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  1. As @dburne said map the VR recenter control. However for adjusting cockpit position you'll need to use the "Save current corrections in head snap position" (default is F10 under Pilot Head Control as well, two lines under "Default VR view"). To adjust, physically move in to the position you find comfortable in the cockpit and press that binding (helps to temporarily assign it to a mouse click or something portable in case your keyboard is too far away) then return to your normal sitting position and press the "Default VR view" so it centers on the previously saved location. Hope that make
  2. Well the jailbreak involves obtaining root access to the device itself - it's an android device after all - so getting FB to not be able to do that is one of the first things addressed.
  3. Apparently there are reports of the Quest 2 having been jailbroken, so the FB shenanigans might be avoided soon enough. @MoleUK Shimmering can be reduced considerably by disabling the sharpen option, enabling MSAA and adding a touch of supersampling (even 1.1 does the trick on the Rift S), also clamp the negative LOD bias in your GPU profile settings for the game.
  4. This still happens exactly like described above btw on 4.506 Current setup is a 5900X with 32Gb and an RTX2080.
  5. Sounds neat for people that play games which involve some form of locomotion, paired with that decamove motion tracker. Couldn't care less about the cable in seated sim situations. Infinite office, eh, I don't think VR is meant for that sort of thing; at least not currently.
  6. Actually it's because OpenComposite doesn't support OpenVR plugins/addons which is the type of app VRNeckSaver, correctly, registers as. FWIW I agree with OP even though I have no physical problem checking my six by looking behind me even if it does put me in a disadvantage vs pancake players who can do this instantly. At the level OP approaches it is clearly an accessibility issue that would be nice if it was addressed.
  7. It is rather clear that those two elements are not mutually exclusive though. Surely the 3D modellers, texturers and the physics developer aren't the ones programming the DVD implementation which will add an element of detail to the Tank Crew expansion that it is currently lacking. And things like a VR implementation in an older custom engine like CLOD's is not necessarily a straightforward one-subset-of-programmers-involved-only subject. For example, and from experience: you might find that there's something in the rendering pipeline that causes an issue that's related to the way
  8. No. IL2 will be using SteamVR (which is, for all intents and purposes OpenVR). OpenXR will not be involved. If IL2 supported OpenXR then it would use Varjo's implementation of it directly, much like would happen if you play MS Flight Simulator which is an OpenXR title.
  9. Unless I missed something I believe IL2 remains an OpenVR title.
  10. Does this result in flappy wings on fast moving planes up close like you get with Oculus' reprojection method?
  11. You are on beta - v27 is the beta version, v26 is the stable release. https://forums.oculusvr.com/t5/Oculus-Rift-S-and-Rift/v27-PTC-PC-Software-Release-Notes/td-p/854697 PTC = public test channel = public beta
  12. Look at the bottom of the General page and currently if you are on beta it will say Oculus App Version 27, otherwise it'll be 26 ( specifically at the time of writing).
  13. Is this the update button that shows up in the game's launcher or do you own the game on Steam and the update indicator shows up there? If the former then close the launcher and try opening up the installation folder of the game and renaming the "updates" folder found in there to "_updates", start up the game launcher again - if the latter then right click on the game's entry in your Steam library and press the "Delete download cache" (or something like that) button and re-start Steam.
  14. It's an atmosphere/weather rendering middleware - fairly popular and producing really nice results: https://simul.co/ - although I don't know if MSFS uses TrueSky, verified implementations of TS that I have seen are, IMO, prettier than MSFS's clouds especially at closer range (but that is variable and depends on the settings used so it just might be that MSFS already uses truesky but with different settings). If the game physics can follow then maybe we can even have drastically changing weather conditions over time during a session. What it renders depends on what you send it, if
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