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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_ruble#Historical_official_exchange_rates
  2. Sure, as long as you don't use the launcher to start the game and start \bin\game\Il-2.exe directly you should be able to play quick missions at least - I don't remember now which game mode don't work apart from career (and obviously multiplayer). Just press escape at the login prompt and you should be good to go.
  3. Well yeah that's clearly in Alfred's purview.
  4. Or just celebrating life and really stoked to get to the middle of the week alive.
  5. Just bumping this up to say that even having simply control over saturation (even if limited/clamped) would really help the image quality for LCD-using headsets. Seeing as most (if not all?) newly announced headsets will be using LCD screens I think this option would be beneficial to the game in general.
  6. Yes. That's only because you've selected the option to do so in the Oculus software settings. If you disable that then you'll see the game.
  7. The outcome (and more importantly the casualties) on occasion can affect the resupply / hardware availability of your squadron and the subsequent missions generated. Also you can find yourself being commander for a while if your current commander gets killed.
  8. In June there had been a reply to a bug report I brought up about this issue:
  9. i9 9900k, rtx2080, rift s - 8vs8 head to head quick mission at 1500m altitude maxes out at ~10ms frametime with this config - if performance is an issue you can take the supersampleRatio in opencomposite.ini down to 1.1 to still have easily readable instruments and some acceptable level of AA startup.cfg - relevant section opencomposite.ini If you are not running opencomposite already I suggest you do so and ditch steamvr.
  10. Since I've opted for OpenComposite instead of using SteamVR and thus excluding the possibility of using OVRToolkit or the likes I usually pin a window using Oculus dash in a location in space that isn't obtrusive.
  11. Any ack-ack battery nearby at the time? Perhaps in those buildings at your right?
  12. Yup. Different strokes for different folks. Also the end experience varies based on hardware used, player physiology and eyesight, expectations etc. I can only comment on this point (which isn't IL-2 specific actually) and point out that eventually we'll get full on hand tracking (Oculus Quest has this this to an extent) so if it's supported in games you can also interact after a fashion with the cockpit. In XPlane you get some fairly decent such control of cockpit elements using the clunky VR controllers (same in DCS last time I checked but it's even clunkier there). IMO those controllers will eventually be phased out or transformed in to something to use for specific types of games, most simply interaction will end up being via direct hand tracking.
  13. No, neither the consumers will buy VR to use facebook nor facebook will push non-mobile VR hardware. Initially I expect facebook will do some vr-only apps/features that will tie in with facebook and aimed to Quest-like standalone devices (it was their biggest VR hardware success even before the Link feature) while eventually transitioning to AR devices at some point when they are cheaper and more practical for the social media usage. Plus AR devices will be used by people outside their houses eventually, thus enabling further data collection which is the actual facebook goldmine.
  14. Invert that and consider how many social media users exist who have not bought specialized hardware because they do not think they need it. Now add VR-only features to the social media platforms and see how many will buy the VR headset so they are not left out.
  15. Some games under Steam don't mind if you launch them from their executable as long as there is a steam_appid.txt containing the game's ID in the same directory. So in theory if you do that (by starting il2.exe instead of tha game's launcher) and have previously set it in VR mode the config won't change and it'll go straight to VR. Sadly I can't test as I too don't own the steam ver.
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