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  1. The analogy of car vs motorcycle is perfect for WWII vs WWI aircraft - one of the reasons I love the I16 so much is that it bridges that gap...love that thing. You get that "wind in your hair" feel...also why I loved flying the Zero with the cockpit open in the old sim...and dammit I'd BETTER get that opportunity again. Anyway I can't wait to spend time with the WWI stuff eventually, just no time at this juncture. Good interview.
  2. I’ve never needed a significant delay when activating a waypoint btw. I usually use 1 sec, even 20 bombers or a large, “mature” mission file. This leads me to believe that your logic is somehow the problem.
  3. There’s a lot of that going around right now.
  4. Horses for Courses. The Bingo Bombs trigger is elegant because after that report, then you can dial in the interval from Bingo Bombs to RTB, knowing that no matter what happens, RTB will never be triggered before lead has dropped all of his bombs. So I'm never gong back in and testing/re-testing AI behavior to get them to drop all of their bombs before the RTB timer kicks in. Also maybe you want the aircraft to make strafing runs for 2 minutes after bombs are dropped, or change your mind to 3 minutes, or RTB immediately - easy by simply adjusting the "bingo bombs RTB" timer. You probably know this, but can use just 'deactivate' or just 'Force Complete' however to be safe it's best to use both because sometimes things change under the hood and problems can occur.
  5. Yeah - for that build, until AI behavior changes and then your timer needs to be adjusted. Been down this road long ago - which is why I settled in “bingo bombs” for the lead aircraft.
  6. Could be you’ve knackered the logic, or could be a current bug that I’ve reported in Beta that prevents taxiing in some (not all) locations/situations.
  7. That’s great - love that old music. Your blamket statement reminds me of a different song. You Make No Sense
  8. What are you talking about. I don’t have a problem, Jaeger doesn’t have a problem...
  9. Yes AI behavior reasons. The AI will insist on level bombing if equipped with an internal load.
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