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  1. The A.I. still does it :(

    OK - I saw some things there that I reported in your first mission. Thanks for posting the missions guys.
  2. The A.I. still does it :(

    OK - thenorm... German flights did indeed have a "command land" MCU at your home base - obviously an error. I will report this. Checking on the other stuff. OK Sputnik - mission one I can't find anything amiss with delete MCU's...I did find a few MCU/counter errors, but nothing you'd notice flying the mission. I'm most curious about the first one though, looking at that one next. I'm not sure of the exact circumstances of your flight and how things played out, but yes there's a 15000 meter 'deactivate' MCU linked to you player aircraft and enemy aircraft. I'm calling 'no bug' at this point, and I cant' find any misplaced 'delete' MCU's.
  3. It takes a while to build one of these. So after I finish here, I'll be building groups/logic, laying out missions for the Jug campaign, even if that means using a stand-in map and a stand-in aircraft for a while. Months before the A-20 hit beta I had 7 or so of these missions built using the Peshka as a stand-in.
  4. Bodenplatte early access

    No arguement from me Rjel.
  5. Bodenplatte early access

    I'm guessing you'll be very happy
  6. Bodenplatte early access

    I didn't say "The Russians did all the work". I meant that the Russian front is where most (please note use of the word 'most') of the fighting and dying took place. Jugs and P-38's - no argument there. The Mustang did it's job admirably and for my money is one of the most beautiful aircraft produced.
  7. Bodenplatte early access

    As an American who loves the Mustang (and the Zero, and the Jug, and the Dora, and, and...) can we not start this "Mustang won the war" bunk please? If anything it was the Russian pilots that "won the war"
  8. AI Waypoint Flying Speed

    How long the AI remains in the attack area is a simple matter of mission logic - not AI code. Thus easily adjusted.
  9. Time compression and the new career

    That won't work, one big reason is because of the way events/flights etc are triggered. I don't think this is plausible - not without some time intensive coding anyway.
  10. Is Axis airframes too easy to bring down .

    These "help! the German planes are nerfed!!" discussion are never of value.
  11. Time compression and the new career

    Time compression past 2x only works on very light missions. Career missions often go to 4x because overall unit density is usually fairly light comparatively speaking. You will not see a difference between 4x and 8x except in VERY light missions, I mean a test mission with just a one or two aircraft, no ground units etc. So effectively 8x doesn't exist (don't confuse faster camera shake with faster compression) and in heavier missions only 2x makes any difference. In most of my campaign missions only 2x actually speeds things up at all, while in a recent mission with low units I see a speed-up at 4x (again not the usual case) but not 8x. I build/test/play on a powerful system.
  12. The A.I. still does it :(

    I'll look at that mission and test spotter units tonight.
  13. Bodenplatte early access

    1. We know the Jug is coming 2. Are you saying wind tunnel data was utilized for every other aircraft?
  14. The A.I. still does it :(

    I did miss that - thank you!