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  1. True! I love that editor...when it's not crashing.
  2. I'm not aware of any mine objects in the editor - FYI.
  3. Ahh...my fault. I just misread. Yeah pretty big mission files. I have a project coming up later that will have to be built in layers/separate files I think. My system however should be able to run 15 editors at one time without crashing. I run high end 3D apps with no issues...it's the Editor...it needs work.
  4. No - nothing to do with "buggy" missions. Your advice about working with smaller elements and placing them into the final build however is spot-on...I do this when possible, but it's not always feasible.
  5. You’re not working with larger mission files I’m guessing.
  6. Yep It also makes mission design more difficult, since this must be taken into account when placing units, waypoints, etc. I'm not sure there's a fix for it in the short term, as it has to do with the nature of the trees vs terrain in the game engine. Basically you have to script the mission so that trees don't come into play when units can "see" each other/not blocked by the terrain itself...not easy.
  7. I'm particularly pissed off about it today.
  8. ...9...10...11... Lost some work with the last one, got on a roll and wasn't saving as often as I usually do.
  9. ...6 crashes....7....8 and counting.
  10. Eh...no. I had a 350X back in the day, too much power for something with 3 wheels. I was good, but still had some close calls. Moved on to quads and dirtbikes. If I want that ATC feeling again I'll fill a shopping cart full of bowling balls and take a few fast turns.
  11. It's ridiculous - I've had 5 MF'ing crashes since I made that last post an hour ago. They need to give us a stable editor.
  12. I really wish we had the G...would work in Russia too.
  13. Yes - the editor is a crash-fest. Crashes are a gigantic Fu%&ing time waste. It's been way too long - this is not a new problem.
  14. I have a Y-29 mission started, but I need to finish the Jug campaign before I complete it.
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