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  1. @slawson612 you are conflating two different things. One is an under the hood issue, the other is a mission logic issue. The second issue is solvable with modified mission logic, which is easy say for a builder to do "by hand" in a custom mission. However from everything that I've gathered, changing the way the code automates the mission logic is not an easy/quick task. I'm sure it will change at some point.
  2. Not sure why we needed a thread to point out the other thread...but ok.
  3. I've gotten lost plenty of times just watching the simple tanks fight it out in my missions. Complex tanks, and player controlled no less? Damn right it's worth my money, just knowing those assets are sitting there for me to create with when time allows. Whatever else comes, whatever that is, great. As far as damage models, the only thing I care about personally is if it seems correct, and I know things will continue to develop in that area in any case. I'm expecting this to be a long-term investment.
  4. OK...you good Jaeger? I have some campaign/mission issues to sort. For grins try a Complex Trigger. I use those for my ground, after landing logic generally.
  5. I set wind to 0 in all missions to avoid issues. Not home yet so haven’t looked at the mission file.
  6. I’ve reported similar behavior. I imagine it will get sorted in time as work on the AI continues.
  7. I will reply to those of you that responded later today. Thank you!
  8. I don't think this is the same "Microprose" as we had before, so color me highly skeptical.
  9. From your campaign mission, make a simple test mission, just 1 aircraft landing with your check zone logic. You can post it if you want and I can take a look.
  10. I'm down to the wire, and I need a few testers who have the time to fly 16 missions, a few possibly more than once. So figure 16-20 missions or so over a 2 week period once you receive the campaign files (which should be within the next 2 weeks) Requirements... 1. An active forum member/ familiar face 2. You must have time to fly 16-20, 45 minute to hour plus missions in a relatively short amount of time. 3. Be able to provide detailed feedback. 4. Able to maintain NDA protocol 5. I cannot provide any compensation for this task. I have a few good testers already, but I need to add one, maybe two more so that I can complete testing hopefully in February. I don't have time for flakes, or anyone with good intentions but no time. This happened a few times with the Kuban campaign and forced me to start over and post again, which just puts me behind and delays the whole project. So please think twice before contacting me. PM me if interested.
  11. I would not risk it. I've had missions get corrupted during a save just working in the normal way, I'm not going to add yet another risk factor to the mix. From what I can see the time gain isn't enough to make me even experiment with it.
  12. Thanks - I had a different recollection of that.
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