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  1. Yeah the steppe of Russia was pretty barren in spots, but western Europe wasn't. You have to learn to deal with it. WW2 history is full of pilots who met their end , or at least the end of their aircraft, due to hitting trees while strafing and low level bombing. Many came home with branches and leaves embedded in the AC. For a full real sim this is to be expected and I've snagged a few myself! And many hit telephone wires and high tension wires as well which is something we don't have to deal with in this sim. When there's a tree-lined road I approach and strafe head-on to the co
  2. Ahh, the Pacific! I want my PTO;-). I have even been bringing it up over on the DCS forums (which I did feel a little guilty about as IL-2 is my preferred sim for WW2) and ran into the same tired arguments about difficulty obtaining documentation and real world data for Japanese planes. Also that the devs wouldn't want to do a plane if it isn't "perfect". While obtaining data is hard there is plenty of it out there. I also think it is kind of silly to build a WW2 Marianas map if you have NO Japanese aircraft available! So DCS does not seem to be addressing the Pacific in a serious manner. Mayb
  3. Just a quick note: There have been a number of updates to my system this last week - Windows, IL-2, and Nvidia's latest driver. Yesterday morning I could not get better than 55 FPS on my PC in IL-2 where I usually experience 143-144 FPS on my 1440 monitor (PC specs below). After repeatedly restarting and fooling around, some web searches, etc. I finally rolled back the latest Nvidia driver and that fixed the issue immediately. I suspected the latest Windows update as there has been a lot mention on the web of FPS drops, but got no relief using the suggestions I found and reinstalled those upda
  4. I think this may help you or anyone else running a Nvidia RTX 3080 or 3090, even if you have an 850 W PSU. I installed my EVGA 3080 XC3 Ultra on an ASUS B550-F atx mobo which has very strong VRM, a Sunflower Leadtek III 850W PSU (highly recommended as they make some of the best rated power supplies for other big name companies) with an AMD 3600x originally though now I'm running an AMD Ryzen 5800X with a Noctua cooler, 32GB 3200Mhz (2 sticks) and 3 M.2 SSDs, running it to a 1440 /144fps display using stock DOCP and High performance settings in Windows and the BIOS with no fancy overclocking at
  5. I too have seen many AI lawndarts of late. I always fly outnumbered to work on situational awareness, etc. and when things get low and defensive the boom and zoom high enemy AIs routinely kamikaze the local landscape coming after me. I had a recent SP mission on the Stalingrad map, 4 P-51s (Veteran setting) vs 8 enemy: 4 190s & 4 109s (Veteran and Ace settings) where when I checked my six as I was going nose to nose with a FW-190 at 250m AGL I got to watch 3 AI lawndart in a nice straight line of craters like a precision lawndart aerobatic display team. Boom, Boom, boom in perfect harmony.
  6. The gun port whistle is well known and if you get to see a real P-51 flying at an airshow you can't miss it as it's very distinctive. I use it as a stall indicator when I'm in a dogfight and it's actually pretty useful that way. It's not the only aircraft to make that sound either though it's definitely the loudest in this regard. At least that's what my cat tells me, so it must true.
  7. Yeah, I've been toying with the idea of upgrading the vBios for my EVGA 3080, but I don't think I would see any benefit in my flightsims right now. From what I've read online it appears that Resizable BAR needs to be enabled via Nvidia drivers for each game and not necessarily by the game devs so it might be a while before it available in IL2, DCS, etc. Or maybe the devs need to coordinate with Nvidia to make it happen? My card and system is running topnotch as is in IL2 GB with Ultra settings at 144 fps on a 1440p monitor right now, though I did undervolt the card for lower temps and lower po
  8. I have to agree with wollie12 in his notes about Frankfurt above. I myself noted that the map is missing Hanau where I was stationed for over 4 years while serving in the 3rd AD. It should be just along the river to the SW just before going off map. I've only flown this area a couple of times as it is close to the map border and invariably dogfights end up off map with those glaring messages about being out of bounds. It would be cool if the southern boundary could be extended further south as this would allow Fliegerhorst AF to be included which had some Luftwaffe fighter units f
  9. Just got my Crosswinds about 2 months ago and really like them a bunch. Smooth and the spring tensioning is great. I'm using the original cams don't feel a need to order the others, but it's nice that the option exists. What really sold me was the pedal width as I've had several pedal sets and the pedals were always way to close together and uncomfortable for me and the Crosswinds are nice and wide.
  10. Wow, I remember a lot of these callsigns! And some real fine dogfights from back then. I recall that a few VBF-12 flyers gave me some quick deaths in Zekes and Wildcats back then. It's good to be flying again.
  11. Yep, about 20 years of flight sims here too. Started with the MS combat sims, but quickly moved on to IL-2 (with some time in X-Plane and MSFS while I was taking real world flight training). Flew on Ghost Skies with the Axis guys and spent a lot of time in Hyperlobby on Spits vs 109s / Zekes and Wildcats servers. The PTO became my go to when I wasn't flying with squad. I used to practice escort takeoffs and landings almost every morning before work! Took a big break from flying from about mid 2013 till 2020 due to job moves, life changes, and a lack of dollars. But I retired a cou
  12. BCI-Nazgul: I agree that .50 cal wasn't an issue in IL2 1946, at least not in my experience, but I do remember a bunch of moaning and groaning discussions just the same in the forums back then. I was just noting that as it seems that there will always be some angst about the effectiveness of different caliber weapons in the flight sim world regardless of how well it is or isn't applied within the constraints of pc computing sims development. It does seem to be a neverending discussion, and will probably remain so no matter how well the devs implement it over time.
  13. Wow, the neverending discussion about M.2 .50 cal ineffectiveness. I remember this was a discussion in IL2 1946 as well and I have been a little loath to add my 2 cents worth, but I have some personal experience to bring to the table so I'll post this one time only. I served in the 82nd ABN DIV and then 5 years in the 3RD AD in Germany. At both locations I got to livefire M.2s on many occasions, even serving as a range safety NCO several times in Germany due to my experience with it, sitting on top of my old wornout M113 APC all day training troops on setting the headspace and how
  14. JG1_Barton makes a good point about AI lawndarts. While my high altitude fighting leaves much to be desired most of my fights end up low and at turning speeds sooner or later (just like a bunch of real life combats in WW2) and I watch the enemy AIs routinely lawndart these days. At altitudes above 3000m I have a harder time with spotting as I lose some aircraft due to ground clutter and a few in the darker overhead sky, unless there's contrails. If they gang up on me I take them to the deck where spotting is easier and can just pull a lot of nose to nose, nose to tail and a combination of yo-y
  15. Thanks everyone for the input. Von_Tom -"About the chunky feel - also try tightening up the grip itself because the metal bit that goes into the base can loosen and that gives a clunk." Yep, noticed that right away when I got the Warthog and used a few wraps of teflon tape, the kind used for plumbing, air compressor fixtures etc., to fix that issue with no more loosening of the knurled nut even after long sessions. Used Loctite on all the other little screws throughout the base too, so everything is tight now. I'm pretty sure the clunk is in the sensor area and it is not prese
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