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  1. Here we go again....moan,moan,moan “ the tanks are not playing fair again “ why don’t you lot just grow up FFS.
  2. I thought that this was a " Total war server, SO BASICALLY NO RULES, so any dirty trick you can imagine if it HELPS DEFEAT THE ENEMY " FFS, if the server is going to constantly change what we can/can't do just to keep the moaners quiet then we have ... rules. I feel for Admin on this, they are dammed if they do ( by the silent majority) and dammed if they don't ( by the minority moaners)
  3. If time is short I will come onto the server and stay around our spawns on “AA” duty with the Sherman.It can be very productive. I find that if you get the attacking AC head on ...especially 110’s, you can have a great time, but keep moving your position!
  4. The collision damage model for tanks I way off, I don’t mind moaning about it again.The damage caused by colliding with trees or invisible objects is too severe and is an immersion killer.IRL hitting a tree would not damage the engine or the tracks, at the most you might rip off a track guard, or bend one onto the track, or rip off an aerial, the driver would get a kick in the back of the head to boot but that would be it.
  5. To repair you need to switch off the engine and open the commanders hatch and it will repair itself, depending on the damage it should be fairly quick.If you hit enter that will bring up a graphic of the tank, the icons on it, and their colour tells you how bad the damage is , ie Red for bad damage etc...I hope this is the info you need.
  6. Ok thank you for the reply, i did not see any CP or flag at the KALACH position, and i spent a lot of time there, still, maybe i didnt look hard enough...
  7. Not the first moan about the tank damage model. Hitting trees or invisable objects is now getting frustrating that i am starting to hate this game with a vengence. Now it seem that if you hit an invisable object all your crew will be wounded and one, or both of your tracks will be damaged. So you switch off and wait for the repair, even after that is done you will STILL be shown as destroyed, i dont get that. What i do get is sick reading a lot of posts from others all complaining about the damage model and No interest being shown from devs on the subject. So.How about some comment
  8. Finnish virtual pilots...
  9. I have to bump this. I went to Kalach (a Russian objective) in a T34 to capture it earlier and I could not find a flag.HOW is the objective captured? Is it by a ground unit or by stats, I can find no answer to this on the server or stats page, can anyone give me the heads up?
  10. Ok Thanks for that! i will try again.
  11. When capturing objectives on the ground is there a flag to go for, or some other method? I went to capture a objective recently and couldn’t see/find a flag and drove around aimlessly trying to capture it with no success. Can anyone give me the heads up? Thanks.
  12. This is a total war server, so basically no rules, so any dirty trick you can imagine, if it helps to defeat the enemy, The above quote is one of the server “rules” My take on that rule is that if I wish to do a long drive to an enemy depot and destroy it then I will. if I decide to end the mission by despawing instead of making the long drive back I will. Remember that not everyone can spend 5 hours on the server, some of us only can get an hour or two at it, then they have to go. It seems likely that tankers are to be punished for doing this, if that does happen, then the
  13. L1A1

    Map Scale

    Ok thank you for that everyone!
  14. The mission maps are made up of grid squares further seperated into 9 squares, does anyone know the what the map scale is? looking and searching has turned up zilch, thanks!
  15. L1A1

    HEJ ?

    Ok No_face ... i thought it may be something like that, thank you for the reply.
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