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  1. Gambit21

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    I believe it was in Clancy's "Every Man a Tiger" that read about a Hornet test pilot who was nearly killed (or at least nearly lost his aircraft) due to a strange/non-intended departure that caused more than a healthy dose of pucker factor for said pilot. After making it back and landing with life and aircraft intact, he reported the departure to the engineer/s, adrenaline still spiked from the near loss of life/aircraft. The engineers listened, expressionless, then shook their heads, made a scribble on a clip-board and turned around and walked away.
  2. Gambit21

    P-38 status

    The Jug is simple, the Mustang is very complex, lots of compound shapes and such. The Tempest is closer to the Jug than it is the Mustang. I'm talking from a modeling/mesh/complexity/workload standpoint.
  3. I'd say that's accurate. For my brain, the logic is simpler to give each object it's own attack area though. If I have to go in later and trouble-shoot or change something (when doesn't that happen LOL) it makes things easier to track. I keep groups tidy that way.
  4. FWIW last time I checked, deactivating the "Attack Area" MCU worked just fine, no Force Complete MCU necessary.
  5. Gambit21

    P-38 status

    It's status is - "on the way" Thats just going to have to be good enough for right now.
  6. They can’t make this theater without appropriate vehicles etc - goes without saying and no need of verification on this matter.
  7. Gambit21

    Vehicles following roads

    Place as many waypoints as you wish.
  8. Gambit21

    Vehicles following roads

    The waypoints don’t cause problems FYI
  9. Gambit21

    Realism of zoom

    No problem Last Word McGillecutty!
  10. Gambit21

    Realism of zoom

    I’m not a dolt - I get it. That doesn’t mean zooming eyesight is realistic. Now here is where someone points out that it’s the only solution again as if I’ve tried to refute that point. Go... It breaks immersion for me personally - and yet I find myself using it now and then.
  11. Gambit21

    Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

    So which day exactly would you like to be reminded of this post? Let's nail it down. Alternatively, you might want to do a little reading on what the Dev's have said on the matter.
  12. Gambit21

    Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

    ...and yet it is. Someone is in their own world, not sure it's Pooch.
  13. Gambit21

    Ship Designation

    Water is "ground" as far as the game engine is concerned.
  14. Gambit21

    Is this new? Cloud news

    In the editor, not the QMB.