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  1. Gambit21

    The Paleontology Thread

    Sorry - I not trying to be jerk. I should have resisted the impulse to type initially. It's a rabbit hole.
  2. Gambit21

    The Paleontology Thread

    Too bad - that’s what you get. Been down this road before - no time or inclination these days - especially on the net. Even with someone as likable and reasonable as Fink. Not everything can be properly dealt with by posting a link. Too much stuff/academic baggage to wade through and refute where this subject is concerned - volumes. Good news is that you can simply decide I’m full of crap and move on. It’s all good - probably shouldn’t have commented, normally I wouldn’t. For whatever reason in that moment I did. Anyhoo - always been a big Dino fan. I illustrated the dinosaur T-shirts for the Universal Studios Jurassic Park attraction back in 97 or so. I still have a few laying around.
  3. Gambit21

    The Paleontology Thread

    Old/conventional parroted notion - not the case. I don’t have time to get into it here though:
  4. Gambit21

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    That confused him dude.
  5. Resetting editor settings didn't work. F-it. I changed to Summer pre-set, which changes the map color, and brings my airfield textures back, and allows the mission to play. Of course it resets all my dates and weather pre-sets...which thankfully I have written down (and a backup copy of the campaign to check as well) Still annoying though.
  6. Gambit21

    what pc game to buy?

    I want a game like the original R6 - that’s my speed. One shot, one kill, pure tactics. Unforgiving - No car chase bullshit. The PC game market has gone down the tubes from where I sit. Give me another REAL Rainbow 6, Jedi Knight, maybe another Batman Arkham game that actually runs on the PC this time. Another Thief game that’s as good as the original. I look for games to buy now and then - and there’s ZERO that interest me. I don’t want blood and guts and zombies. Every time I finished a session of the old Half Life I felt nauseous. I’m to the point where I’m considering re-installing Arkham City or Origins.
  7. I’ll give it whirl later - thanks Jim
  8. Gambit21


    Aleutian task force never turns back (what if) scenario, I feel ya Brems.
  9. Thanks Sketch! I’ll do more troubleshooting later.
  10. Gambit21

    Custom Campaigns do not Start!

    Mission format change by the devs. Most or all should be converted soon.
  11. Gambit21


    Ha - don't get me wrong, an Aleutians map would be cool. Even a third party map maker would most likely have or be given other priorities though.
  12. Gambit21


    Eh - no. Given the resources available, creating an Aleutians map would be stepping over quarters to pick up nickes.
  13. Gambit21

    Where do you rank IL-2 Great Battles?

    Even European Air War (EAW) brought things that even Oleg's great sim sorely lacked in the immersion department. Those briefings, with the sounds of boots on the floor, chairs creaking, the 1940's graphics and music - that has not been done since. Oleg just didn't have the vision, neither did Loft. As Fink indicated, there are lessons to be gleaned from EAW, and should be a starting point for what we want/expect in a flight sim experience. Again, that BoX didn't do that is a Loft thing. Jason has the vision, but undoing all vestiges of Loft and re-creating from the ground up isn't possible, so baby steps. I don't expect to ever see an EAW style interface though all things considered. Point is, no product offers the whole package with regard to immersion, flight modeling, 3D modeling and texturing, terrain, content, ballistics, damage modeling... I fly BoX only, because my time is limited, and priorities to me are flight modeling/physics, (including damage modeling) graphics, content. BoX delivers. I gave CloD a chance when it was released, didn't even run. I put it in the drawer and never looked back...for years held the notion that 1C owed me $50 for that piece of junk.
  14. Gambit21

    Where do you rank IL-2 Great Battles?

    Not reading that.