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  1. We quit the Expanse after a few episodes (and I love SciFi) Does it get better after a while? Or are the first handful of episodes indicative of the entire series?
  2. I didn’t care for The Pacific nearly aa much. I watch BoB every other year or so. With The Pacific once was enough.
  3. I played “Pulse” beginning to end more times than I could count.
  4. I used the hat switch and snap views forever with the old IL2 with no problems. 13-1 kill ratio online. It wasn’t until RoF and those extremely quick changes of direction etc that the hat switch wouldn’t cut it anymore and I got Track IR and have used it since. I could easily revert back to the hat switch for WWII aircraft if I had to. I wouldn’t want to, but I could make it work just fine.
  5. I played most of HL2 but after a while all of the dark gore got to me and I had to quit. This is probably more of the same which means I’d skip it anyway.
  6. I used to collect comics in Jr High back in the early 80’s. Mostly X-men, Daredevil and Teen Titans. I theory I could still read a good Batman graphic novel if they were still making them. I have a hard bound copy of Batman - Hush on my bookshelf, read it again a few years ago. Other than that, no. Can’t be bothered nowadays.
  7. Thank you - I think the word was used in a less technical “it’s so widespread, we’re not going to bother testing” sense.
  8. We’ve known that it’s endemic up here for weeks now. CDC said aa much - no microbiologist daughter needed.
  9. There's a lot going on out there right now...not just this Covid19 thing. Interesting times indeed.
  10. This ...and this. Especially this.
  11. Snopes is EXTREMELY shady.
  12. Yeah because that was his point. 😐 You’re very far away from a few things other than panic.
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