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  1. Awesome ... that tempest is a work of art ...awesome ...well done all for your hard work😁
  2. I notice on this map that the russian TB and spawn is on an open airfield, the german spawn is in a village, with lots of cover and a large open area to cross ( unless you flank ), so straight away the reds will have a hard time due to the tiger being an open country tank, and having good fields of view and fire, so they have the odds stacked in their favour from the start. But, this could easily be countered by more air support from the reds which was not really present ( there was a couple i think) on this particular game that judgedeath3 is talking about.
  3. L1A1


    @63RUS_WorM i agree with Torrens on this ... it was the M2 map last night, i was only on the last Tank base at the end as the reds rampaged their way towards it, which DID have PIV's at the start but none were available for long, soon, we were back to the P3, and the other P.O.S and we all know what happened from there. i have kept out of this " it isn't fair " debate on this forum for long enough, i know this is a game, but now i can say it does look as if there is a determined effort to ensure that the Reds always have the upper hand, as soon as the blues get anywhere near a level playing field there are restrictions put on them to ensure it is not for long, and then we are back to the usual business of blue bashing. It has to be said that the reds are USUALLY better organised that the blues, they seem to play together more and have good team work, and better air support, which coupled with the advantages that they seem to have in their favour over the blues armour, makes it quite easy for them ... i'm surprised they don't get bored with it, but then maybe a lot of them have one eye on the stats. Having said all this i do find that E-front is a enjoyable server to come to ... i have to say i get a good laugh on the comments that come up on the chat as people get frustrated with it all and start throwing a few insults about.😁
  4. Blitzen,The actual sight reticle does light up, i have reset mine to "L" on my KB, i forget what the default setting is in the game, but it is in the tank control section of settings.
  5. Thank you for all your hard work guys .... what a list of changes!! Fantastic.😮
  6. I'll second that with knobs on ...
  7. TBH i don't know, might have done i suppose, it was all a bit of spray and prey really.
  8. Well...i never... i killed a tiger last night with the sherman mounted 50.cal, i had no tracks and a tiger around 50m from me, i unloaded a box and a half of 50.cal into it's FRONT armour and killed it ( DADI was the op) ...interestings.
  9. Thanks for the replies...all makes sense... didn't see the chart on the gun.
  10. Does anyone know of a source that explains the gunner sight markings? i had a search but can find nothing of use, the sight seems to be generic for all types of ammo. The sherman, in game, seems to be far more robust and a challenge to the tiger than i thought it would be. Last night i was having no end of fun with it, the 50cal seems to be a very good AA weapon as well ☺️
  11. Gentlemen ...start your engines and gird your loins... Thank you all for the update ... and all your hard work.
  12. Very nice,very nice,very nice,very nice ...thank you for your hard work and dedication superb job.
  13. Thank you team IL2, it's all good stuff regardless, a lot of hard work and dedication going on, i for one appreciate it !!
  14. From my experience, at long range you are wasting your time trying to take this on in a T34 or a KV1.I have found it is best to conceal yourself in dead ground and let the the tiger come on and take it from the side from around 200m, the tiger operator is usually over confident and tends not to look out to well on the advance, especially to the side and rear, confident that the 88mm will save the day. If you can get close to the tiger, grab it's belt buckle so to speak, with a T34 you can run circles around it, i find at close range the tracks are easy to take out ( in the game anyway ) and it's turret traverse is painfully slow, it is here that the T34's speed will save your day. The Tigers famed soft spot to the rear, as already mentioned, works but it does have to be point blank. Just my 10 pence ...
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