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  1. Thank you for this Raptorattacker, it's a beauty
  2. As always , first-class work , thanks peterla .
  3. Very nice work A-E Hartmann , thank you for sharing
  4. Thank you gentlemen for tips, information and kindness , it's great with such a forum.
  5. It's nice to know SYN_Haashashin , but how do we get new and better knowledge of Me if this can not be used as a " guideline " ?
  6. 3. Basic rules of mission building with the ROF Me. When building a mission it’s important to remember the following basic rules: - you need at least one Mission Begin translator, but their number is unlimited. For example you can import stand-alone functional blocks of mission with the block itself having its own Mission Begin; - each command has to be linked to an object that executes this command, i.e. the command has to “know” who it belongs to; - command or trigger are executed (turn on) only in case they are started by TL or Message from another object; - you should avoid giving commands to single object simultaneously and determine a sequence of commands using Timer triggers (1-2 seconds); - deactivated object doesn’t receive commands, keeping those received before deactivation; - when activating an object there needs to be a delay before giving him new commands (1-2 seconds) because activation process takes more then one step of modeling time; - when using MCU Spawner remember that you can’t spawn a player (player controlled plane), you can’t spawn groups; - don’t place more then 20 objects of the same type (everything that is in the lists: Bridges, Buildings, Airfields, Battlefield of the Library window) into one “screen frame” (approximately 5 km radius); - it’s important to consider the priority of the command given to the object; - don’t place more then 35 objects of different type into one “screen frame”; - AI will attack only an object that belongs to opposite (enemy) coalition, it’s important to remember about it when building missions; - it’s important to adhere the limitations for MCU of the Editor, which are listed in X section of this manual;
  7. Life's good, looking forward to next week.
  8. Great news, looking forward to all these delights ...
  9. Absolute spitzenklasse Stab/JG26_5tuka Vielen Dank.
  10. Nice work BP_Iceman, thank you for sharing.
  11. Bf-109F-4 Heinrich Bartels Schwarze 13, Super skin, thank you very much.
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