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  1. No one reported this ? Screen is texture splitted. Maybe only for ultrawide aspect ratio or specific resolution ? My gfx setting is 3440*1440 - 21:9 Bye Federico
  2. Great work thank you ! Some planes need update about flaps setting (HE111 , HS129, ...) You could write the suggested flaps angles under the recommended speeds for take off , glideslope and landing ! EDIT: there is an error on page 27-28 (Polikarpov U-2VS notehead)
  3. Yes, me too. im still trying to understand why DCS developers had foreseen the possibility to do so ! (maybe stupid) im still trying to understand why Thrustmaster had develope an hotas with two rudders ! (maybe them too) Said the man with a rudder for feet ... ------------------ I´m jokeing guys... jokeing Because is more comfortable using the rudder stick during takeoff and paddles during action flight combat.
  4. Yes yes, I understand!...no problem. If it is so, I hope to be the first user have found it and hope 1C even fix it. Sincerely, I don't think take much time for. Anyway I wanted only reply that there isn´t technical reason not for do it.
  5. Yes, what you say maybe true.... (for you that have foot rudder, try to ask to millions Thrustmaster FCS owners) But the story (now) is different. This is not a due technical limitation like before, but only a limitation of BOX.... This is very different. Anyway, why have THREE bind spaces in the key mapping menu, if we can use only ONE ??? (ask to developers) Come guys, here we don't speak of a graphic glitch, an improvment of VR, or sporadic netcode crash. But about the joystick configuration tool (of a flight simulator game).... a feature that should be perfect after 3 games. This is what
  6. Wait wait wait ... WHY in DCS axis rudder working concurrently and not in IL-2 ??? ... work PERFECTLY, I tried 5 minutes ago. Sorry, but I think someone send technical wrong informations. Story sounded strange from the beginning to my ears... 1C STUDIOS please provide as soon as possible Now we can consider as a BUG ...
  7. Mmmmmmm ... maybe for most and not for someone. I wouldn´t born a debate, but I have a super gymbal cam VKB rudder ... (Gladiator Pro + Mk IV Rudder) and I understood, for some reasons, is NOT for me. Anyway thank you
  8. Sorry... i don´t understand. If you have a trackir... you can move your head with trackir or mouse both in real time. Last device that send digital data, control the input. Can not be the same for joystick ? Why?
  9. Dears, I bought a Thrustmaster T16000 FCS ... Joystick + Throttle. I would like have rudder both on stick rotate axis and throttle big paddles. Why I can not ? We can bind both but only one work. Thank you Federico
  10. I hope ... thank you man ... Congratulations for your il2missionplanner !
  11. Record a fly with a GoPro is NOT like to be inside the cockpit in real life. Especially if we speak of sound. I flew with motor hang glider and hang glider ... and when you are in thermal ascension can hear iron cable tension perfectly! Have you ever fly something witch is not a passenger plane ???
  12. Sorry I don´t speak english very well... I mean an entirely new official app on App Store and Google Play. For current Wi-Fi technology, there isn´t problems about speed to read that batch of datas ... we speak of some milliseconds !
  13. .... yeah ok... but this noise is not the same, come on Anyway, it could be an options, inside audio settings, as the head shaking in camera options !!! So, that war airplanes did not any sound during a turn at 500 / 600 km/h ??? ... I don´t think so mate. Whatever frames strong stressed creaking .... Space Shuttle included For me, it would give an extra immersion feeling
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