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  1. Of course it is. Absolutely - is there a retired Val pilot lurking that I’ve missed? That’s one of the reasons why I say “something has to give” Welcome to every day. Which is a good argument for building the Zeros and the Oscar, and the American aircraft. No not exactly the same model...which is yet another reason for “something has to give”
  2. Seems to me there’s no quality control gateway or reasonably high standard upheld with regard to flight models, 3D models etc for this product. Is that a fair statement?
  3. The Jug would run in WEP as long as it had water - 15 minutes. When they gave it 7 hours of water for a bench test - it ran in WEP for 7 hours - no problem. They didn’t stop the test because the engine failed, they stopped because the water ran out. The Jug would reach terminal velocity in a dive and no parts flew off. That’s what I know.
  4. There are 4 guys out here in the U.S. that would disagree - I'm not one of them, but they exist....or so I hear. The next time I fly a WWII aircraft in BoX it will be PTO. If that never happens...then it will never happen. They're going to have to figure it out, or move away from WWII sooner than later. Going to Korea only solves 1 release cycle. Italy seems impractical, BoB and Africa are both CloD territory. Something is going to have to give. They can build 4 versions of the Zero (including the Rufe/float version) the Oscar, and all of the American iro
  5. El wrongomundo Up at 20k plus it was a dancing ballerina and a ballerina with 8 .50 cals to boot. As Luke said, you’re missing the whole picture here. The Jugs problem was range, and 1 v 1 performance below 15,000 feet. It was hard to beat a Jug at altitude. It’s main job was ground attack after the Mustang replaced it in the escort role, and yes it excelled in this department.
  6. I’ve managed to stick every landing (training/practice mission included) without using any of the aids provided. This is not a good thing, it’s a bad thing since I can’t hope to trap like this. I’m not trying to ignore the AoA indicator or the E-bracket, I just can’t track all of that AND fly the jet yet. So every time I nearly fall out of the sky during the break because I can’t see my airspeed for crap, compensate by going into burner, then it all goes out the window and I land like I’m flying a Mustang or something (seat of my pants and velocity vector) All sorts of stick input that shouldn
  7. I’m having the same experience with my Ryzen 7, 5800x. Even with the old 1080, HUGE difference.
  8. I’m absolutely loving my VKB Gladiator NXT. I can’t believe the difference from my old Saitek. My Thrustmaster Airbus throttle is also making me very happy. It’s perfect for older Jets like the Tomcat and before, or WWII etc. I live the 2 engine start switches. For something like the Viper I’d be missing the extra buttons, but that’s not my bag. Great combo for me.
  9. I-con ˈīˌkän/ Noun 1. A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or worthy of veneration. 2. As relating to Helocopters. Any helicopter that meets ALL of the following conditions. A. Makes a pronounced, thunderous, well defined WHOP WHOP” sound. B. Can be flown low over Southeast Asia. C. Fortunate Son and/or Jumping Jack Flash can be heard playing in the background while the above 2 conditions exist. 😛
  10. Oh I’m starting down the road I’m 3 evenings in with the editor. I just meant that something has to give - so it was the Hornet.
  11. “Stand-ins” in general (unless we’re talking variants of the same type) are invariably pointless and completely unsatisfying IMO. Somebody made a “PTO” campaign with the existing plane set - which is utterly ridiculous for all kinds of reasons.
  12. This is why I switched my project from the Hornet to the Tomcat. Who has time honestly. I certainly can’t do it AND learn a new editor, and Moose Framework/scripting, and, and, and... I’d love to already know it but I can’t afford the time/resources to get there. Tomcat it is.
  13. Yep - I’d been wanting rectangular triggers in BoX forever...no matter now. I can’t seem to get mouse/pan to work with external views - I see you have it working just fine.
  14. What sorts of triggers exactly?
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