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  1. Gambit21

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Doesn’t change what I said - most of the fighting and dying didn’t happen in the air. I thought that was obvious but maybe I wasn’t clear.
  2. Gambit21

    Where Else Do You Want to Fly?

    It wouldn't sell. Very few know much if anything about it, the aircraft set has less appeal...I'm sticking with my "financial ruin" statement. The forum members who say they want it represent the tiniest fraction (of the forum) and an incalculably smaller fraction of the entire customer base. BoX is already a niche, within a niche, within a niche, within a niche product, SPW would be digging a crawl space under that. It will never happen. "Marginally Profitable" is a pipe dream - they'd lose their shirts.
  3. Gambit21

    Multiplayer of Il-2 and its popularity

    Is that all you flew?
  4. Gambit21

    P-40 4 vs 6 guns performance

    A pilot that can shoot and avoids the knife fight will benefit from 6 guns and the destructive power of the quick snap-shot. If you're gunnery is less up to snuff and/or you tend find yourself turning, (to the extent that it's possible in the current P-40) you'll benefit from 4 guns. Zeke vs Wildcat is a different story.
  5. Learn to test and troubleshoot your own missions by making variations in your logic/wayoint placement etc. Learn to post a mission if you ask a question like this. Posting a vague "why doesn't my mission work" post without anything to look at is BEYOND annoying from you at this point.
  6. You just concern yourself with the radio chatter mister.
  7. RC planes just don't work for my money unless they are HUGE. Otherwise they just look like a housefly buzzing around.
  8. Ah...no LOL I don't think in online terms at this juncture, but yes point taken. Online is a different ball game in every respect, number of EVERYTHING, including under the hood editor logic, triggers etc etc. One of the reasons I don't bother with online stuff right now.
  9. Title change...Havok over the Kuban Simplifies it, and the needed map is clear in the title. Other than that, some last minute work on some translations over in Moscow....I need to track down a small "floating building" bug that was noticed at Anapa I think. Whether or not it will be available with the update. I knew for sure I'd have to keep my mouth shut. As it stands it's up in the air, so I can honestly say that I don't know yet.
  10. I made a test mission with 3 times that. Granted it’s still not a hundred, but better than 9.
  11. Gambit21

    Why does the AI kill fps so much in career?

    Eh...no. I build heavy missions, and my AMD Ryzen smokes them. I've done more testing than I can speak of, and CPU is NOT the bottleneck whether it's AMD or Intel. What CPU issues there are, seems to have more to do with optimization as Patrick indicated.
  12. In a different universe where the game engine and standards are the same, perhaps.
  13. Gambit21

    I love Camshafts

    I like camshafts....but between camshafts and pizza....I choose pizza.