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  1. Feel better Izel! Getting sick is a drag. We're fighting the reaction to Covid more than anything in these parts, every single day. Speedy recovery.
  2. Everything I heard at Reno last year from seemingly unbiased sources was that even the D was the most slippery thing in the air at the time. The long term success of the Mustang, modified and otherwise at the races speaks to this truth I think. I'm sure there were some other close contenders. The owner of the P-63 that I talked with at length said it was as fast as the Mustang down low (wasn't evident in the race) but that's what he said. I haven't seen it happen so much on these boards, but back in the day during the heyday of the old sim it was popular to disparage the Mustang, I think because of it's overall popularity.
  3. Just shut up - you had me at malcolm hood.
  4. So completely doable then - just not ideal from a certain perspective - this is of course what you must mean. Otherwise if it was someone else who meant that statement differently...I’d say it would illustrate a wee lack of perspective on the PTO. What role carriers actually played (and didn’t play) in the theater. It would mean that you haven’t picked up a book (I recommend Guadalcanal by Richard B. Frank) and read about the Solomons or New Guinea, and further were unaware that carriers were stashed out of harm’s way on both sides for 18 MONTHS during the most pivotal period of the war. Carriers are great, and obviously desirable, but they hardly define the history of the PTO. ETO is doable without heavies (it’s called tactical ops) and PTO is doable without carriers (called Guadalcanal/Solomons/New Guinea) Not saying I don’t want carriers, but the land battles are where the war was won and lost. Battles took place involving carriers - campaigns happened over the Islands.
  5. Got it. My own current voiceovers are for Hell Hawks not with an accent. When I put on an accent I THINK I sound a bit older, but hard for me to judge. Further I don’t have the ability to make myself sound younger, it’s just how I sound and why I normally HATE hearing my own voice on recordings. What I’m saying is, you sound how you sound. If you’re interested I’ll send you short script with the others in a few days. I don’t mind a few voices that sound a bit older for tower calls or similar. Again, this is all exploratory at this juncture.
  6. Sure, simply provide for my reference purposes a description of how my voice work would somehow comprise "reference" for you in any sort of helpful way in relation to this thread topic.
  7. When you post a demo/test mission for the purposes of demonstrating a bug... Do your best to reduce the mission to the simplest form possible which still illustrates the bug in question. This means isolating the necessary logic, and deleting everything else. Just a friendly FYI
  8. Correct Thanks for the reminder - I’m going to put in a friendly request for this. Sorely needed.
  9. Thanks Guys, Again PM me if interested in helping. Anyone who said they're interested here in this thread (and didn't PM me) I'll PM later. Regarding accents and such, I think Andy is probably on to something. (Ask @busdriver about the mandatory southern drawl that Air Force pilots adopt) While I don't need everyone sounding the same, I also think a deep modern Manchester accent might sound out of place for reasons that Andy thoughtfully suggests. Also I'd like someone who is a non-native English speaker to be able to understand the calls. Regarding the old school "Tally ho Boys, good show ol chap!" I know some did talk like that, and I'm tempted to add that guy even if he's not on the radio much... but I feel that if I put that guy in there even a little bit for tradition's sake, it will come off as stereotypical and out of place. (opinion welcome) I'll mainly be looking for taxi, take off, tower, a few attack oriented calls, and some ambient stuff. As an aside, while researching this a bit... I've always wondered why Americans in old movies sound so odd "why are they talking like freakshows?" turns out that's called a "mid-Atlantic" accent and was taught, and quite deliberate or "put on". Aristocratic and Hollywood basically. Died out after the war - now I know.
  10. I would like to see a column of smoking, burning wrecks behind as well. This is actually possible to do in the editor with static vehicles. It’s a lot of logic to lay down, but doable. Simply placing a fire/smoke on each vehicle and activating it when the vehicle dies. I may do a bit more of this with the next project. Including with train cars and such. Normandy carnage. That said, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.
  11. ...for possible next project. I'm just exploring an idea here. I need a few British voice actors capable of a period-correct/plausible accent (can be RP, or regional etc) and also able to ACT like a certain scenario is happening. Most of the time this simply means believable conversational dialogue, (not as easy as you might think) but might also mean a bit of tension etc now and then. Although I'm an American I can do it reasonably well, but I can't be every guy. If I can get a few reliable people, I may be able to add some (not the same extent as Hell Hawks) custom British calls in the next project. No promises but that's my aim - it's very early days still. If you're interested, and think you can help (no compensation, just out of the goodness of your heart as it were) and can be available over an extended period of time (next 18 months) for additional call requests here and there, drop me a PM and I'll work on some audition lines. Please don't contact me if you sound like an old guy or have gravel in your throat...I speak from past experience on that one. I'm 50 and sound like I'm 20 so I can pull it off, others not so much. Also, if anyone has an particular knowledge of British vernacular, colloquialisms of the period that might not be apparent today, I could use your input as well. We'll see if I can pull this off - assuming I get the go-ahead from the CO.
  12. I didn't dismiss anyone, I said “horses for courses” 😉
  13. Exactly I'm half Hispanic in origin and TONS of Hispanics served and flew - but the furthest thing from my mind is a pilot that looks like my grandfather. Horses for courses - I’d rather see time spent on various vehicle models etc and airbase scenery.
  14. There are some other available engines that are designed for simulations. However the concerns/complications outlined above still apply.
  15. I’m getting reports of derailed train cars in a current project. I haven’t had time to chase it down yet, but I’ll see if I can isolate the problem and send over a simple demo mission soon.
  16. I should mention that I’m currently running a 1080 and get steady 60 FPS at 4K in most situations. (Clouds on medium)
  17. BoN will not have playable tanks because that is the whole point of TANK CREW. They're not going to shout themselves in the foot by offering you playable tanks outside of TC.
  18. They really have us in an endless cycle of spend spend spend. One day I’m going to opt out - but it is not this day.
  19. You guys that but the Ti versions are nutballs. Never needed it, and that’s considering the 3D apps (Cinema, Modo, Zbrush) that until recently I worked in daily. Just too much $$$
  20. That map is drop-dead gorgeous. [drool]That railroad marshaling yard [/drool]
  21. Jason said when BoN was announced that’s he wants tanks and vehicles - that doesn’t mean player controlled tanks and vehicles. However I’m hopeful that TC continues to evolve and grow. I’d love to see an America crewed M3, Firefly etc and a small, detailed Normandy tank map.
  22. Which one though..:hmmm. My 370 chip (Asus Crosshair VI) means I’ll be looking at mobo/CPU/GPU/memory and it’s time for some bigger SSD’s too. Target will be the 3080 but of the 3070 is a big enough jump from my 1080 then I might go that way.
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