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  1. That's been the conclusion for a some weeks now. The question is when will 16GB become and advantage - the likely answer is not within the life of the card. In other words you'll likely be upgrading before 16GB even matters.
  2. There’s no bug with regards to waypoints and aircraft/vehicles that I’ve seen.
  3. It’s hard to argue for an Intel CPU right now.
  4. Patrick, yes haze decreases load. I used it (or rather a weather preset that already had it before the separate setting was introduced) to increase performance in a mission or two that were struggling otherwise due to a nearby city and other assets placed. It drastically decreases draw distances.
  5. Luke, I’m sure there are forums on the Gigabyte site. Check them out and see if anyone has had a similar problem. You're right that it shouldn’t be this hard.
  6. Well you type better than many people who have English as their 1st language, so no worries my friend. I have no interest in creating anything truly dynamic, simulating this via scripting is more immersive anyway IMHO. I'm just talking about ideas vs what can actually be pulled off outside of the actual game code. My opinion on this may be due to my interpretation of the above ideas vs his, or yours.
  7. Speak for yourself (unfortunately) I get more crashes the heavier the mission gets. Panning, pasting, zooming. Yet I’ve never even experienced the “2 blocks on top of one another” crash There are nights that I just shut down in disgust after 10 crashes. Other nights it’s not as bad or I have more patience.
  8. Hmm...I see what you’re saying (I think) but there are still elements that require access to the game code it seems.
  9. Patrick I’ve reported this several times. With sample missions demonstrating the problem. It wasn’t always this way, and started happening after the Rhineland map release.
  10. I love that the Ryzens are blazing fast and optimized out of the box. That’s how it should be.
  11. Clearly someone who’s never witnessed a weasel attack - or who knows anything about weasels. They’re are pound for pound one of the most fearsome predators out there. Our Long Tailed Weasel up around these parts can take out an animal 4x it’s size.
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