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  1. It's actually great - it just needs to stop crashing.
  2. I love the Zero, but would have to settle on a flying boat of some kind...probably an old Grumman.
  3. Lothar is confused. ...or anxious? FYI - on the home stretch.(for the build) Wrapping mission 16, need to go back and add some radio calls to 12 and 13...then testing and some translations. Getting there.
  4. Neither here nor there with regards to my comments.
  5. Ahh...ok. Yes only the most current mission is saved there.
  6. Can you send me that .mgen file please?
  7. Ahh...I’ll withhold comment.
  8. As a professional illustrator for many years (art school grad blah blah) I'd say you have a great base talent that will lend itself nicely to some further development/training if so desired. A few of those pieces, especially the one with the guys look out from under the tent at taxiing aircraft have a sort of graphic novel quality that I quite like. I'd say your style has a bit of a 'naive' quality to it, which isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes a bit of schooling can ruin that Even so one of the things that I always cue into when critiquing an illustration is when background elements are drawn in a way that makes them just as important as things in the foreground. Thus the feeling of depth suffers quite a bit, especially when tangents occur (background elements 'touching'/intersecting foreground elements) Just illustration 101 stuff really - but your work would improve and move up to another level if you dealt with both of these things. That said I do like your work. You have a nice touch with human gesture as well, especially in the piece with the kids waving. Keep it up.
  9. I do love me a Huey - wop wop wop wop wop wop. Need an Indochina map though or my interest drops below the floor boards.
  10. No Check Zone...Use a complex trigger set to detect IL2's.
  11. OK, your "screewshorts" need a bit of work FYI. Up to you of course, it's your deal. I recommend taking a minute to thoughtfully compose them...lose the icons and the Hud, as well as the big, red "here's what's going to happen" text. Again, take it or leave it. In any case, nice job on finishing the project.
  12. I think the basis of the project itself (basically an entire campaign in a single randomized mission file) is hopefully exactly that. U2 night mission version (still unreleased) was the proof of concept. A-20 night/intruder project will be a bit more involved/larger. Then later hopefully an even more fleshed out Mossie day/night cycle version.
  13. It would work for a scripted mission where I can control what/where/when things are relative to you and place a radio call that reflects this. Basically randomly activate certain, carefully timed, pre-scripted scenarios. It could be created in a fairly complex way so that from the player perspective it 'seems' like actual radar functionality. I have no intention of building such a thing mind you, but it's possible. I might build a simplified version perhaps for the upcoming A-20 night/intruder project, but I'll have to keep it sane/relatively simple.
  14. That's more of a scripted logic thing, rather than an under the hood, "radar can vector you to any target, anywhere" kind of thing. I can design a 'fake' radar that works fairly well within certain parameters...in other words a set of known, randomized target possibilities that occur at a known point in the mission. In other words I can fool you into thinking that there's a fully functional radar present in theory, but that's different than say spotter functionality that will work relative to two entities at any time, anywhere.
  15. Glad I got to see him once at least.
  16. Icky covered it. There is no problem with waypoint logic to my knowledge.
  17. There seems to be a lack of understanding in this thread of the actual issue (or one of the actual issues that isn’t engine related, which is another matter) The manuals are written in technical Japanese, this is not the same thing as the Japanese you learned in school, or that your wife speaks, or that your friend knows etc etc.
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