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  1. The Jug should reach terminal velocity well before parts start flying off. Maybe Yaks and Laags lose ailerons in a dive, I cant' say...but not the Jug.
  2. Yep, everything that I used to wish that I could accomplish 46 I can now do and then some.
  3. MCU’/timers etc are just a fact of life with this editor. It’s easy once you get the hang of it.
  4. That makes sense - thank you. if it interpolates as you say then changing the 10k color would be a simple matter. I stand corrected.
  5. As someone else just recently mentioned, it's not possible for the Devs to simulate the entire universe, or physical characteristics. What you're experiencing in the sim isn't actually a real sky/atmosphere as it turns out, but a sky dome. Outer space and the actual characteristics of atmospheric gasses are not actually simulated. Thus changing the color of this dome depending on your particular attitude is problematic to say the least. Even if they could somehow manage this, what happens to the dome color when you're up high, and someone else is down low? Not saying this isn't possible with a different engine or sky type, but with a sky dome you'd have to find a way to change it's color dynamically, and just from your perspective.
  6. I was getting 60 fps with the 4K monitor pretty steady before, (except on the airfield) so I probably wouldn't notice. In order to have noticed something like that I'd have to have been aware that the update was coming, and done some airfield testing just before, and just after. I've also been taking a bit of a break in anticipation of getting to work on the next campaign.
  7. If they’d just create a static version each time a new aircraft was released.
  8. Waves do not match the wind...it's not a bug, it's just a limitation right now.
  9. LOL No brain saw "throttle/prop pitch" rather than rpm/prop pitch. So I sort of responded to a different query.
  10. Yeah they're behind on the static aircraft, we've been talking about that for a while. That said the place to suggest this isn't here, but in the suggestions thread.
  11. Think of an automatic car (some automatics anyway) that shift too soon when you're wanting more torque/revs to climb up a hill. It shifts due to how much gas you're sending through the carburetor, but in that situation you're actually wanting to remain in the power band rather than shift up. Or imagine wanting to coast down a hill under very little gas, and needing you highest gear. I'm generalizing and some aircraft operate fine like you mention, and are designed to be operated in this way, but again generalizing, this is why it's desirable to maintain control over both separately in the appropriate aircraft.
  12. Not really - not in single player anyway. Further, I’m not sure how statements can be made about what ‘typically exists” on a map and missions that haven’t been released yet.
  13. Think of RPM as your gas pedal when driving a car, and prop pitch as your gear shift.
  14. That Japanese scream also caused me some relationship/flight sim problems (imagine that) years ago. My girlfriend at the time kept trying to tell me that my WWII flight sim was glorifying violence, etc...she hated it. I'd tell her she was crazy, off base, etc...then I'd be flying and over my Altec speakers would come this blood curdling death scream. Yeah not helping my case. That bitch would also hide my flight stick sometimes. I ended up packing at 2 in morning one night and getting out of that one...problems bigger than a hidden flight stick, but that didn't help!
  15. Yep - and they certainly couldn't have had a fellow of British or Norwegian origin doing a Japanese scream either...it would have sounded fake that we'd have spotted it in a second.
  16. For that money why that wheel and not the Logitech? Just curious. Saving my pennies (more accurately planting the seed with the household CFO) Will probably be the G920 for me. I have to say though I'm getting damn good with the modified X-Box 1 controller. Just lacks the immersion and more of my mental bandwidth is dedicated to controlling the car.
  17. Yep Germans in WWII apparently never just had conversations over the radio, rather they screamed at each other. Then of course there was Pacific Fighters, that featured the Japanese scream of burning death. No other nationality, but when they got to Japan they somehow figured this was fitting.
  18. I mention auto pilot because you can just start the mission and walk away - thus alleviating the tedium you mention of testing the same mission again.
  19. ...and when we do, once in a blue moon, they generally suck. Same with flying movies. Here's a racing moving coming up...and while I'm cautiously optimistic, the trailer seems to indicate a bit too much "Hollywood" bs. We're just not going to get another movie like Grand Prix or LeMans. Ford vs Ferrari
  20. Hey Pete, I understand the frustration, especially in a mission that long. It's been long enough, with no other reports that I'd feel better with a fresh dump file before reporting again. If you could find the time to just run the mission on autopilot, and let it crash (if it crashes) and post the dump file I'd be grateful. I just don't want to set the Devs to chasing down an issue if the problem is not currently present. If not, no worries. You've done quite a lot already.
  21. Would have to be reasonably priced, high res, good performance. We'll see.
  22. Track IR plus 4K monitor is the ticket for me. I'm not giving up all that resolution for VR no siree.
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