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  1. Я могу дать очень, ОЧЕНЬ приблизительную (не точную дату) - конец 2020 года.
  2. Мы обязательно сделаем IL-2 stick, но только после KG13 stick. Cheb (Павел) был на встрече в Москве. Мы его пригласили. И он любезно согласился показать Grips.
  3. It will be absolutely the same plastic.
  4. What changes are you waiting for? 😀
  5. You must trust me I use these pedals -
  6. Guys, I agree with your arguments. But, unfortunately, this does not bring us closer to the appearance of the KG13 stick in metal. A plastic KG13 stick to get more real. And trust me - I really love my KG13 stick!
  7. You transfer the conversation to another channel of the river. Stick KG13 is very specific. The reality of sales shows that most need sticks, on which a lot of buttons! :)) And the fact that it was beneficial to do to me or to Cheb2006 is not at all beneficial to large-scale production. By the way, I recommend contacting Cheb2006. We know each other and try to help each other. And I also recommend that you read the interesting topic - http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3133178/MMaister_s_KG13A_project.html#Post3133178/url
  8. F18 stick has no rubber coating I do not believe that you buy a metal+rubber coating KG13 stick for 250-290 euros. Such products ruin us.
  9. Do you know why I asked? Nobody thinks - how much will a metal stick cost? Metal will be very expensive! After all, we still need to cover the stick handle with rubber. It is better to make it the same plastic. It was a joke. I can not make a formal announcement. However ... I now work together with Virpil ...
  10. How much are you willing to pay for the metal?
  11. No guys. Not much is left and everything is already booked. You need to wait for 2020, when this stick will appear in the Virpil shop
  12. No no. I am very friendly I do not speak English. With the help of a translator it is difficult to convey the real meaning of the conversation. I really want everything to be fine
  13. I can not give you a officially promise from VPC, but I assume that YES. In July or August. 🙄 Do you really think that the delivery is so long ??? Everything I make is sold instantly in the domestic market of Russia. I tell you that you will regret it many times in the future. We do not tell about all our plans. Therefore, I do not want to persuade you. I wish you become happy with the pedals MFG.
  14. Hello to all! I thank for the kind words. I am very busy working in the Virpil Controls. Perhaps the best variant will be to buy pedals in the official store. https://virpil-controls.eu/ It remains to wait quite a bit. And you can buy them by reservation. https://forum.virpil.com/index.php?/topic/431-introducing-the-final-part-of-the-vpcockpit-vpc-rudder-pedals/ Or later, with the next replenishment of the store.
  15. ДА, эти контакты подписаны на доске контроллера - Boot Вам необходимо замкнуть эти контакты. Подключить контроллер к компьютеру. Устройство перейдёт в режим загрузки. Запустить конфигуратор и загрузить прошивку. После этого сохранить все действия в контроллер. И потом загрузить файл конфигурации. Сохранить в контроллер. И затем откалибровать педали. Прошивку запросите у меня на электронной почте. Пожалуйста, обращайтесь за технической поддержкой (по устройствам BRD) ко мне на адрес - order@brd-avia.ru
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