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  1. As a 3D aircraft modeler myself, I can determine very little from those screen shots - not that matters. Even if your model was up to snuff, now create the LOD’s and the damage model, and integrate it into the sim. Like I said, huge task.
  2. I think of it more like a mean girl with a mom butt...but horses for courses.
  3. I’ve never been enamored with it. In order to subject myself to the protracted pain of a campaign build, I’d have to be.
  4. I’m happy for all of you that have wanted this aircraft for so long. I’m sure you’ll have a blast with it. Plus it’s an early war crate and we need more of that. For me personally - one step closer to the Mosquito.
  5. Affirmative Yep - thank you for confirming tank/vehicle refuel. So this makes it simple and more useful for BSR’s needs.
  6. I can’t change any vehicle properties with editor logic other than coalition. So once the player vehicle is set for unlimited ammo - that’s it. Yep
  7. Yeah - just a cheat/justification for the unlimited ammo. I haven’t tested to see if ‘simple’ vehicles obey the player/formation logic. They should at least follow you in trail and if so, yes. Jaeger will know for sure.
  8. Let me pull in Jay @Jaegermeister since he has a ton of time with tanks etc and off the top of my head I’m not sure about their rearm/refuel functionianality. My method without using rearm would be place an Opel truck next to you, and uncheck “limit ammo” in the vehicle properties. A work-around but no rearm necessary. Assuming rearm is possible, I can also script the logic to only function with the truck/not aircraft.
  9. If your subtitle isn’t firing, then it’s your logic which is at fault FYI. They will always work when the preceding logic is solid - that why we use them to debug.
  10. Then you’ve never been involved in game/content development, or 3D modeling, coding etc etc. There is MASSIVE inconvenience to creating something like this when other more appropriate elements are in the pipeline - which is always.
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