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  1. Gambit21

    What is with the rendering distance?

    Atmospheric interference definitely plays a roll in reducing spotting distance, and can vary drastically.
  2. Gambit21

    How Do I know If Support Got My Ticket?

    They're usually pretty quick...hang in there. They might be very busy at the moment.
  3. You understand the difference between “enable” and “re-code” yes?
  4. Second on Pats generator Fang.
  5. Missions are not generated locally.
  6. Gambit21

    Should IL-2 Battle packs have more planes?

    I know the market wouldn’t support it - but if anything we should be paying a bit more. I say that as a guy who’s slush fund is just now about recovered enough from Christmas to think about the BobP pre-order.
  7. Gambit21

    What is with the rendering distance?

    25 miles - I would not have guessed nearly that. The old IL2 placed a large pixel foe each aircraft to boost viewing distance. I'm sure we don't want that solution in any case.
  8. Gambit21

    What is with the rendering distance?

    How large should an IL2 be that's 4.5 miles away from you? "You don't even see them as they are so small" That's what happens when things get further away from you - they get smaller yes? So once again I'm not sure what the issue is.
  9. Working hard to Falcon...getting there. A flight of A-20's out of Adler low and behind the lines in route to attack enemy supply lines.
  10. Gambit21

    What is with the rendering distance?

    A shot from my 4K screen - there are 8 IL2's, fully rendered in the distance, just above the far wing of the A-20. Can you see them? I sure as heck wouldn't notice them until they're a bit closer, but they're there, fully represented on the screen...PLENTY far out. Also a fully zoomed in shot...can you see them now?
  11. Gambit21

    Flying Circus/WW1 Aviation

    I’m guessing there’s a lot of ground to cover before that happens - but who knows.
  12. I miss “Ming”-glish. Yeah Loft just didn’t get it, a proper career and Hyperlobby-type functionality should have been priority from day one rather than the asinine, gamey grinding for unlocks and air-quake servers. The ship has been righted, but doesn’t mean the money exists to give us true co-ops/Hyperlobby functionality back - but I hope so. I’ll be offline only for the most part until then. That is until we get Zekes vs Wildcat back anyway.