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  1. I'm very much looking forward to getting shot out of the skies in a Mk XIV.
  2. Hopefully a DD tomorrow and Spit 14 release soon are not mutually exclusive 😃
  3. I think you have to circle at 8k feet or 3k meters to initiate the recon.
  4. Youtube. IL2 + whatever aircraft your looking for info on. Lots of great stuff. Generally, each aircraft has unique ways to fly and you'll be able to get a lot of content that helps with MP. You should be able to easily find content that shows how to fly and how to fight. Check these out... Sheriff's Sim Shack I Fly Central opcode
  5. My loss rate is like 65% cause I'm too lazy to take out the AA before the bomb run... RESPAWN!
  6. Don't get me wrong, I like having a score and knowing how you compare with other players but I'd like there to be more emphasis on breakdowns regarding the pilot during the month... which plane do I get the most A2A kills, which is my best ground attacker, etc. I dunno... I'm just less interested in squeezing out 2 or 10 additional spaces in the hierarchy because of an algorithm change. I am mostly cannon fodder though, so I mainly use that stats page to compare against myself month to month and if there's been any improvement. To each their own, I guess.
  7. Kudos to CombatBox... great server to fly! Maybe in the future we can have a channel map with minimal landmarks and get the bot to send us vectors for 'radar contacts' over the water.
  8. Na... nothing stops the complaints. The freedom to fly alone or with a squad creates completely different experiences and offering your input here to help improve your own experience will inherently get the wrath of someone else. If you have thick skin and can handle some negative feedback post away, I say. The multitude of experiences this sim provides is the main reason I can't put it down. I'm getting shot to pieces in a fighter...go bomb something.. getting shot to pieces bombing.. change up tactics or get on the radio and plead for help. If none of that works... change sides!
  9. Yeah, but I have been around so easy kills are a plenty. I don't feel it's been terribly dead. Yeah..it's not 40 a side every night, but go bomb something and take your frustrations out on the killer AA. It's nice to get to target, kill things AND get home.
  10. @[DBS]TH0R - You even got my dumbass attempt at a dive into a hornet's nest of machine gun fire! Seeing that series of explosions was pretty cool. S!
  11. There are multiple maps, I think. I like to level bomb once in a while as well and dodging fighters is part of the fun, but having regular air starts at some altitude for bombers, I think, would encourage more to jump into it as those can be very long flights to get to alt, then nav to target, then (hopefully) get home.
  12. These "new" maps are a nice shake up. Variety is the spice of life!
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