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  1. Object link the check zone to the aircraft that you want to activate it.
  2. The BoX mission editor is vastly more powerful. The 1946 editor was beyond weak by comparison. Yes easy to use, but weak. I can be much more creative now.
  3. Before PTO was delayed, I was fixing to use Kuban for a short Darwin campaign (P-40's vs Zero) if the Zero was released early enough.
  4. Proximity trigger or check zone, complex trigger, those are not workarounds, that's just how you do things often enough. In this case a simple check zone would suffice.
  5. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/55098-discussion-about-yak-9-yak-9t-and-hurricane-collector-planes-announcement/
  6. You take 3 Yaks the in morning, then you take 3 Yaks at night. You take 3 Yaks before you take 3 Yaks, and then you feel alright...
  7. For most everyone...'sigh' Looking forward to purchasing and not flying the Yak.
  8. My problem to. I’ll try and post it to beta this weekend. Working on a campaign it’s difficult to take the time to make separate bug/demo missions.
  9. ...again let’s just agree that Eastern Front growing alongside the rest of the content is a good thing.
  10. Yes My purchase is me voting with my wallet for a Mosquito down the road.
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