. It was Allied landings in the Philippines that precipitated this battle - if you're getting invaded, your on the defensive. Guadalcanal effectively ended any Japanese advances/taking of territory from that point onward.
  4. I can launch the public version with the .exe, but it's something server side. As you said the beta will not launch either (and no .exe in the beta)
  5. Aye, early war is where the rubber meets the road in PTO. By February of 43, after Guadalcanal, the Japanese were almost entirely defensive from that point on. That's not to say fierce fighting did not take place afterword, but it wasn't the knock down, drag out, force parity brawl that took place over Henderson in late 42. I like a flight in a Corsair or Hellcat as much as the next guy, but early war best, flying either side.
  6. Guys it's something server side. My beta build won't launch either, so we'll have to just wait. Public build will launch by using the .exe as indicated.
  7. Gambit21

    Wargame mode

    I made an endless tank logic group the other night. 15 on 15, when a tank dies it respawns itself back in the tree line and advances. Very cool to watch.
  8. Exactly I lost count of how many Corsairs I killed while flying the Zero, or how many 109F’s or 190’s while flying the i16 in 46. What they should do and what they actually do in the moment “I can get away with it” are almost always two different things. Drag em low into your fight and bag em.
  9. What makes a Yak 9 a Yak 9U? Not my area of expertise by a long shot. Gotta figure a late war Russia map (not full release) is coming at some point.
  10. I’d rather have an actual book, at a reasonable (normal) price. I’m not paying a few hundred bucks for ANY book. (talking to you as well Brian Shul)
  11. Gambit21

    Wargame mode

    MotherB, the infrastructure is somewhat in place for a strategy game. By that I don’t mean largely or completely in place. Most of the logic, ability to do what you describe exists. I take great pleasure in watching tank battles, artillery, air battles play out when I’m testing missions. This engine/game could be used as a base (more than just a base really) to create an excellent RTS game. I build miniature versions of them all the time.
  12. I’m all for stand-in maps. Stand-in aircraft however (unless it’s just a difference in version/type) is a bridge too far for me. The Hurricane can be useful for a Burma campaign at some point should a suitable (even a stand-in) map become available (Kuban in a pinch) should someone care to build it. The late Yaks were a foregone conclusion IMO and necessary. I’d like to see a Yak 3 later as well. The Russian fans should have a good selection of late war aircraft as well as early war.
  13. Mission 15? If some different AI behavior has cropped up I can investigate. Please verify the mission number.
  14. Object link the check zone to the aircraft that you want to activate it.
  15. The BoX mission editor is vastly more powerful. The 1946 editor was beyond weak by comparison. Yes easy to use, but weak. I can be much more creative now.
  16. Before PTO was delayed, I was fixing to use Kuban for a short Darwin campaign (P-40's vs Zero) if the Zero was released early enough.
  17. Proximity trigger or check zone, complex trigger, those are not workarounds, that's just how you do things often enough. In this case a simple check zone would suffice.
  18. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/55098-discussion-about-yak-9-yak-9t-and-hurricane-collector-planes-announcement/
  19. You take 3 Yaks the in morning, then you take 3 Yaks at night. You take 3 Yaks before you take 3 Yaks, and then you feel alright...
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