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  1. Dude - awesome! Congrats on this. I haven't actually FLOWN in a long, long time...but I'll have to check this out soon.
  2. This. Remember that aircraft don't necessarily out turn one another, more often they 'out conserve energy' one another. One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is, fly like your ACTUAL LIFE is on the line to the extent that you can. The more that you do, the better decisions you'll make. You'll prioritize getting back to base safely rather than an ego-boosting kill even if it means taking a silly risk. This is how I bumped my kill ratio way up back in the day...by caring less about kills, I got more kills.
  3. The R2800 Double Wasp (P-47) ran in WEP for 7 hours during a test. (with 7 hours worth of water provided of course)
  4. I know a handful of hard-core users that far from being intolerant, are happy to answer questions on the mission editor sub-forum. I scanned it and don’t see any recent threads started by you mister. I’ll get on Discord with you any time. I’m pretty sure I can get you over the “this is how the editor thinks” hump fairly quickly. The base logic is really quite simple.
  5. It’s funny, I absolutely cannot hear most regional Canadaian accents until the word ‘out’ is spoken. To my ears it’s the only giveaway.
  6. There are so many variables, including relative altitude between the attacker and ground, beginning direction, wind direction. Attack zone size is the least of it.
  7. El, honestly for your purposes you should simply be able to place groups of logic like legos with no problem by now. I built a Ju-52 mini-campaign as my first project not knowing a single thing about underlying editor logic - just placing logic groups built by others. Those missions hold up still frankly. You only need to build a ‘take off’ group one for instance..after that it’s simple modifications.
  8. Steppenwolf - don’t know why I said BTO.
  9. I’ll settle for Maverick not cutting through the middle of two Rhino’s in close formation, which would result in an immediate Field Board. Seriously though - looking forward to it.
  10. This guy "Pedro" in the old 1946 sim used to fly around in a bright pink, "Hello Kitty" Spit. I think he put that scheme on a few planes. I used to love to shoot him down...I still remember vividly a few of them. Last one was a straight down, full vertical MK 108 up his kazoo.
  11. They should keep going - it would likely be as realistic as the real movie.
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